Historical Vellore Temples

Vellore is a well known famous touristic spot which is enriched with temples and olden age monuments. These temples in Vellore has great specialty in the history of Tamilnadu Temples. Vellore is also one of the famous tourist spot and olden age historical temples built over 1000 years ago which gives pleasant view for the visitors who are all visiting Vellore.

Historic places of worship in Vellore

When we look at the history of Vellore we can very well find that there are many historical places that are present in Vellore. There are also various places to worship in Vellore along with many beautiful places to visit in Vellore. Here come some most popular places in Vellore that are good for worshiping.

Jalakandeeswarar temple

Jalakandeeswarar temple in Vellore is very famous among the people of Vellore and also among the people who come for a tour to Vellore. It is said that the Jalakandeeswarar temple in Vellore has various significance when compared to various greatness of the Vellore City. This was built in the year 1550 AD consists of miraculous walls with stone carvings and sculptures in it. This temple is the strong foundation of Vijayanagara Empire. The temple was considered as an art of work at the time of its construction and now it becomes an awesome sight on this Vellore earth. Jalakandeewarar temple is one of the oldest temple in Vellore and also has its greatness spread among the people of Vellore.

Virinjipuram Lord Shiva Temple

Lord Shiva temple is situated all over India and also mostly in many places in Tamilnadu. Among the Hindus the Lord Shiva is supposed to be one of the most powerful god who fulfils all the desire of the humanbeings and also he removes all the sorrow in the life of the people. In India the Lord Shiva stands in various forms in order to clear the problems of the people in different manner. Just because the problems of the people are not common for everyone, he stands in various other forms and provides support to the people in the great manner. Virinjipuram Shivan Temple is very famous and powerful temple in Vellore. This beautiful temple is devoted to Lord Shiva for his devotees who are dedicative towards Lord Shiva. Virinjipuram Lord Shiva Temple is very famous on last Sundays of Karthigai tamil month commonly called as "Kada Gnayiru" festival. The Lion faced (called as "Simmakulam") is considered to be sanctified.

Rathinagiri Murugan Temple

Not only Vellore is famous for the historical temples but there are also various other places near Vellore that are very famous for the temples. In general the temples are the best places to remove our sorrow and give prosper to our life. In that category, Lord Muruga helps his devotees by staying in a temple in Rathinagiri near Vellore. Rathinagiri is situated about 15kms from Vellore city which is a famous Murugan temple in a small hill. This temple was built during 14th century AD. An olden Hindu scripture saying is that "where there is a hill there is Lord Muruga". It is very common that Lord Muruga likes to be in the Hill than in the Land. This is the reason why we can find lots of Lord Muruga temple situated in Hills. Lord Muruga gives all glory to his devotees by staying in the Hills. Here Lord Muruga is in the form of idol in the shrine. Karthigai/Krithigai is very famous day for Lord Murugan.

Sholingar Temple

The kings who ruled near the Vellore district were very much fond of building temples and making wonderful construction to the temple in the form of good art also. In this manner Sholingar temple in Vellore was also constructed based on the beauty. Among the various other historical temples that are present in Vellore, Sholingar temple is a very attractive tourist spot near Vellore. Sholingar is a place which is situated 27kms from Vellore city famous of Anjaneya swamy and Narasimma perumal swamy. Sholingar is a hill that has to be climbed in order to visit the god and get their glory. It will be very interesting to go and view the beauty of Narasimma and Anjaneya in Sholingar temple. The temple construction will also be excellent and attractive. This is constructed during the period of King Karikal Chola.

Golden Temple of Mahalakshmi at Sripuram

Among the various historical temples listed above, there is also a world famous Golden temple of Mahalakshmi that is situated in Sripuram in Vellore. This Mahalakshmi Golden temple is located on 55,000 sq ft of land on a 100-acre wholesome stretch at Malaikodi which is 7 kms away from North Vellore. This is made on more than a tonne (600 crore) of pure gold with shimmer and sparkling under the sun.This is the dedication done by Sri Narayani Pedam leaded by a 30Yrs old God Man. Devotees call this temple as one of the wonders of the world which is made by only gold. This is meant for Lakshmi Narayani whose "Vimanam and Ardha".
Nearly 400 gold and copper smiths have worked here for 6 years from Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam to design. First the coppersmiths lay down to work creating a copper base on the temple structure with engravings and etchings firmed into none layers of foils. The sanctorum hold the divinity of Mahalakshmi made of granite stone covered with gold kavacham. The greatness of The Vellore Golden temple is spoken all over the world so that the people from various parts of the world come to the Sripuram Golden temple to have a look and also to get the glory of Mahalakshmi. The construction part of the Temple will be excellent and very attractive.

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