Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure in Ponneri Near Chennai

This article describes the complete details about the famous adventure zone called Wild Tribe Ranch. This is a very good recreation and adventure spot for people who like to enjoy with a friends. Mostly this place is preferred by IT people.

Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure in Chennai

Wild Tribe Ranch is an excellent place for adventure and fun in Chennai. First when this place was started, it attracted most of the IT people who come here as a team to participate in various events. This place can be enjoyed to great extent if we go as a very big gang. The adventures available in Wild Tribe Ranch are not only for the guys but also for the girls and kids too. There are various games and adventures that attract the crowd. People of all the age group are very much fond of the adventure games. Wild Tribe Ranch offers games starting from kids to the elders. The list of games available in this adventurous place gives a very good work to the whole body and helps in making the body very active. Visiting this place as a very big crowd will make the day more enjoyable.

This place has also gained a very good reputation and ranking from the people as it gives a wonderful experience. There are various packages available for the people and we can choose any package that we want as per the game necessity that we have. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that, we should go as a team to enjoy this particular place. The rides and the adventures are breath taking and mind blowing. The design of the place is also in such a way that it gives an effect of an adventurous zone with the group of tribes. It will also be excellent to look at this place during the festival times and also the holiday period. The first year anniversary of this place was celebrated with Kalaignar TV. Also at times celebrations will also take place for some special occasions by the visitors who visit this place.

External Appearance of Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure Zone

Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure Logo
The location of the Wild Tribe Ranch is outside the Chennai main city. Firstly the external appearance of the place will not be excellent but later on after getting inside the game, it will be more interesting than anything else. The location of the Wild Tribe Ranch makes us feel bad about the place. Later on after getting inside the games, we can feel that it was definitely a very good place. Once we enter the place, there will be people to make us register with the package that we choose and then move us to the games that we are interested. Once the payment process is over, one guy will lead us to the game one by one. We will also be provided with a welcome drink after getting inside. The place will be in such a way that we can't underestimate the place with the help of the external appearance of the place.

Helping guys in Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure

The special mention should be made about the guys who help every team in the game. The helping guys help the teams in various ways. Initially when the payment is done, every team will be allotted with a team leader who takes us to all the games. If we have a welcome drink and sandwich in our package, it will be brought to us by the team leader. Apart from this helping guy, there will some helping guys in all the other games too. When we are participating in some games, we can find helping guys in all the check points where they will provide us instructions and also the motivation words. Helping guys also take care in such a way that no one gets hurt in games. They provide us with complete safety measures to complete the game safe. In every game there will be one helping guy who explains about the game completely and also the do's and don'ts in the game.

Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure Photo

Food and Snacks in Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure

Based on the game package that a person is choosing, there will be a welcome drink served to everyone in the team in order to initiate their energy level for withstanding all the games. Also the authorities are strictly not allowing outside foods. There are various varieties of foods available for purchase. Cold drinks are also available for sale in Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure. Once after getting inside the game one by one, there will be a menu card provided where we can order foods both vegetarian and also non vegetarian. Based on the package that we choose we will be provided with the food. Some package will contain the sandwich and a welcome drink. Another package comes with snacks and lunch altogether.

Ride activities and enjoyment in Wild Tribe Ranch

There are various ride activities in Wild Tribe Ranch. The rides are available for both children and adults. Based on the interest of every person they can choose the rides. The games will be more interesting in such a way that you should complete the game in the given time and also if we finish before the time, you will be awarded. The instructions and the safety measures will be explained clearly by the helping guys for every ride and game. There will also be games which you can participate as a team and finish the game within time. In these games you can play with your team members.

List of Games and adventures in Wild Tribe Ranch

Kid Games in Wild Tribe Ranch
Daredevils Ramp Obstacle Course
Cool Waters Swimming Pool
Brave Foot Camp
Big Wigwam
Totem Chroma Paintball
Tribal Path
Magic Land (Play Zone of Tiny Tots)
Bouncing Castle
Mad Rides ATV
Geronimo Trampoline Jump
Monkey Walk
Twin Thunder
Down to Earth
Bullie The Bull

Accommodation facilities in Wild Tribe Ranch

For the weekend fun the Wild Tribe Ranch also provides wonderful accommodation facilities. The accommodation are provided in three types. Based on the necessity of the guests, any option can be chosen. There will also be camp fire on demand for fun and music. Use this link to know more about the Accommodation facilities in Wild Tribe Ranch. It is necessary that initial booking should be made in order to enjoy the weekend accommodation in Wild Tribe Ranch.

Games in Wild Tribe Ranch

Description about Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure

Wild Tribe Ranch is a very good adventurous zone available near Chennai. There is no other place in Chennai which is as good as wild tribe ranch. Wild Tribe Ranch not only gives relaxation to our mind but also for the body as the games involve running and doing hard works to achieve the tasks. Usually this place attracts the IT people who are looking for some change from their work and also some recreation. IT people will come to this place with good enthusiasm as the challenges are very good and they can compete among themselves. The games that are there in wild tribe ranch also comprises of team work where you will have to play the game as a team. The games are not very complicated as everyone can participate and compete with each other.

All the facilities and everything is good except the cost factor. The cost allocated for the games are too high for such a place. Even though the authorities have tried a lot to explicit the international standards, this place needs even more development. Full satisfaction will not be gained for the money that we pay for the rides and games. Also the food quality is also not very good when compared to the other places. If we play games we usually get tired and to regain the energy everyone will search for food and water. The fact is that there is not proper food facility available inside the Wild Tribe Ranch. If the package that avail comes along with all the facilities and food and also unlimited rides then it will be fine. But people feel that the rides are not as worth as the money that we pay there. When compared to the other amusement parks and theme parks, the cost factor is not much efficient even though the other factors are satisfactory.

Special Tribal performances in Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure

Tribal Performance in Wild Tribe Ranch
During the special occasions Wild Tribe Ranch not only provides gaming facilities to the guests, but also other recreation to the guests. In the normal days we can't find a very big crowd in Wild Tribe Ranch. During the weekends and also during the holiday season we can see a very big crowd in Wild Tribe Ranch. There are also people who book the facilities before by making a call to the authorities. If people are more and also if it is a special occasion then we can find Tribal performances and also special dance and shows organized in Wild Tribe Ranch. All village dances and performance will be organized for the guests. The facilities available in Wild Tribe Ranch will also be sophisticated as it makes us feel good.

Hospitality in Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure Zone

Special note should be made about the hospitality in Wild Tribe Ranch. Once we do the registration and start with the games, we are given with a team leader who will take us to all the rides and games. The team leader will also be responsible in providing all the necessary things for us. He also explains about the game rules and also the dos and don'ts of the game. The hospitality is very good starting from the explaining of the game to the food that they serve there. They also provide good motivations for the games that we participate. Also they are very keen in watching our safety. The hospitality in Wild Tribe Ranch will definitely attract everyone who visits the place. It is more important that we should follow the rules and regulations suggested by the people there. All the safety measures will be useful for completing the games in a very safety manner.

Swimming Pool in Wild Tribe Ranch

Cost Factors and registration in Wild Tribe Ranch

The registration will be done at the entrance and the coupons and entry tickets will be given to you. In the entrance you will be explained about the packages that are available in Wild Tribe Ranch for different rides. Based on your interest you can choose the package and get inside the game. First package worth Rs. 500 will be for few games without swimming pool. Second package worth Rs.900 will let you participate in all the games and also you will be having swimming pool option. Apart from that in the second package, you will be provided with sandwich and also a welcome drink. You should pay extra for the foods that you order inside. There is a third package worth Rs. 1200 where you will have all the games also food will be included in the package.

During the registration you will be given tickets for individual rides. Some rides will be unlimited and some ride can be participated only once. Those single rides should be participated only with the help of the tickets. Also they will tie a band in the hand with which you can participate in the games that are unlimited. There is also one well equipped swimming pool that is available for the second and third package. There is also one extra option to avail a game more than one time. We should pay some extra money to do a top up for one particular game. We can also play the games any number of times by paying every time for that game.

Safety Precautions carried out in the Wild Tribe Ranch Campus

Mad Rides in Wild Tribe Ranch
There are various preventive measures taken in order to prevent the guests from getting hurt unnecessarily. The helper boys will be available for each game who will explain the complete rule of the game and also the procedure to complete the task. Also he will explain about the Do's and Don'ts before getting started with the game. It will be safer if we follow the rules explained before the start. Apart from this, helmet and gloves will also be given for the game that necessarily needs safety to the heads and hands. In some adventure, there will be a requirement to walk through the ropes by catching another rope. This requirement cannot be achieved without gloves in hands.

There will also be a board to explain the rules and the safety measures of the game before the game starts. If we are not clear with what the helping guys tell, we can also refer the board for further clarity. Near every gaming zone there will be a first aid kit which will be very useful for us in case of any injury or and first aid requirement. If we are not clear about the safety measures it is necessary that we clarify with the helping guys instead of taking risks. Wild Tribe Ranch with also provide with a form stating the precaution measure for the game and get it signed from everyone who takes up the game. Even though we are highly excited in winning the game or enjoying the adventure, it is highly necessary that we should follow all the rules that are described by the helping guys.

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