Crocodile Bank Chennai

Chennai is not only famous for wildlife zoo, It has the famous reptile zoo in Asia and a largest one in India. Crocodile Bank in ECR Road,Chennai is a home of thousands of crocodiles and other reptile species.

Crocodile Park near Chennai:

Madras Crocodile Bank, Chennai is situated in the ECR Road near muttukadu boating center is the biggest park in India conserving more than thousands of crocodiles and other varieties of reptiles. The place is situated far away from the city preserving crocodiles, breeding them and taking care of them. One of the most popular attraction in Chennai which attracts lot of local and international visitors.

About The Crocodile Park near Chennai

It is a park which is filled with full of crocodiles and a lot of reptiles with full protection and safety measures by Madras Crocodile Bank Trust. It is a reptile zoo situated 40 kilometers away from the city of Chennai in the ECR road near Muttukadu boating center. The park is set up for the main cause to prevent hunting of these reptiles for their skin and to save it from the hands of poachers. It is the largest bank first started in Asia till today, especially for taking care of crocodiles and their species.

The park grounds are covered by coastal sand providing a best place for crocodiles to live and suited for its kind. The park also contains other reptiles like turtles, snakes, fishes that belongs to reptiles are kept here and breeded. This center is located on the way to Mahabalipuram and is near coastal area. There is no bank in India is as larger as we have in Chennai and it covers a area of 8.5 acres and has visitors of more than 4lakhs per year.
This center has one of the world's largest collections of crocodiles and alligators. They have the rarest species and most dangerous and poisonous reptiles too. They have around 5,000 crocodiles and alligators representing 14 out of 23 species, including the three crocodile species, all species are considered as endangered species and belong to India as their origin.

There were also separate turtles and other reptiles in a special area. And they have separate areas for poisonous snakes from king cobra to many poisonous snakes in India. At present the bank contains 14 species in crocodiles, 12 species in turtles and 5 species of snake in total of conserving 2400 animals.

Exhibitions on Crocodiles in Crocodile Bank in Chennai

The main attractions of the bank is the Crocodile Conservation Center here they have the largest collection of crocodiles and other reptiles like snakes, lizards too. The captive program has been conducted in the bank where they will teach and show how to catch them and put them inside the cage. The crocodiles from various parts of India are captured was so successful from 1990s there were more than 8,000 crocodiles in the bank, thousands have been taken to the wild and others to the zoos and wildlife parks all around the world. The Bank has also provided crocodile eggs and many other reptiles for breeding programs and for exhibitions all over the world. The bank also provides reptiles for transferring to other zoos and exchange programs. By this they preserve various and rare kind of species of crocodiles and snakes so that they won't become extinct.

Tourists Visit in Crocodile Bank Chennai

Many tourists from other states of India to foreign visitors comes and enjoy visiting the crocodile park. Children and visitors who are coming for the first time are very much thrilled by their experience of watching such a large amount of crocodiles which they have seen only in pictures are shown in real in front of them. The bank staffs entertain the visitors by throwing food to the crocodiles. And they catch and bring a crocodile for visitors can take a photo holding it for their memory. By coming to the park you can learn more facts about reptiles their species name from where they come what they eat how they swim how they live and land and more. There are crocodiles that live in India to crocodiles from Amazon river. There are also lake crocodiles, river crocodiles, sea crocodiles etc. There is a separate area for snakes the people are thrilled to see king cobra lying inside the protective glass room and get surprised by seeing two headed snake. Many species of poisonous snakes are kept inside glass rooms. After seeing all these reptiles and getting thrilled and fearful, don't forget to check out the turtles area. Seeing the most gorgeous little turtles to big ones swimming inside glass rooms make our heart cherishable.

Animal Care in Crocodile Bank Chennai

The Bank has a veterinary care section provided with a veterinary doctor. The veterinary staffs very well takes care of the health and maintenance of these animals. Veterinary training is given out at the Crocodile Bank on a regular basis to help the staffs to equip the zoo and conserve the animals in an efficient way.

Contact Information of Crocodile Bank in Chennai

Address Details of Crocodile Park
Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Center for Herpetology
Post Bag No 4,
Mamallapuram-603 104,
Tamil Nadu, S. India

Phone: +91-9840542337

Timings of Crocodile Park near Chennai

Sunday - Saturday
8:30hrs - 17.30hrs
Monday (Weekly Holiday)

Tickets Rate in Crocodile bank near Chennai

Adult: Rs.35
Children:Rs.10 (below 10 years)
Camcorder: Rs.100
Still Camera:Rs.20


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