Home and support Activities by Udavum karangal

This article will provide details about the activities rendered by Udavum Karangal. Many services are rendered by Udavum Karangal for different categories of people. This article will provide information on the home and support provided by Udavum Karangal.

Home and support by Udavum karangal

Service to Children by Udavum Karangal

Children are the precious gift of our god. Many say that they see god in the face of the children. But sometimes these children are showed no mercy. Many babies are thrown by their parents in bus stands and near the theaters. Sometimes these babies are not even considered as a human being and are thrown in dustbins. Many children are thrown only because poverty and illegal affairs. In some rare case some children are abandoned by their well to do parents only because the children are handicap or mentally affected. The Udavum karangal team protects these children which are thrown by their heartless parents. These children are made to grow with love and care. They also go to the extreme of enlighten their future and dreams by providing them proper and excellent education.

Psychiatric patients welfare by Udavum Karangal

The psychiatric patients are those people who are affected by mental illness. These people have serious mental problems and may act in a violent way without recognizing what they have done. These people are generally hard to handle so many people leave them abandoned .These left out people roam around the road without food and sometimes without proper dress to wear. These people are traced and brought by the team to the Udavum karangal. Finally these patients are protected and treated. Though their mind may not understand the simple things but they sure can feel the love. These patients are treated upon by various psychiatric doctors who are specialized in their fields. Nearly 11078 Psychiatric patients of Udavum karangal have undergone rehabilitation and now they work as clerks, painters, masonry staff, beauticians, and even as caregivers. Nearly the background of 6421 patients have been traced and restored to their families. These patients are treated and sent to their families across India including Manipur, Kashmir, Assam etc and even countries like Sweden, Australia etc.

HIV patients welfare by Udavum Karangal

The society today accepts even a person who does crime, but not a person who is affected by a demon called aids. Everyone knows an aid is a deadly disease and it kills the person who is affected by it. More than this deadly HIV virus the stigma these people face from our society kills them more. Though there are no medicines discovered to kill or cure this diseases, only way to heal their heart is by showing our love and care. Udavum Karangal started taking care of the HIV patients from past 13 years when HIV patients were treated as untouchables by the society .At Udavum Karangal, the patients are provided with nutritious food, anti-retroviral treatment along with abundance of love and care. Till now the Udavum karangal team has treated nearly 173 HIV patients. Besides providing home for the HIV patients the Udavum karangal also provide safe homes for the abused and misused women's and children. The team has also saved the life of 413 women who were sold to the adultery by their own families and 3545 children who were abused by their own families and outside.

Educational Facilities rendered by Udavum Karangal

Education teaches the right and the wrong to a person. It is the only tool which can be used to make a children self reliant and talented. Udavum karangal provides a good and better education to the children who are brought to their homes. Till now, over 2342 students have passed from the school Ramakrishna Vidya Niketan and Ramakrishna Vidya Mandir which is run by Udavum karangal in Chennai and Coimbatore. Vidya Niketan was started in 1997 with about 150 children. This school provides free education and imparts value based education not only to the abandoned children but also to the poor children's from the locality. Since the nearby government school in Tiruverkadu doesn't provide any facility for proper education, poor children in and around Tiruverkadu study in this Vidya Niketan. The significant point of this school is that it provides noon meals to the students. Ramakrishna Vidya Niketan started its higher secondary class in 1999 and it was approved by the government of Tamil Nadu.

Today nearly 2000 students study in this school. Similarly Ramakrishna Vidya Mandi in Coimbatore provides quality education to both the abandoned students and poor children from the locality. There are about 500 children obtaining the benefit of education in this school. They even provide free books and uniforms to each and every student. Nearly 267 students of Udavum karangal have completed their college education. Two students who are brought up by Udavum karangal has made the organization to feel proud. They have won gold medal in various streams where they were perusing their education. One of the two students is Nithya Kalyani, who got gold medal for her degree in social work from the Madras School of Social Work and other one is Ratan, who is a passed out catering from Bharathidasan University. Besides education 60 girls from Udavum karangal have been married to polite and doting families.

Community service rendered by Udavum Karangal

A service to the under developed community is the community service. When this organization was started, Tiruverkadu was just an undeveloped village. But now it is slowly developing due to the great development of the Udavum karangal. The community service provided by the organization mainly focuses upon the women's from the under privileged society so that they get good salary, good respect and status in both their families and society. These boost their interest towards the work which leads to increase in their economic status. Several programs are conducted by Udavum karangal for developing the downtrodden society. 'School of Nursing' was started by Udavum karangal on July 2007. It was started for the students from middle and low income families who have just completed class 10.The nursing college has good infrastructure with proper equipments and excellent staffs to teach the course for the students. One year course is fixed for Rs.200 for a month and till now 120 students has completed their course and has been placed by in leading hospitals.

Computer centers have been run by the organization so that the growing children may gain knowledge in the advanced technology. It provides training for children who have completed Class 8 and are aged 15 years or above, in basic and advanced computer skills. The classes are scheduled as 2 hour sessions for five days every month. It provides two level of training. The Initial training is of three months of duration, which teaches fundamentals of computers, MS office and the internet. If children show further level of interest then higher level of training is given for them. For higher level of training is extended for six months teaching courses like Java, Perl, HTML, CorelDraw, oracle, VB and Photoshop. Vocational training programs were conducted by the organization for the school dropouts. Noon meals schemes have been introduced for the aged people. Education has been sponsored for the poor children who cannot afford for education. Regular health campus has been conducted by the organization for eye, dental and dermatology. Campaign has been done regularly to warn the poor people regarding the maintenance of the proper and good health.

The poor parents, who work in construction work and as domestic maid, can't take care of their crawling babies during working hours. So in order to relieve them from their stress and tension 'Annai crèches' is run by the organization, so that the poor parents may leave their children in these crèches. Women's from the under privileged society must stand in their own legs to meet their day to day life. To help these under privileged women's a 'school for tailoring' has been run by Udavum karangal, so that illiterate women's can learn easily and earn for their living. Till date over 70 students have benefited from the tailoring school and they are employed at the export houses at high salaries. Since the Coimbatore campus is close to the court premises, a free legal service is provided by the court. The court provides free legal aid and support to fight against injustices done to women by powerful members of the society. Justice is delivered for the women who are affected by Dowry hassles, property disputes, or other harassment.

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