Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore Chennai

Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore in on of the biggest tourist spot in Chenni. People from all over the world come to the Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai.

About Kapaleeswarar temple

Among the other famous temples in Chennai that are present, Kapaleeswarar temple has its own significance. Lord Shiva is the lord of destruction who performs the destruction activities. Whenever there is any crime occurring, the Lord Shiva comes for the destruction of the bad people. Among the other Shiva temples available in Tamilnadu, Kapaleeswarar temple is the most famous one and it is situated in the Mylapore Chennai. The temples that are built are mostly built by the kings. It is said that the Lord Shiva himself come in the form of Lingam which is known as the Suyambu Lingam and that particular lingam is worshipped by the devotees. For that particular Lingam importance is given and the temple is constructed with that Lingam by the kings who rule the country.

It is said that the Kapaleeswarar temple is built near the sea shore and it is also believed that the Lord Shiva who is in the Kapaleeswarar temple is protecting the People of Chennai. Every temple that is built by the kings will have some specific significance and history behind the construction. Similarly the Kapaleeswarar temple also has its own historical importance and the significance. It will be very great if people get to know more about the Kapaleeswarar temple before they visit Lord Shiva in that temple. The history tells you all the information on why that particular temple was created and what is the importance of the Lord Shiva's existence there.

Kapaleeswarar temple is now the most attractive tourist spot in Chennai. People from all over the world come to visit Kapaleeswarar temple and get the blessings from the Lord Shiva. There are many powerful Shiva Sthalam in and around Chennai and this is the most powerful temple in Chennai. The history tells that when we demand something to Lord Shiva in this temple then it is easily fulfilled. The construction part of the temple is also to be taken into consideration. Construction of the temple is in such a way that people are attracted to the architecture of the temple. During the special occasion the temple will contain lots of devotees.

Architecture of Kapaleeswarar temple

Kapaleeswarar temple is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Chennai. The architecture of the temple is built in such a manner that it attracts many people to that place. Pallava Nayanmars built the Kapaleeswarar temple in the 7th century. Nayanmars are the one who sing Hymns in the Shiva temple before lord Shiva and they are the devotees of Lord Shiva. The construction part of the Kapaleeswarar temple is excellent such that the people can find lots of efforts taken by the workers to build that Giant temple. This is the reason why Kapaleeswarar temple is the biggest temple in Chennai.

People from all part of the world come to Kapaleeswarar temple not only to view the Lord Shiva and get his blessing but also to see the architecture of Kapaleeswarar temple. The full view of the temple will be a great view for the eyes. The temple is generally built in the Dravidian style. Gopurams are built in the streets and the main part of the temple is built inside the Gopuram. There are two Gopurams for two entrances to the temple. The temple is of height 40 m and the gopuram is situated in the western side faces the Theppakulam or the so called Tank of the temple.

Kolam or Theertham in Kapaleeswarar temple

Outside the temple there is also a pond that is situated which is commonly known as the Kolam or the Theertham. The architectural plan is made in such a way that there is also a Kolam or the Theertham that is present in the temple. It is magnificent effort taken by the kings to build the temple to this big structure. This pond of the temple is used to do some special pooja to the God and moreover the duties that have to be done to Lord Shiva are done with the water that is taken from this sacred pond. Some of the people consider this particular Pond as the most sacred thing and take bath in the pond. Kolam can be seen when we travel through the bus. The Kolam or the Theertham of the Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai is situated very near to the temple.

History of Kapaleeswarar temple

As we know the Lord Shiva is considered to be the Lord of destruction. When a person makes any mistakes Lord Shiva gives him punishment and even destroys him. Puranas has told many things about the history of the Kapaleeswarar temple. Puranas also tell the points for which the Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai is very famous. Lord Shakthi who is the wife of the Lord Shiva once worshiped the Lord Shiva by taking the form of the Peacock bird. This is the reason why this place is called as the Mylai. And after years it is called as the Mylapore. Actually Mayil stands for the bird peacock in Tamil which is a beautiful bird.

It is also believed that the Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai was present actually in the sea shores but after the days passed by the shores of the sea has gone to a longer distance from the temple. Now the temple is actually half a kilometer away from the shore of the sea. The Vijayanagara kings rebuilt the temple when the Portuguese destroyed the temple and it is said that the temple was rebuilt in the 16th century.

Pallavas were the one who built the Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai. Among their other wonderful temples Kapaleeswarar temple is more famous for the architectural construction. The temple was initially built in the place where the Santhome Church is now present. The scholars tell that the Portuguese who came to Chennai has destroyed the temple. Now the temple that is built there is only 350 to 400 years old and that was recently rebuilt again.

Festivals in Kapaleeswarar temple

There are many festivals celebrated in the Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai. The main important event is the chariot riding. This chariot riding is common in all the temples. The Lord Shiva is taken in the chariot and the chariot is taken to many places in the Mylapore area. This is done during the special occasions. Lord Shiva gives glory for the people and the devotees when he goes inside the chariot. The chariot is very big and many people involve in pulling the chariot and taking the utsavar in that chariot. Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai is a very famous spot during the Mahashivarathri which is a famous occasion for the Lord Shiva.

The power of the Lord Shiva is well known to others only during the special occasions. The devotees gather in the temple during the special occasion and it will be very difficult to see the god properly. In the festival time the chariot will be decorated beautifully and the Utsavar will be placed in the chariot and the chariot will be pulled to come around many places around the Kapaleeswarar temple.

How to Reach Kapaleeswarar temple

There are many options to reach Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai. There are many bus facilities from almost all the routes. The flying train facility is also available to reach Mylapore. Chennai is one of the biggest city in which the transportation facility is up to greater extent. So it will be very convenient to reach many places in Chennai in the short interval of time. Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai is well known to everyone and so that if a person who is new to Chennai can also get details regarding the temple and then they can reach the temple very easily. If you are going to reach Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai from any other part of Tamilnadu then it is necessary that you should reach Koyambedu or the Tambaram and get local bus to reach Kapaleeswarar temple.


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