What causes Global Warming In Chennai

The globe gets warmer when the temperature of the Earth increases. This is called Global Warming.Global Warming increases now a days due to the increase in technologies. It also occurs due to the people's carelessness and less awareness on the causes of Global warming.Global warming leads to famine and less fertility of the forests and prevents from causing rain.This leads to the death of plants animals and human being.But it is in the thoughts of the people to be aware of Global Warming and save our Earth.

Global warming:

Global warming occurs while the heat content of the earth increases to the maximum level. It occurs while the greenhouse gases such as CO2, N2o, nitrous oxide and some other oxides takes heat from the hot sun from earth's atmosphere and drastically maximizes the temperature. Many people will not be able to change over to the change so they fall sick and there occurs heat disease and death.

Atmosphere affected by Global Warming:

Global warming is affecting almost all the parts of the globe. It leads to the ocean to rise, and when the ocean rises, all the water content destroys many islands. The water destroys the forests and leads them to die. When the trees in the forests die, the animals wander a source of food, along with their place to live.  Even though animals have a better ability to adjust to what happens compared to the trees and plants , they can die. While the trees and animals died, people also lost all the means of food, plant food and animal food. Many people also may also lose their homes. Finally, they would also have to leave the place of living or die.  This is too known as the breakage in the food chain. All the oceans are affected by global warming.  Most of the things that are occurring to the ocean are related to global warming.  Ocean gets polluted from the result of Global Warming. Many sea living animals die due to this. If the global warming last like this, in the next 10 years the ocean would be without the sea animals and fishes. World would almost lose all the breeds of fishes and sea animals. Global warming also affects the atmosphere by causing hot air pollutions. This pollution lead to the disease of the people. Mostly the people between the age of 1 to 8 and between 60 to 80 dies of malaria, dengue,and all other diseases caused from the sun. There is the possibility of Sun Cyclone,if this condition exceeds.


Causes for Global warming:

The main causes for the global warming are the usage of electrical and electronic things in the world. Usage of Refrigerator,Air Cooler,Air Conditioner, Old Mixers, Mobile phones causes Global Warming.
The following are the reasons for the increase in global warming:

1.Hearing to a stereo set
2.Washing machine wash clothes
3.Usage of driers for hair
3.Car Driving for a single person
4.Microwave usage for cooking food
5.AC(Air Conditioner) usage
6.Video Games playing at home
7.Dish washer usage at home

Global Warming in the people's point of view:

Many steps should be taken by the people of each country to reduce global warming. People can avoid using luxurious things at home. There would be houses where there would be things usage more than what actually needed.
Using the required things alone at home reduces the amount of greenhouse gases affects the air by pollution made by the things used at home. One of the most important thing that people must follow is to “Switch Off” the things that are once finished using. This consumes lots of energy and power and produces more and more of the greenhouse gases. Planting trees and recycling also helps reducing the warming. People should also avoid using bikes and cars for driving ,instead they can walk to a place of short distances .Students instead of using bikes to travel to school may use cycles or even by walk. Hair sprays and deodorants also leads to the global warming. People must avoid using them to keep the earth cool and safe.

Government's Point of view in Global Warming:

Government has taken most of the steps to try control the global warming but though the government introduces many laws against polluting the air,
it is only in the hands of people to be ware of the place they are living in. Many acts have been introduced for greenhouse development. People must actively participate and follow the rules put forth by the government.

How to decrease global Warming?

1.Do not use plastics.
2.Afforestation-Planting Trees
3.Avoid using electronic instruments too much.
4.Do not cut trees.
5.Do not drive car for a single person.
6.Use Pollution less vehicle (cycle).
7.Cultivate the habit of Gardening.

P.S: Save Earth ,Save Yourself !!!


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