Top Ten Tourist places in Chennai

This article gives the knowledge to the reader about the top ten tourist places in Chennai with a short description about the each. The places are explaied with picture. the top ten tourist places are Marina Beach Vandalur Anna Zoological Park San Thome Cathedral Church Valluvar Kottam Kovalam Beach Government Museum Birla Planetarium Mamallapuram beach St. George fort Cholamandal Artists’ Village

Chennai is a vast are of land which is difficult for a tourist to visit all the tourist places in Chennai at a day. So in order to make the work easier for the tourist to visit the places in Chennai I have selected the top three places and gave a short description of that. Hope you get some useful tips from this page.
Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu containing many industries, IT companies and all type of factories. Chennai is very industrial place where one can earn more. Apart from business and industry there are also many tourist and scenic places where the tourist can enjoy very much. It is really a wonderful trip would be if you have to visit the places in Chennai. The top tourist and famous places are given below.

1. Marina Beach
2. Vandalur Anna Zoological Park
3. San Thome Cathedral Church
4. Valluvar Kottam
5. Kovalam Beach
6. Government Museum
7. Birla Planetarium
8. Mamallapuram beach
9. St. George fort
10. Cholamandal Artists’ Village

1. The famous Marina Beach in Chennai

The Marina Beach in Chennai is one of the longest beach in the world which covers around 12 kilo miters in length. Thousands of people visit this beach every day. The beach covers the east border of Chennai. The sea shore consists of many tourist places. It makes the visitors to feel happy with its giant sea water.

We can list out the famous places which lies near to the Marina beach. The famous places near the marina beach are:

 Aquarium which consists of a large variety of fishes. This contains all the varieties of fish that are living in sea and in the good water. This is a really an knowledge enriching one for the minds of the visitors
 Ice house which contains of large size ice rocks.
 Anna Cemetery: Anna who is the former chief minister of Tamil nadu was buried in this place. Many people visit this place and pay their homage to our Anna.
 M.G.R cemetery: M.G. Ramachadiran who is the former chief minister of Tamil nadu was buried in this place. Many people visit this place and pay their homage.

2. Vandalur Anna Zoological Park in Chennai

The Vandalur Anna Zoological park is one of the vast area of forest which consist of a large number of forest animals. Here thousands of animals are taken care and kept for the visitors site. We can directly see all the giant and dangerous animals in this place. We can sea the Lion, Tiger, Elephant and different kinds of monkeys and many other type of animals too. It would be memorable one for those who visit this places. This Vandalur Anna Zoological park is said to be the largest zoo in the east Asia as it contains a large number of species.

3. San Thome Cathedral Church in Chennai

This is one of the famous church in Chennai as it is the cathedral church of the Chennai dioceses. Many devotees including the other religion people worship the lord Jesus here in this place. This is also an very good tourist places in Chennai as it is the great monument of the British rule in india. This cathedral church was built during the reign of the England people in India. The church is dedicated to St.Thomas who is the disciple of Lord Jesus and also arrived to Chennai and preached the word of God to the Chennai people. He was later killed by the people and a church for him was built in Chinna Malai near the Chennai Airport.

4. The great Valluvar Kottam in Chennai

This valluvar kottam is very much special in Chennai as it contains all the 1330 thirukural written by one of the great ancient tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. In this place we can see the very good architecture art of the Tamil People. The Great valluvar Kottam was built in 1976. It gives the visitors’ mind the knowledge about our ancient poet thiruvalluvar and his work.

5. Kovalam Beach in Chennai with image

The kovalam beach is located in little far away from the Chennai city. After the tourist place Muttu Kadu boad race we can find the road that leads to the Kovalam beach. It is also a very good scenic and enjoyable one for the visitors. The cool air from the sea refreshes the minds of the visitors. It is one of the nature’s gift to men as it gives the real peace to our mind. It gives relief from the office and home depressed heart. It is here where the matured becomes small. I mean even the elderly people play and enjoy without considering their age and status.

6. Government Museum in Chennai

The government Museum in Chennai is one of the must sea place as it contains of many awesome things. The prehistoric animal are kept for the view of the visitors which is very nice to sea. The Government Museum in Chennai contains of many things that are related to old and ancient tradition. The Government Museum in Chennai also is famous for the pictures that are presented there. It contains of many famous artists pictures which is a piece of wonder for every visitors. Apart from this there are also many valuable informations available in the museum.

7. The Birla Planetarium in Chennai

The Birla Planetarium in Chennai will take us to a space tour where we can enjoy by seeing all the things in the sky. The show very well explains about all the sky events. The Birla Planetarium in Chennai has the facility to show all the plants and it’s movements. It would be really very much enriching for the students. It would give them the real viewing experience of the sky events. The Galaxy is explained here very much. The shows here includes Solar System, Sky and Seasons, Comets and Man on the Moon. The full moon and no moon is also explained well.

8. The Mamallapuram beach and Temple

The Mamallapuram represents the ancient life of our ancestors. The Mamallapuram is very much known for its art. The Mamallapuram remains as the place of art and it is the famous tourist place in Chennai. Many people visit this place and also enjoy in the near by sea. It is said that the temple which is near the the sea was built by the Tamil Kings. There were many temples which were captured by the sea and went in the sea water. Now there is only one temple which is left by the sea by the effort of the government. It is believed that this whole temple was carved from one stone…!!. It is really dangerous to take bath in the near by beach as the sea is deepen in this place.

9. The St. George fort in Chennai

The St. George fort in Chennai is one of the ancient fort. This St. George fort was built by the Briish people in Chennai. The for was built in 1750’s. The St. George fort is covered by a giant strong wall. As it is the source of the ancient things and serves as the great British monument it is must visit place in Chennai.

10. The Cholamandal Artists’ Village in Chennai

Cholamandal Artists’ Village is the place where the art is given more important. It represents the various arts of the Tamil people. The Cholamandal Artists’ Village was set up in the year 1966. The Cholamandal Artists’ Village is one of the present largest artists communes in India. It is very interesting to see this place.

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