Santhome Basilica Church in Chennai

Santhome Basilica Church in Chennai is one of the most popular and the oldest Church in the Chennai. Among the Historical Churches in Chennai, Santhome Basilica Church is supposed to have great history and greatness. This article provides all the information about the Santhome Basilica Church in Chennai.

There are lots of excellent places for worship all over Chennai for all the religions. In this category, Santhome Cathdral Basilica church is supposed to be one of he best place for worship in Chennai. Santhome Church is one of the oldest and the most popular church in Chennai. There are lots of histories and greatness behind the Santhome Church in Chennai. When the Portuguese explorers came to Chennai in the 17th century, they built this famous church and from that day the Santhome Church is supposed to be one of the holy place for the people of Chennai. During the time of Christmas, there will also be wonderful celebrations taken place in the Santhome Church. People from various parts of the world will also come to visit the Santhome Church and get the blessings of Jesus.

Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church

Chennai Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church
Santhome church in Chennai is one of the most attractive and well known spots in the Chennai. The santhome church is situated near the Marina beach and moreover it attracts many people to it. When a person tour to Chennai then they will have a visit to the Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church in Chennai. This Santhome church is built in the southern part of the Marina beach where it attracts many people for its wonderful architecture and construction. This church is very famous for the Catholic Christians. There is also a fact that many non Christian people also come to the Santhome Cathedral basilica church just because it is considered to be one of the holy places in Chennai.

History of Chennai Santhome Cathedral Basilica church

Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church has its own historical importance when compared to many other holy places in Chennai. Among three holy places in Chennai santhome cathedral basilica stands out as monuments of honor and it speaks about st.Thomas an apostle of Jesus Christ. He is also proudly known as Apostle of India. He is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and arrived at Cochin in middle of 1AD in Kerala as an Egypt merchant. After building several churches in Cochin he came to little mount (chinnamalai) and preached there performing many signs. Later he was put to death at St. Thomas Mount in the year 72 A.D. After his martyrdom, his body was buried in the Church now famously known as santhome cathedral basilica.

Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church Renovations

Santhome Cathedral Basilica church has seen several renovations. The foundation for a new Church was laid on 2nd July 1523 and Father Penteado from Portugal was the first Parish Priest. In 1893 Henry Joseph Reed Da Silva, Bishop of Mylapore demolished the old Cathedral and laid the foundation for the new Basilica. In this church the second tower points to the exact place where the Apostle was buried. The new Basilica was constructed and consecrated on 1st April 1896. The building is about 50 meters high and the tip of the cross on the on the tall pointed tower is 155 feet from the ground level. The cathedral was raised to the status of a Basilica by Pope Pious XII.

Features of Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church

Chennai Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church Internal View
The santhome church is been erected in accordance to the Gothic style of architecture. Some remains of the corpse along with a pot containing sand moistened by his blood, the lance with which he was pierced and also a part of his bone has been preserved in the crypt. A statue of Virgin Mary (mallai matha) which imported from Portugal is kept in Santhome Cathedral Basilica adds to its features. The best of the church is that it is the third largest church built over burial place of an apostle next to st.peters cathedral in Vatican City in Rome. The Bishop of Dacca consecrated a new bell on 9th may 1896. The Bishop of Dacca consecrated a new bell on 9th may 1896 .The santhome cathedral is provided with stained glass and 14 wood plaques that depict St. Thomas' encountered with the resurrected Christ.

Tourism to Santhome Cathdral Basilica Church

Santhome Church not only attracts the people who are present in Chennai. There are also many people who are from other places who come to visit the Santhome church which is present in the wonderful breeze of the Marina Beach. Historically the Santhome beach is very famous as it is very popular among the Christians for many years. It has also become one of the well known tourist attraction spot in Chennai. There are many people who come to this particular holy place along with their family in order to get the blessing and glory for their life.

Santhome Cathedral is one of the prominent attractions in Chennai. People with Christian faith visits this place and attend the Mass. The santhome church daily 3 masses which will be conducted morning, afternoon and evening. Even marriage class, daily adoration and prayers, special masses, marriage masse will be conducted. In recent days the video show of St.Thomas history has been played for the tourist. The Church is within the city limits of Chennai, and hence accessible by any mode of transport easily. Christianity Pilgrims and visitors from all over the world visit the church every year and get abundance of blessings.

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