Plastic Cover Danger And Harmful effects of using Plastic cover in Chennai

Plastic cover / polythene bags plays very vital role in our everyday life usage. Tones and tones of cover are purchased and disposed from shops and garbages. But this plastic cover is very harmful and poisonous for living things and for our environment.

Plastic Cover - Threat For Environment Destruction:

Plastic cover and products usage becomes a part of our every day life. Tones and tones of covers has been used across chennai per day and freely available without cost. The most toxic and poisonous item to our earth has been vitally growing and no one has ever thought of destroying it by saving our earth for the future generation of our kind. Even though the government takes some initiatives to clean the Marina Beach or the Koovam river, it is not enough. It is also highly necessary that the usage of plastic covers should be completely eradicated in Chennai. Most of the other cities in the world have already said a no to Plastic covers as they are non biodegradable. The problem with the people and government is going for an alternative. There is no perfect alternative available as a replacement of Plastic covers. Also the people are highly used to the Plastic covers.

Why Plastic Is Poisonous?

Plastic contains two vital chemicals called Benzene and Vinyl Chloride which causes various kinds of cancer by multiplying our tissue cells. It contains other gases which pollutes air and contains liquid hydrocarbons that is harmful to our planet earth. Plastic is flammable and caused very accidents all over the world for its state of flammability. Also the chemical research proves that the decaying of Plastic cover takes several years and which may even cause a severe damage to humans if burnt. The chemical ingredients used in the preparations of plastics are approved to be poisonous and creates a serious damage to the health.

The main problem in plastic cannot be destroyed and it will not get decomposed, when you burn them they produce toxic gases which is harmful to nature and to human beings who inhale it. When you dig ground and bury plastics, it wont be eaten by any bacteria so it will not get decomposed. Plastic are very harmful for nature, human and even animals.

Landfilling using Plastics in Chennai
When plastic covers are buried under ground it will not get decomposed for years and years it will remain under the soil. Because no parasites or bacterias will consume plastic. The research is also going on in order to find a bacteria or any micro organism that can actually consume plastic. This will definitely solve our problem. We can also go for using plastics in future if such a micro organism is identified. Apart from this when people throw garbage they do not seperate things that are bio degradable and that are non bio degradable. This is one of the reason why the Landfill are very bad in and around Chennai area when compared to the other cities.

Burning of Plastics
When you burn plastics it exhibits dioxin which is a poisonous gas that pollute the air and if any living things inhale this they may get severely affected by the gas. It causes breathing problems and other sickness like cancer and more on. The plastic covers burnt goes into the air and pollutes the air causing air pollution, breathing problems etc. It also causes holes in the ozone layer of earth's atmosphere. Apart from that the vapor that is exhibited from the plastic burning stay with the atmosphere and it gets into the human body during respiration. This is not only responsible for reducing the life span but is also responsible for creating sudden death.

Recycling of Plastics
Recycling of plastic is bringing back the poison again and again. When you recycle plastic its poisonous contents will also get recycled. So it will not get diminished. Even though it is not advisable to use plastics, we can say that recycling of the existing plastics will help in not creating more new plastics.

How will plastics lead to Harming Animals
Animals are very much affected by these plastics. Animals eating from the garbages accidentally eats these plastic covers and die. In forest areas many wildlife die by eating these covers accidentally with their food. This sad incident has happened many times all over the Chennai City. In most of the places we can see cattle roaming around in the streets. They are not aware about the harmful effects of plastics and they just consume them without their knowledge. This will create a serious effects on the cattle and even lead to death.

Effects of Plastics In Water:
They are still poisonous when they go into water. Through garbage it goes into drains, lakes, ponds and sea by contaminating water. They will be stagnant in water and will not allow water to drain. It is harmful for marine creatures and fish living inside water.


Steps Taken By Government To Reduce Plastic:

Many parts of Tamilnadu are plastic free zone. In TN Ooty first banned usage of plastic cover as it made the total environment of the place to many kinds of destruction and harm for nature and animals. In Kanyakumari district also plastic covers are banned. In these places if you use these plastic covers or polythene bags you will be fined for the usage. In chennai the government has took steps by introducing price for plastic bags and covers. So it will not be of free of cost, but still they could not control the usage. Now the government is trying to put plastic road so it can be used in such a way that instead of recycle they can utilize in putting roads.

How To Reduce Usage Of Plastics:

Stop buying plastic covers though you may get it free from the shops. Take cloth bags with you whenever you go out for any purchase. As it is user friendly bag.

Stop doing the below things, as I mentioned above it is very harmful for you and nature:
Burning it
Burying it
Throwing into water
Tell your neighbors and illiterate people not to use it and how harmful it is.
Keep it away from children's.
School children's and other welfare organization's are conducting 'Say no to plastic' campaign take part in it.
It is our duty and responsibility to take care of our planet where we are living and our family. It is our responsibility to save the earth and keep it safe for our out coming generation.
Say No To Plastics Save Earth.


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