Chennai Travel Guide

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Entertainments in Chennai

This is an article were you can find all the details for the Entertainment of Chennai. Chennai is not less compared less with other cities for the Entertainment part. All the people living in Chennai, and also other people from all over Tamil Nadu and India come here for the Best Entertainment to Experience. Here you will all the details and contact for the Theaters, Malls and Theme Parks in Chennai.

Wild Tribe Ranch Accommodation Facilities

The accommodation facilities in Wild Tribe Ranch is in such a way that the tents that are provided are well equipped and sophisticated. This article will provide complete information about the accommodation facilities in Wild Tribe Ranch.

Dolphin city amusement park in ECR road near Chennai

Dolphin City is one of the mind blowing and oldest amusement park near Chennai city. This has given a very good recreation for the guests. This aricle will provide the details about the Dolphin City amusement Park near ECR road which is nearly 46kms from Chennai city. The landmark to Dolphin city being 10 km before the famous tourist spot of Mahabalipuram and 4 km after the Crocodile Bank.

Chromepet in chennai and information about Chromepet

In this article you can find all the information about the Chromepet which is closer to Chennai and Tambaram. It is a place to live with peace and lead quiet life with all the comforts available within reach. Read the article to know more about Chromepet

Vadapalani - The Northern Palani of Tamil Nadu

Vadapalani which is one of the important area of Chennai. It can also told as, Chennai without Vadapalani is waste, nameless and useless. So the name has its own popularity and importance. This place is the Central hub for Chennai's business.

Entering Chennai City through Tambaram south extreme of Chennai

The main part and the opening gate for the city, Chennai is Tambaram. Tambaram is said to be the first town which comes first as we enter our Chennai from the south parts of Tamil Nadu. Lets know the details of Tambaram which is one of the best place of Chennai. Its under the Urban node of Chennai. A place to have a safe and great life in Chennai

Chennai Ashtalakshmi Temple

Chennai Ashtalakshmi temple is situated near Elliot's beach. One should not miss the opportunity of visiting this Ashtalaksmi temple during their visit to Chennai.Ashta means eight. The eight manifestations of Goddess Lakshmi can be seen here in this temple.

Connemara Public Library in Chennai

In this article, I am welcome to say about the Connemara library. This library is one of the most oldest library in which all the books are available to get the knowledge. This library has an excellent books which was very rare at the nation. This library situated in Chennai at the important part of the city. Lets see more about this article.

Kanchipuram – Temple town near Chennai

This article gives us details about the ancient Kanchipuram, the temple town near chennai.It explains the history of kanchipuram, the temples in kanchipuram ,about the rulers who ruled in kanchipuram, and about its famous silk sarees.

Marina Beach - Chennai

This article gives a brief summary about the Marina beach in chennai. And tells us about the various famous buildings and statues and monuments which are situated in and around the marina beach. And mode of transports which the people can use.

Mahabalipuram - The Fame of TamilNadu

This article gives us insight about Mahabalipuram, the tourist spot near chennai. It explains history of mahabalipuram, places to visit near mahabalipuram,attractions at mahabalipuram, Resorts near Mahabalipuram.

Life History of Higginbotham in Chennai

In this article, I am welcomed to say about Higginbotham and its life history. This is the oldest book store in the earliest period. This is a greatest book selling store. Here publishing and printing had done easier.

Excitement at Kovalam Beach

Excitement and Enjoyment at Kovalam Beach. Kovalam beach is famous for the language spoken by the gentle waters and azure waves of the blue sea.The best family resort for spending the holidays very happily.Kovalam,one of the few place foreigners love to travel to India.

Nearest tourist places from Chennai

There are various attractions available near Chennai, where people can visit and gain a great experience in Chennai. Chennai is one of the most beautiful place in Tamilnadu that is surrounded with various beautiful spots.

Arunachaleshwarar Temple in Tiruvannamalai near Chennai

There are so many famous temples in and around Chennai are there. But the one of the fore most temple is Arunachaleshwarar temple which is situated in Tiruvannamalai which is nearly 180 kms from Chennai hardly it will take 4 hours journey from Chennai. Tiruvannamalai is known as temple town of Lord Shiva which is located in Tiruvannamalai main town .

Gudiyam caves chennai tourist place

Gudiyam caves is in Chennai. It is a tourist place. You can visit there from chennai because it is only 90 kms from chennai and 17 kms from poondi reservoir. Gudiyam is a small village near that cave. so the cave is known as Gudiyam caves. If you like adventurous and trekking visit with your friends. In this article you can read about the location of the Gudiyam caves and how to visit there.

The National Park in Chennai

In this article, I welcomed to say about the one and only beautiful and small national park in India. It is a nice entertainment and tourist park situated in chennai. This is the only small park in India. This national park contains lots of variety of birds, animals over there. Many trees were planted. This is a very nice tourist place. All people love it to see.

The Longest seashore Marina Beach

In this article, I welcomed to explain about the topic 'The Longest seashore Marina Beach'. Marina beach is the worlds second largest beach when it comparative with the other beaches. India is the most luckiest country which had this best feature over here. Asia's longest beach is marina beach. This beach is situated over chennai.

Ramanujar Temple at Sriperumbudur

Ramanujar temple is one of ancient, prehistoric temples in India situated at Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram district which is nearly 55kms away from metropolitan city Chennai. Sriperumbudur is the birth place of famous vaishnavist, Sri Ramanujar. Ramanujar is one of the famous devotee of Lord Vishnu and he given his life to spead vaishnavam on behalf of Lord Vishnu.

Chennai Government Museum - History

Are you new to Chennai? Do you want to visit sight seeing places in chennai. Don't forget to visit Chennai Museum. The great historical place in chennai, where you can see ancient south india. Don't feel if your children love this place or not, there is separate collections for kids called children museum. This article will give history of the museum.

Char dham yatra a religious tour of Hindus

Chardham yatra is a religious yatra of Hindu religion. People like to go to this yatra once in their life time. They like to go to the chardham yatra. Char dham yatra is nowadays very easy to do because of the tour operators and tour packages. In this article you can read about the chardham and the history about the yatra.

Cooum River in Chennai

This article provides details about the Cooum River in Chennai. Cooum River is one of the oldest river that is flowing in Chennai which was one of the major water source for Chennai in olden Days. Now Cooum River is the most contaminated river in Chennai.

Film Institutes in Chennai

The Film Institutes in Chennai has shown a big gateway towards Bollywood Training towards Mumbai. Read to know about Film Institutes in Chennai and various Institutes of Bollywood training schools in Chennai. Get to know about the latest news of Bollywood Training Camps in Chennai and moreover the Bollywood Training Courses in Training Institute in Chennai.

Fort St. George Museum Chennai Tourist Attractions

Fort Museum at Fort St. George is a popular tourist attractions in chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu which exhibts wide range of artifacts for art lovers which has a huge collection of objects dating back to British rule.

St. Thomas Mount in Chennai

St.Thomas Mount is one of the famous Church in Chennai, situated in Guindy, Chennai very near to Chennai International airport.

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