Biography of Playback Singer Harish Raghavendra

Harish Raghavendra is one of the most popular Playback singers in India. Basically Harish Raghavendra is good in singing the songs that are having classical touch in the movies. Most of the songs that are sung by him has a very good classical touch and good modulations.

Popular Playback singer Harish Raghavendra

Harish Raghavendra is an Indian vocalist and actor from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Harish has sung many songs in Tamil and has been one of the top most singers in the industry and is more familiar songs that come out to be melody numbers. Harish Raghavendra is very popular for his voice and has also sung for many languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil. All the songs that Harish has sung are received in a great way all over the world and thus Harish earned fame worldwide in a shot span of time spanning in his career in the Tamil cinema industry. He has sung for many leading heroes in the cine industry like Vijay, Jeyam Ravi, Cheran, Dhanush and many others.

Early Life and Childhood of Playback singer Harish Raghavendra

Harish Raghavendra was originally named in the child hood days as Harish Ram Srinivas which he privately revealed in an interview was born in the state of Tamil Nadu in the metoploitan city of Chennai. Harish’s father was P V Raghavendran who is a photographer by profession. It was at the age of 18 that made Harish to enter into the Tamil film industry. Even as a child Harish showed sign of getting into the field of music and to take it up as his profession. So this aspiring little thing in him made him shine as a successful singer by profession.

Harish got him graduated from the Vivekananda College located in Chennai with a Bachelor’s degree in the commerce and persuaded masters in Mass Communication and Journalism. He took up software engineering as well. So, it would ultimately be the profession of becoming a software engineer for his profession if he would not have shown this well in the play back singing industry. As a student, Harish always had the aspiration of becoming an official in the police department. If he had fulfilled his aspiration, then we would have lost a wonderful playback singer for the Film industry. It is great to have Harish as a very good playback singer in the Tamil film industry and also in other languages too.

Career and Livelihood of Playback singer Harish Raghavendra

Harish officially made his debut into the music industry as a play back singer when he was at the age of 18. His first song was for a Telugu film called Panjram in which he sang a song and this first debut was subsequently followed by a song that had the lyrics “Vaa Saghi” for the movie Arasiyal that starred the Mega star Mamoothy as the hero. This song of Harish turned out to be a hit but misfortune was that the song did not last in the charts for a long time and had no so called recognition in the film industry. This was when Harish was in his first year of college. By this time, Harish concentrated in his studies and managed to get a masters degree and took up Software Engineering as his profession.

After a while, Harish was then back into the industry for a composition for the legendary music director Illaiyaraaja for the movie Bharathi in which he sang the song “Nirpadhuve Nadapadhuve Parapadhuve”. This song became a massive hit in the year 2000 & it brought him fame. This song made him fetch a state award from the government of Tamil Nadu. Moreover, that was the time he changed his name from Harish to Harish Raghavendra. Before it was when Harish made his entry into the Software field, he sang the song “Azhagiya Theeye” for the film Minnale starring Madhavan and Reema Sen in the lead roles. This song became a terrible hit with Harish’s voice combined together with Harris Jeyaraj’s musical score. This was a roaring success back to back and was brought into lime light. Since then, Harish made singing this profession and till date he has sung for more than 4000 songs in 200 different movies in many languages.

Harish has worked many legendary and versatile music directors including Illaiyaraaja who gave him a break with his re – entry into the cinema industry; Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vidya Sagar, D.Imman, Vijay Anthony, Harris Jeyaraj and others. Apart from lending voices for filmy music; Harish tried out for making albums and such made album was “Mudal Mazhaye”. This album did not move well in the market though. But this charming voice has always been a point of attraction for many music directors and thus managed to sing in various languages such as Tamil (his main passion), Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. He has sung many devotional songs as well.

Some popular Songs List of Playback singer Harish Raghavendra

Some of the famous songs of Harish are “Malliname” from Shah Jahan starring Vijay and Richa in the lead roles, “Sakkarai Nilave” from Youth again a combo with Vijay but this song made Harish into great fame as this song stayed in the chart busters for a long time. Other hits were “Thottu Thottu” and “Devadaiyiy Kanden” from Khadal Kondein starring Dhanush and Sonia Agarwal set to the tunes of Yuvan Shankar Raja, “Ithu Porkalama” and “Kana Kanum Kalanga”l from 7 g rainbow colony, again with the same musician and film director, “Sinungi Sinung”i from plus 2, “Anbe en Anbe” from Dhaam Dhoom starring Jeyam Ravi, Lakshmi Rai and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles set to the tunes for Harris Jeyaraj, “Yeh Nenje” for April Madathil starring Sri Kanth and Sneha, “Oru Thalattu” for Diwan, “Desingu Raja” and “Krishna Krishna” for Dum Dum Dum having Madhavan and Jyotika in the lead role, “Khadaliye Khadaliye” for Jithan, “Azhagiya Theeye” for Minnale, “Nenje Nenje” from Ayan for Surya, “Whistle adikkum vadana” from the film Whistle, “Mazhai Peyum” from Renigunta, “Dumma Dumma” form Kalavani, “Noodana” from Karka Kasadara, “Thozhiya en Khadaliya” for the film Khadalil Vizhunthen, “Poove Vai Pesum Bothu” from 12B, “Mudhal Kanave” for Majnu, “ Vaa Masakatre” for Kurumbu, “Manasukulle Dhagam” for Autograph, “Agaya Sooriyanai” for Samurai, “Vasantha Sena Vasantha Sena” for Shree starring Surya and Shruthika and many more songs.

Success and other activities of Harish Raghavendra playback singer

Most of the major music directors in the film industries call Harish Raghavenda to sing excellent songs for the films. This shows the growth and the quality of the singing of the playback singer Harish Raghavendra. Harish Raghavendra also participates in various reality shows in TV and gives his judgments as a good judge. Based on the singing of the contestants Harish gives his views on the singing. Along with these activities Harish also gives various stage performances in various other countries too. Lately, he also grabbed a Diploma in Yoga in Krishnamacharya style. This depicts his interest in various fields starting from education, software, singing and Yoga too. Along with the playback singing, Harish Raghavendra has also acted in various films and given a wonderful performance in the movies.


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