Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai

Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai is very popular for the people of Chennai. And also when a tourist come to Chennai they prefer to visit parks and beaches in Chennai where they get a very good time. This article provides full information about Natesan Park in Chennai.

Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai

Chennai is one of the beautiful cities filled with lots of recreation for the people who stay there. As the business growth is high, the residential and the commercial zones are also getting a very good development. Parks play a major role in the beautification of a particular city or a place in the city. Beaches and the parks stay to be a very good recognition for a city. In general the parks are constructed and maintained by the municipal corporation. The parks help the people in various ways to get a good fresh air and also to enjoy the beauty of the park. Generally parks contains sidewalks, plants, trees, benches, fountains, play zone, kids zones etc. The kids also love going to the parks and have a nice time there.

Natesan Park is one of the most famous and popular park in Chennai that is situated in the center of the city that is easily accessible from various places in Chennai. Most of the people love to go to the Natesan Park because of the beauty of the park and the way it is constructed will help the people to get lots of peace to their mind. The corporation of Chennai has also poured lots of funds for the construction and the maintenance of the parks. This article will discuss more about the beauty of the Natesan Park and also the location, description and features of the Natesan Park in detail. There are also various other parks in Chennai but still the Natesan park is very common and familiar because of the beauty of the park and the way it is maintained by the corporation of Chennai.

Location details of Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai

Natesan Park as mentioned above has a wonderful location which is highly comforatable for the people to commute easily and reach the park. The exact location of the Natesan Park is in T Nagar which is the heart of the Chennai city. The park is widely spread with a spacious land of around 4 acres in T Nagar. There are hundreds of visitors who are visiting the park daily and spend their wonderful time there. The location of the park is also very comfortable for the visitors to reach the park through various commute. There are various buses available from various places in and around Chennai to reach the Natesan Park in Chennai. The children from various places also reach the park in their own transport to play. The park serves good to all the people who stay nearby in this great way. There are various other features also to be noted about the Natesan Park.

Description about Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai

In general the parks in Chennai will be automatically created and later on based on the requirement it gains popularity and recognition by the people. The Natesan park was first inaugurated in the year 1950 and with this it can also be said that the Natesan park was one of the oldest park in Chennai. The natural beauty of Natesan park is one of the most important thing to be noted. The park inauguration was done by the ministry of agriculture. There are several tree families available in the Natesan Park with different types of plants and herbs also. The beautiful construction of the Natesan park is in such a way that the park not only serves to the people who just come there with their partners, but also the people who come for walking and gaining fresh air.

The Natesan park helps for all category of people starting from the kids to the old age people. There is a pathway available in the park that is highly comfortable for the people to go for a waking. Most of the people near the T Nagar area find the park to be highly resourceful. There is also one more notable point to be told about the park's maintenance. The municipality has taken care of the park in such a way that the park is always neat and clean. There is also a playing zone available in the park for the kids to play their games in the park. Natesan park is very famous all over Chennai such that people from various other places also travel here to enjoy the beauty of the park. Apart from this there are also shootings done in this park for various movies.

Features of Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai

Most of the varieties of decorative plants and other types of plant species can be found in this park. Based on the taste of the people the park is constructed. People staying in the residential areas nearby visit the park regularly to get some rest and peace. There are also people from various places in Chennai who come there to visit the park for enjoying the natural beauty of the park. Apart from the common and general things in the park, there is a special feature in the park that is not present in any other parks. The main feature of the Natesan Park is that there is an academy that offers tennis coaching for the youngsters. This is a wonderful feature of the park that is not available in any other park. The youngsters from the nearby residential zones and also the youngsters from various places come there to avail this facility of the park.

Along with the pathways, benches, tennis court, kid's zone etc., there are also various types of plant species available in the Natesan Park in Chennai. The plants and trees include

• Aralias
• Acalypha
• Pulcharima
• Gulmohur
• Crotons
• Bougainvillea
• Ceesil Peniea
• Neem
• Mahogany

The morning walk in the park will be wonderful as the breeze that blows in the park will give energy to withstand the whole day stress. Along with the plant varieties that are listed above, there are also plants available that are ornamental and have medicinal qualities. In order to take care of the plants in the Natesan Park there is also a plant propagation center present there. In the initial stages the park was subjected to some anti social activities and also some illegal activities. Then after the local police took some measures, everything came to the control.

Contact address of Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai

Natesan Park
Thyagaraya Nagar
Chennai – 600017

How to reach Natesan Park in T Nagar Chennai

As the location of the Natesan Park is in the center of Chennai, it is highly comfortable to reach the park from any part of the Chennai city. People who are coming from various other areas near Chennai also find it very easy to reach the Natesan park with the help of the commute options available to the Natesan Park. The nearest railway station for the people who travel by train is the Mambalam Railway station. It is just few kilometers from the Chennai Mambalam railway station and can be reached with the help of an auto. Also the people who prefer to walk can also walk from Mambalam railway station and it takes nearly 10 mins to reach the park from the railway station. There are also bus facilities available to reach Natesan Park from any part of Chennai. People can get down at the T Nagar main bus stand and can walk to the Natesan Park since it is nearby. In the weekends and in the evening time we can see a lot of crowd around the park. And also the people near the residential area nearby give a visit to the park regularly.

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