Sivan Park in K K Nagar Chennai

Sivan Park is the most popular park and well known for its greater beauty. In Chennai there is no other place that is equivalently beautiful with a big statue of Lord Shiva meditating. In this way the Sivan park is unique in Chennai. Read more about the Sivan Park in this article.

Sivan Park in Chennai

There are many other beautiful parks in Chennai that attracts the Chennai tourists. In that list Natesan Park and the Nageshwara Park is a bigger size park in Chennai. When compared to these parks, Sivan park is a little bit small and beautiful parks in Chennai. The Sivan park is situated in the K K Nagar area in Chennai. The maintenance of the Sivan park is taken care by the municipal corporation of Chennai. The art of keeping the park beautiful is also taken care by the municipal corporation of Chennai. For the people who don't know about the park, it will be very interesting to go and have a look at the beauty of the Sivan park in K K Nagar. Constructing parks and maintaining parks is a tradition that is followed in the country. In general the people of India are highly interested in parks and gardens that contain beautiful flowers and plants. This is the reason why people prefer constructing parks and enjoying the beauty of the parks and gardens.

Location of Sivan Park in Chennai

Sivan park, though a very small park, is given a very good recognition by the people of Chennai because of the beauty of the park. The location is a great advantage for the popularity of the Sivan park. In the region where Sivan park is situated, there are no other competitive parks that are equally beautiful and attractive to the Sivan park. The Sivan park holds the location towards the west side of the Chennai City. The Sivan park is known for its beauty even though it is small park. The exact location of the Sivan park comes in the south of the Arcot Road in Chennai. In the K K Nagar a road goes near the K K Nagar bus stand, which is a very popular road. This road is known as the P.T. Rajan Salai in K K nagar and this road leads to the Sivan park.

Overview and Description about Sivan Park in Chennai

K K Nagar consists of many residents and can also be said as one of the highly populated residential zone in Chennai. The Sivan park serves to be one of the most attractive recreation place for the residents of that region. There is also a great advantage for the park which is that there are no other parks nearby equivalent to the beauty of the Sivan Park in K K Nagar. It is very refreshing to be in the park with the cool breeze that flows there. The cool breeze removes all the stress from the mind and gives peace to the mind. The plants and trees present in the Sivan park makes the place comfortable for the guests with cool breeze. The park is fully taken care and maintained by the municipal corporation of Chennai.

It is highly amazing to see the park with its beautiful construction and attractive designs. There is also a sidewalk available suitable for the people to walk daily. There are also residents nearby the park who visit the park to get fresh air and also for their regular walking exercise. The park is taken care and maintained in such a way that the beauty of the park is perfectly maintained. And it can also be said that the Sivan park is one of the very few parks that are situated in that area. This is the reason why the park is getting more recognition even though it is a small park when compared to the other parks in Chennai. The park is also easily accessible from various places in Chennai and also is located in the most familiar place in Chennai suitable for the people to come and have a look at the beauty of the park.

Features of Sivan Park in Chennai

The unique features of the Sivan park have made it more attractive for the people of Chennai and this is the reason why the park gets lots of visitors. In the K K Nagar Suburbs, Sivan park is the most popular park. On the land of the Sivan park there are some unusual things that makes the park more attractive to the people. The unusual thing is the statue of Lord Shiva. The statue is constructed in an extraordinary manner that attracts everyone. Lord Shiva is said to be the lord of destruction. We can see only his Linga form in all his temples. It is highly great and attractive to see the statue form of the Lord Shiva. This particular statue of Lord Shiva is 15 feet in height and there is a set up in such a way that water flows from the head of the Lord Shiva that gives a wonderful effect.

Apart from the Shiva statue there are also various other notable features to be mentioned about the Sivan Park in K K Nagar. There are various plants and trees in the park that adds to the beauty of the park. Along with this there is also a nursery available in the park that sells potted plants for the people who come there and also some ornamental plants. Apart from selling we can also see may plants, herbs and trees in the park that includes the trees like the Rain Tree, Petophorum, Gulmohur etc. There is also a place for the kids to play in the Sivan park. The playing equipments that are available in the Sivan park is also suitable for the people of different age groups. There are also very good lighting setups that give a wonderful look during the night time for the park. This park is getting more than hundred visitors daily because of the uniqueness of the park. The most notable thing in the park is the trees that are present in the park. It is very obvious to see the Nagalinga tree in most of the temples of Lord Shiva. The Nagalinga and the Vilvam are the most auspicious trees for the Lord shiva and the pooja is also done with the Nagalinga Flowers and also the Vilva leaves. In the Sivan park we can find a Nagalinga Tree which shows the existence of lord shiva there and also people believe that it is very auspicious to visit the park and get the fresh air from there. Some of the plants and trees present in the Sivan park are as follows,

• Nagalinga Tree
• Neem Tree
• Acacia
• Banyan Tree
• Rain Tree
• Pungai
• Sappotta Trees
• Jiggery Palm (Koondal Panai)
• Gulmohar
• Varieties of Peepul
• Ashoka tree

There is a special program called the Chennai Sangamam which is very famous all over Chennai and this event takes place in Sivan park every year.

Contact details of Sivan Park in Chennai

Sivan Park
K K Nagar
Chennai – 600078
Tamil Nadu
Nearest bus stop: Amman Kovil Bus stop

How to Reach Sivan Park in Chennai

The exact location of the Sivan park in Chennai is in the K K Nagar. People from various parts of Chennai visit the Sivan park regularly for the beauty of the park. It can also be said that the Sivan park is very famous among the people of Chennai. People who are craze about Lord Shiva also find the park to be awesome. It is very easy to reach the park from any part of Chennai and also from the outer Chennai. The exact location of the park is in K K Nagar which is one of the popular spot in Chennai which is very familiar to all the people in Chennai. There are many bus facilities available from almost all the places in Chennai with which people can easily reach the park. The nearest stop to get down when people come by bus is the Amman Kovil Bus stop from where it is located at a walk able distance. There are also auto facilities available from any place in Chennai to reach the Sivan park in K K Nagar. People who prefer to reach Sivan park by own transport can also come in a easy manner since the park is located in the most familiar location and people there will also guide you the way to reach the park.

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