Thiruverkadu Devi Karumariamman Temple near Chennai

Chennai is a beautiful place surrounded by various Amman temples. People in and around Chennai area find it more comfortable to get the grace of Amman with the help of these popular Amman temples. There is a famous Amman temple called Karumariamman Temple situated in Thiruverkadu near Chennai. This article will provide complete information about Thiruverkadu Karumariamman Temple.

Devi Karumariamman Temple at Thiruverkadu

Temples stand as main symbol for India and it is a very great honor for the people as there are many historical temples in Chennai. People from various regions of the world come to visit the most powerful temples in Chennai. During the festival seasons and special occasions there are also special worship done by people in different manner. People are most sacred and they spend more time involved in poojas and to temple. There are more famous temples built in earlier days by rulers of ancient India. Building temples are one of the best ways to provide employment and serve people with foods. This was the technique used by Ancient Kings and they started building many temples for the benefit of the people. As a result there are various temples found in cities, where each one is special for some God and Goddess.

Devi Karumariamman temple in Thiruverkadu, a small town near Chennai is one among them. The temple is special for Karumaari Amman, one of the avatars of Goddess Amman. The temple was built around 75 years ago and it had been described in many histories and myths. It is one of the best tourist places and around more than 10,000 visitors arrives at the temple every day. The temple is very special, auspicious and considered more powerful by the people. There are more special poojas conducted every day and temple is more special on Fridays and Sundays. The temple is crowded with more people on these days. The histories, structure and organisations of temple are described briefly.

History of Thiruverkadu Amman Temple in Chennai

Lord Ambigai took one of her avatar as Karumaari and placed in Thiruverkadu. Later many special events made more devoted. The reference of the temple is found in Kandapuranam and Kaligakandam. Arunagirinathar and Sambandar described about this temple and its speciality in their poems. It is generally believed that one day Goddess Karumaari went to meet Sun to help her for the future but sun refused to hear her. Karumaari became angry after this and the effect of this is Sun started to decline and turned around to be dark. Realising his mistake, he went to Karumaari to forgive him. Goddess also accepted him and due to this every Sunday is celebrated as special day for Goddess. So temple is more special on Sundays and Friday is normally more special for Goddess. Knowing this Lord Perumal came to witness his sister, with her request he got placed separately in the sannidhis. This made people extremely happy to see brother and sister located at same place.

Lord Vinayagar often used to perform abhishekam to his sacred mother to express his affection, considering this mother placed his exactly in front of her, so devotees who visit temple always start with Vinayagar sannidhi. Thaipoosam, Aadi peruku, Theppa thiruvilla are more interesting events. The construction of temple started in 1943 and it was expanded in 1964. The kumbabishekam was conducted in 1975. The temple offers many services like marriage to poor people, free medical and annadanam for devotees. The temple has its own educational organisation that offers education to many poor children with less expense. The temple is covered more powerful on a Tamil month Aadi and numerous people visit temple on that specific month and offer many services to temple.

Structure of Thiruverkadu Karumariamman Temple

Every temple will have its own structural representation and there will be different shrines in the temple where you can go one by one to the last main shrine to visit the prime god of the temple. In that manner, Karumariamman temple also has a good structure in such a way that it guides the devotees to form an order to visit the main goddess Karumariamman and also the other shrines. In the first corridor we have Vinayagar, Maheswari and Gauri. After worshipping them we can enter straight to the Amman sannidhis. Here head of the Goddess is alone visible with body being submerged in the ground. A five headed cobra raises on the top on the head standing as the symbol of power.

In the second corridor we have temple tower and flag of the temple, from second corridor we can move to third corridor. This is very broad and spacious providing space for devotees to rest. There are thirteen sannidhis in third corridor, each for different avatar of Goddess. There is a big tank in front of the temple and people believe that all their sin get washed out if they bath in it. The place Thiruverkadu itself has different structure. The temple of Goddess is surrounded by Lord Siva and Lord Muruga, where they stand to protect the Goddess. The one great thing is Devi Karumaari Amman temple has lingam in eight directions and this add more power to the temple. The speciality of these lingams is they can be worshipped in all directions and this lingam is considered to be the fusion of sacred Gods.

Festivals in Karumariamman temple in Thiruverkadu

On New Year that is on January first the temple will be open all around the day and special poojas are conducted with the request of devotees. Thaipoosam is a very grand occasion that takes place once in a year, where devotees take part in special events organised by the temple and gets their blessing from the Goddess. The next one is Aadi festival, here the whole month is very special and temple will be fully crowded the whole month. The other one is navarathiri, this occurs for nine days where different darshans of Goddess are showed to devotees. On Tamil New Year Goddess will be beautifully dressed with flowers and ornament and she provides a charming appearance to her devotees. Likewise there are many festivals celebrated in a year, which makes the temple more special among many others. People have many beliefs about the temple that difficulties in married life and child birth can easily be rid of, if they continuously worship the Goddess.

The temple has been built in name of Devi Karumaari but it gives equal responsibility for all God and Goddess by which it stands as great symbol for Hinduism. It provides multi task effects like providing free education, free foods to devotees and it is no way biased. Each day has different speciality and different poojas are conducted to make Goddess happy by which she can listen well to all problems. People from all over the world visit the temple, they all believe the Goddess very powerful and offer their best services to temple like providing donations, organising anadhaanams and help to keep the temple clean. This all makes the temple more special every day and especially during Friday and Sunday. Thus each temple stands special in different aspects and they are being preserved as a greatly.

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