Outcome of research in Mamallapuram Shores

There were some investigations and research made in the shores of Mamallapuram and also under water to bring out some news on the submerged six temples. This article will provide information on the Outcome of research in Mamallapuram Shores.

Outcome of research in Mamallapuram Shores

As we all know the corrosion has taken down 6 temples out of seven temples in Mamallapuram. In this context some research were taken place in Mahabalipuram to investigate more and more secrets about the history and secrets of Mahabalipuram. The history says that the Mamallapuram is an important port for communication from the Pallava kingdom with the others. With this sea port pallava kings had their trading done and maintained good contact with the nearby countries such as Sri Lanka, China, Bengal etc. The investigations also brought up some Roman coins found which proved that the trading and communication was also maintained with the Roman kings and Roman empire. As the outcome of the research in Mahabalipuram, many evidences were found including remaining of walls, broken sculptures fully covered with bio growth. Due to the bio growth further details could not be obtained from the carvings and engravings in the stone sculptures.

The investigations have also brought some interesting information about the Mamallapuram temples. As we see today there is only one temple remaining among the seven temples. The native people there when enquired told that they have seen the temple tops shining especially during the time of sunshine. The inner water investigations have found out many segments of sand deposit and rock deposits under the water. Under water visual survey was also carried out to find some remaining of the sculptures and findings. The dive was carried out in 25 different locations to find out many manmade sculptures. Some stones and sculptures were found with carvings and engraving in it. This also gives idea on which type of building material was used for the construction purpose. The temples including the existing shore temple was built with the granite stones.

The research results have also said that the samples that were received under the sea were not sufficient to predict the age of the remaining. However according to the literary history, it is said that the there were other six temples existed along with the existing shore temple. So probably the age of the submerged temple should also be similar to the age of the existing shore temple. The history also says that the name Mamallapuram was named after the Pallava King Mamallan. The exact origin of the temples and the age of temples are not known till date. But as a comparison with the human habitat and the history of the pallava kings, the rough calculation of the age of temple is around 1500 years BP. It can also be said that there existed a very strong trading done from the Mamallapuram sea port.

According to the extra information that received with the help of the Pallava Kingdom history, it is said that Mamallapuram was an active sea port for foreign communication in Pallava period till 12th century. Also the trading and communication had taken place since 2000 years BC. The construction work with granites and stones were stopped in the Harappa period. Later for residential and other things bricks and woods were used. In Mamallapuram, temples were constructed with the help of stones but the residential houses and other buildings were constructed with the help of bricks and wood items. There are some more investigations taking place in Mamallapuram to find out some more interesting things. As we all know the kings of Tamilnadu are also well versed in construction of underground passages from a temple to their kingdom and also from one temple to other temple for some business and security reasons. Narasimha I was the great Pallava king who was first to construct cave temples in granite stones.

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