Udavum Karangal Social Organization in Chennai

There are various social organisations in Chennai that provides support for various category of people. Udavum Karangal is one such organization that provides support and education to the needy. This article will provide complete information about Udavum Karangal in Chennai.

Udavum Karangal Social Organization in Chennai

Affection is the feeling of love or care for someone. Every human expects some form of affection from the people who surrounds them. The affection can be in any form such as care, love, compassion, kindness etc. Though everyone obtain the fruit of affection, some still live an abandoned and lonely life desperately wanted to be cared by someone. These individuals are abandoned either by their parents or families or by their own children. These left out individuals seek for love, care and affection. Though the society denies them, there are few people and organizations to fulfill their desperate seeking of love and care. These organizations provide them with full support in everything including their education and fulfilling their basic needs. These organizations provide them regular support.

One such organization that extends it helping hand towards the abandoned children, senior citizens and to the individuals affected by AIDS is the "UDAVUM KARANGAL". Udavum karangal is the famous and well known orphanage. It is the home for all abandoned children's and senior citizens. Since everyone in the world deserves a home, Udavum karangal acts as the permanent home for individuals who are denied by the society. The individuals in the Udavum karangal seemed devoted to teach other and are openly affectionate. The organization is helped by many softhearted donors from all over the world. Help is given in the form of donation of money, food, clothes etc. Financial and emotional support of public gives a roof of love, care, security to the needed and abandoned ones.

History of Udavum Karangal in Chennai

The Udavum karangal (helping hands), is a registered organization that was started in the year 1983 by papa vidyaakar. It is a non governmental, non profitable social service organization. It does not follow any religion and its only aim is to serve people who are in need. The Origin of the organization has a heart touching background. Mr. Vidyaakar was running a community center in the slum of N.S.K nagar in Chennai. On one day he saw a bundle of clothes before Cinema Theater, when he opened those clothes, he saw a child wrapped inside those clothes. He gave his hands to the abandoned crying child and it was taken as the first member of the largest family.

Soon after the formation of the organization many Aids patients, dying destitute, psychiatric patients and senior citizens joined the large family of Udavum karangal. Till date, there are about 2000 unfortunate brethrens from new born baby to dying destitute take refuge in Udavum karangal. This organization provides treatments for the people who are affected by deadly disease, care for the children and senior citizen, rehabilitation for the addicts and education for the children. At present Udavum karangal has four centers at various areas in Chennai such as Tiruverkadu, Maduravoyal, Velappanchavadi and Ambattur. They now have two homes at Coimbatore, one at Vadavalli and another at Myleripalayam. A new home is under the process of construction at Thiruvannamalai. The organization has up to 150 volunteers, rendering their full effort and help without expecting any returns.

Udavum Karangal Team work and team activities

A team work will never fail. Many difficult things can be easily achieved with the help of a very good supporting team. Every social organization has a very active team that supports the organization in doing various works to the society. Udavum karangal has a team of people who work with their full dedication in different fields to fulfill the goal of the organization. The Governing Body – India is a registered team having nearly 10 members. These members are from different society jointly uniting their hands to help the under privileged people in the society. The team is from different society consisting of different types of people. The team will have people who are interested in serving the people and some may be interested in providing monitory support. This is how the success of the team comes.

The Governing Body - US Chapter is the Udavum karangal team of USA. It is an Inland Revenue Service recognized charity organization in US with six boards of directors. The boards of directors are Indian professionals who are settled in US and some softhearted US nationals, with a helping mind to save the downtrodden society. The next level of team is the dedicated volunteers, who give their dedicated and selfless service all 24 hours to the people of the homes. Other team of the organization is the team containing the professional staffs. These staff may be Psychologists, Occupational therapists, Nurses, Paramedics and Administrative associate .The volunteers and these professional managements are the backbone for the welfare of the organization.

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