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Top 5 Investment Tips for the Elite in Chennai

The following article is a brief explanation of some of the significant investment tips that an elite should be mindful of before making a real estate investment in Chennai. You might end up taking a wrong decision if you are not aware of the pros and cons of real estate investment.

Nando's Restaurant, Velachery – A Portuguese Delight In Chennai

Nando's the famous Portuguese restaurant is here in Chennai for the first time. Nando's is very famous all over the world for its Peri Peri chicken. The restaurant has a very few outlets in India has opened its one of the famous restaurant outlet in Chennai, in the very new Phoenix Market City mall Velachery. So people just get lost in the delight of Portuguese juicy chicken.

Phoenix Market City Chennai - Brand New Mall For Chennaites

Phoenix Mall in Chennai is a brand new mall opened in Velachery, is the biggest and the best mall for shopping and dinning together with your friends, family and loved ones. Great to see the on going famous chennai events and the brand new mall is about to open its upcoming fascinating movie theatres soon. Best place to chill out- Phoenix Market City mall has more entertainment, gaming, shopping and dinning experience in Chennai

Queensland Amusement Park - Chennai

This article provides information about Queensland Amusement Park in Chennai. It is one of the best theme park in Chennai with lower price and good infrastructure. It is located in Chennai-Bangalore trunk road. If you want to have thrilling experience and fun filled weekend, do visit this park. Know about Queensland Amusement Park entrance fee, list of rides, attractions and more!

Chennai Sports Academy

Chennai Sports academy is a place that gives importance to the training of skills apart from the education. Physical activities are very important for a person to shine well and stay healthy in life. This article will provide complete information on the Chennai Sports Academy.

Parks get new spark from the Corporation

In this article, I am going to tell about the announcement made by the Chennai Corporation. The visitors got excitement about the news made for the Parks. Each and every park attracts more visitors after it was decided to keep the park open continuously without break hours.

Saravana Scans – A Multi Speciality Diagnostic Centre

Are you looking for scanning center? Here it is. Saravana Scans centre gives the best treatment for the patients. It was located at the hot spot of Chennai city. It has various advanced equipments for treating the patients. It produces good quality scanning images of human body. More detailed information regarding Saravana Scans centre are produced in this article.

The Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai

This article provides details about Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai. This is a place for orphan kids taken care by a set of dedicated people. There are many people who are contributing to this wonderful place for the betterment of the orphan kids. Find more details about Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai in this article.

RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital in Chennai

In this article, I am presenting about RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital in Chennai. It achieves the best Urology hospital in the world. The US FDA approved all the equipments provided in this hospital. RG achieved World of Guinness Book Record for treating the patient who having 13cm stone in kidney. The best part in this is the stone was operated by Laparoscopy instead of open surgery. More about this hospital is detailed in this article.

Vadapalani Dandayudhapani Temple in Chennai

This article provides complete information about Vadapalani Dandayudhapani Temple in Chennai. This temple is one of the most famous temples in Chennai. There are also many rituals and special pooja performed in the temple for the deity of the temple.

11th Standard Annual Examination Schedule Announced

In this article, I am updating the 11th Standard Annual Examination Schedule Announced by the Education minister. The examination starts and ends in the March month. More detailed information regarding the schedule has been listed in this article.

Review of Tamil Movie Poda Podi

In this article, I am going to share about the Tamil movie review Poda Podi. This film was one of the dance based and sentimental film. It was a nice family background film which entertains all sorts of peoples. This film fully runs in London country. More detailed story about the film was given in this article.

Maha Kumbabishekam of Siddhi Vinayagar Temple

In this article, I had presented about Maha Kumbabishekam which is held in Siddhi Vinayagar Temple near Saidapet. In Hindu religious, it was one of the biggest traditional events. More number of political parties came and participated in this function. More detailed information about this event has been presented in this article.

Compassion Children Home in Chennai

Compassion Children Home in Chennai is a non profit organisation that helps in the development of orphan children. There are lots of organizations that helps in the care and development of Orphan children. Read further to know more about Compassion Children Home in Chennai.

Dakshina Chitra in Chennai

Dakshina Chitra is a wonderful place in Chennai which preserves the culture and tradition of our people. There are various thing for exhibit in Dakshina Chitra. People who get to this place will never have a willing mind to come out of it. Please read more information on this in the below article.

Sri Yoga Hayagreevar temple in Chettippunyam Near Chennai

This article provides information on Sri Yoga Hayagreevar temple in Chettippunyam Near Chennai which is more popular for people in and around the place. The Hayagreevar Vigraham was brought from Thiruvandhipuram near Cuddalore.

Places to visit in Nungambakkam Chennai

This article provides a description on places to visit in Nungambakkam Chennai. There are also many interesting places near Nungambakkam which are described in this article.

Restaurants in Old Mahabalipuram Road Chennai

This article provides a description on some of the Restaurants present in Chennai OMR. Old Mahabalipuram Road is a very popular place near Chennai with drastic developments. Read further to know more details on some of the Restaurants in OMR Chennai.

New Year Parties and Events in Chennai Hotels, Pubs, Clubs and Resorts

Looking for where to go for New Years eve in Chennai? Hotels, Pubs, Clubs and Resorts is all set for New Year Parties. Entry tickets and events in Chennai for New Year's eve, dress code and venue details are listed here. Get in here to book online for the best new year parties of the city and have great year ahead!

Desi Nite New Year Party at Hotel Ambassador Pallava Chennai

Looking for New Year celebration in Chennai? Get in to know about Desi Nite at Ambassador Pallava to watch dance performance by bollywood dancer Mona and Crew, Fashion show by Spice Divaaz and lot more. See the event details, schedule, entry fees and how to book online for New Year Party at Hotel Ambassador Pallava.

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