Agaram Foundation in Chennai

Agaram Foundation is an organization which was started in the motive of helping the poor people by providing proper education to the kids. This organization is run by Actor surya with the support of various other social workers. This article will provide more details on Agaram foundation.

Chennai Agaram Foundation by Actor Surya

Many organizations work for the benefit of the people. They help people in many ways to fulfill their basic needs. These organizations mainly focus on the people of various ages who are below the poverty scale and on children who are unprivileged and without parents. One such famous organization having its basic objective to help the students to acquire knowledge over education is 'Agaram foundation'. The Agaram foundation was established on 25th September 2006 by the famous and well known film actor Mr.Suriya, the son of renowned actor MR. Sivakumar.

Aim and mission of Agaram Foundation

The aim of Agaram foundation is to provide quality education to the under-privileged and deserving students. In this economic world though many students have the curiosity to study and acquire knowledge about education, they are unable to afford to get that knowledge .This foundation strives to provide quality education to the deserving students by overcoming the various barriers. This foundation mainly focuses on the economically backward rural students. Though they cannot completely eliminate the social evils but they help in upgrading the standard of the economically backward society. The Agaram foundation gives plenty of opportunity to the students regarding their education and welfare. The Highlighting feature of the Agaram foundation is its vision. The vision of Agaram foundation is simple, straight forward and it always aims to achieve its goal. The vision of Agaram foundation is "to bring about a significant and positive change in the socio economic status of the rural society by offering quality education to the deserving individual". From the vision we infer that the foundation mainly focuses in upgrading the level of standard of the students who are economically more backward in the society. Though imparting education to all the deserving students is greatly a difficult task but they take it in a simple and effective way with the support of many renowned donors and volunteers.

Objectives of Agaram Foundation

The objectives of an organization play a major role in uplifting the organization in achieving its goal. The Agaram foundation has many objectives which has improved its growth. Their various objectives are, to identify an education institution that provides good comfort and convenience to student along with the best faculties who impart quality education. To built learning centers to provide tuitions. And centers to teach and impart soft skills to the students. To create awareness among the rural people about the importance and significance of education. The awareness is provided in various means so that people get confidence and know the importance of their children education. To focus on the most deserving and smart students who are willing to be helped. To take into account the educational need of the students and to monitor their development at level of each stage. To identify and gather many volunteers within the rural society so that they take care and monitor the requirement s of the students of their society. To establish an educational Institution that can withstand for long years imparting education to the students. The educational institutions should be committed with organizations for proving best and quality education for the deserving students.

Trustees and Advisors of Agaram foundation

The founder trustee of the Agaram foundation is actor Mr.Suriya. To everyone's knowledge, Mr.Suriya is the Tamil industries top most leading, famous and soft hearted actor. The secretary trustee the write T. J. Gnanavel. The Treasurer, Mr. S.R Prakash Babu. The trustee of Agaram foundation is Mr. Si.Karthi. The secretary of the foundation is trustee Ms. Jayashree Damodaran. The one of the three main advisors of the foundation is Dr. V. Vasanthi Devi. She is the former vice-chancellor of Manonmaniam University, the former Chairperson of Women's Commission of Tamilnadu State and the chairperson of the institute of human rights education. The second advisor is Mr.K.Pandiya Rajan. He is the Founder and CEO of Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd. He is also the Founder of many non-governmental organizations which are working with the human resource development group. The third advisor is Mrs. Brinda jayaraman. She has also involved in various service activities with the help of maintaining an organization. She is the Psychological consultant who helps in treating mentally challenged people and also she is the one who has a very sound specialization in mental health, and she serves the depressed people through her organization Anchor Self Help Access (ASHA). She serves as Consultant to many schools and conducts many workshops relating to Parenting Skills, Counseling skills, Interpersonal Skills and Study .she is a prolific and good writer and famous TV commentator.

Activities of Agaram foundation in Chennai

The three main activities of the Agaram foundation till date are,

Vidhai (for quality education):

The vidhai focuses on the aspect "A small deed by someone can create a big difference in another's life". The main aim of the Vidhai is to identify a donor who is trust worthy. As rural students cannot afford the money required by the present education, the Vidhai team is in search of the donors who are soft hearted to help these rural students in affording the money for the education. The search resulted in obtaining many socially responsible individuals and organizations which willingly offered financial assistance to the needy students. Based the amount of sponsorship and educational institution, the details of the candidate are given to the benefactor. Once when the sponsorship given by the benefactor is confirmed, the benefactor can directly contribute to the respective educational trust where the candidate studies. The records of the contribution given by the benefactors are maintained monthly or yearly on the database. Even the academic records of the students to whom the benefactors are contributing are also maintained for by the database for the future reference. Hence this small help by the benefactor makes the dreams of the rural children to come true.

Agaram vazhikatigal:

The Agaram vazhikatal is for the economically backward children. The families below the poverty line make the children to do work for daily wages. These families run their daily life with these wages .The children from the age five are forced to work for daily wages. This activity Agaram vazhikatigal focuses upon those children who do work for daily wages. This activity nurtures the school children in the rural areas. These children are taught by the mentors who are professionals in the teaching field. The mentors teach these unprivileged students at the spare times and sometimes with free of cost or with less salary. These mentors are the registered volunteers and they are motivators as they motivate the children and help to bloom a new generation in them. The children are taught interpersonal skills, communication, hygiene so that they may understand the values of life. Thus this activity stirringly works in fulfilling the dreams of the unprivileged children.

Agaram Learning Center:

Most of the present education system do not provide proper education to the students .Hence most of the affordable students make use of the highly paid tuitions centers to upgrade their knowledge. This may not be possible for the children in the rural area, as they cannot afford such a heavy amount. Hence the Agaram foundation has created learning centers which not only teaches curriculum subjects but also focuses upon the extra and co-curricular activities .they also provide soft skills tanning to the students, so that children may identify their talent and grow it up further. At present there are 10 such centers in Tamilnadu. Each center has one tutor who is well trained by the Agaram. Both multilevel and multi-grade training are provided by the learning center. There 40 to 50 students who study at 5th to 8th standard in each center. The learning center works for two and half hours everyday which focuses upon personality development, curriculum and soft skills. The objective of the learning center is to develop Educated, Cultured and Strong Individuals.

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