The Real Koovam River is Coming Back Soon

People generally think that Koovam river is the curse or the worst part of Chennia once they hear this name. But the real Koovam river is coming back soon. The government is taking sufficient steps to move it to the nect level for the city to look new. The River is again going to be the Salvation spot with the Temples in the surrounding and with some of the ecological parts.

Origin of Koovam River:

The river Koovam was said to be originated from the Dharmapuri District. But after many years, the river is said to start from Thiruvalluvar district due to the changes on Earth. Once it was believed that they reach salvation once they dip in this Koovam River. The river was then clean and unpolluted. The name Koovam was originated from a person who was a philosopher in "The Science of Ground Water" . Koovam river joins three places of Tamilnadu namely Kizhpak, Nungampakkam and Triplicane. The Kesavaram dam once utilizes the Koovam river and served people drinking water from this river. There were two tepmples which were situated near the Koovam river. They are Tiruvirkolam and Ilambaiyankottur. There were also many other temples situated near the Koovam River. The river covers Tamilnadu from Central Chennai to Northen Chennai. The Koovam River was once a Scenic View for people over there.

Present Condition of River Koovam:

The river seems to be polluted than any other rivers in India. The river water is now polluted with more of toxic content, unclean particles and moving very slow. The actions of the river was taken care by the World Bank-funded project and it comes to know that more than the eighty percentage of the water was badly polluted than the sewage water. The PWD of Chennai said that the pollution on the river Koovam was due to the works of Chennai Government and many other public works. The river water contains more of carbon-di oxide. The water in the river does not have any oxygen. The free movement of water in the river is blocked due to the settlement of impurities like copper, electronic things, Dusts and metals in the Koovam river.


Polluted Water in the Koovam River:

The Koovam river water once considered as the Salvation giving water is now considered as the curse of the people around the River The river water is polluted to the greater extent. All the sewages and drainages are diverted into this river. Koovam which was once a River is now a Sewage block. The water contains impurities and contains less oxygen. Due to the overflow of the polluted water in the river, bad odour causes the people many diseases. The slum people near the Koovam river are affected by Mlaria, dengue and many other disesases. Mosquitos grow more in the river side area which causes the death of the people around the river.

Steps taken by the Govt to get back the River from Sewage:

The Government has taken a step forward to bring back the river from the sewage. There was a great project which is to bring the river back as before. This project must get completed in 2020. The students involved in the project to clean the river and get back the same as years before has the objective to Clean the river and get it back as the river before.In the year 2010, The cleaning process was done and it took more than 10.2 million. The government is planning to finish it before 2020 and rediscover the earlier traditional sport "Boat Racing" in the koovam river.

Future Plans on Koovam River:

The future plans on River Koovam are to Rediscover the "Boat race". Some more ecological plans have been implemented to introduce in the River Koovam.One more plan which is to be planned is the college road over the bridge to connect the college at Chetpet. According to the ecological plans of Koovam River, Some of the trees like Lemon trees, grasses, Palm trees, Coconut trees are planned to situate in this surroundings.Some of the parking areas of the complex are going to be situated near the koovam river. In fact, the River Koovam is going to reborn with the new facilities nearby.A new Koovam River is going to make the city More beautiful again !!!!


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