Research in Mahabalipuram – A scientific exploration in the shores and caves

This article describes about the secret information about Mamallapuram which was once a Port that was used for trading by Pallava Kingdom to various nearby countries.

Research in Mahabalipuram – A scientific exploration in the shores and caves

As we all know Mahabalipuram is a very famous historical evidence of pallava kings and also it is a very popular tourist attraction in Chennai. The place is situated nearly 50 kilometers from Chennai. From the stories and the archeological evidences present now, it is believed that the place was one of the most important spot for pallava kings. It is also believed that there are some more historical evidences available to prove the greatness of Mahabalipuram temples. Investigations took place under the water to find some structural remaining there. The Mahabalipuram cave temples are not only famous in India but also all over the world as there are many visitors from various locations to India. It is also to be noted that Mahabalipuram is a world famous UNESCO heritage monument.

The local traditions and the historical evidences state that there were totally 7 temples present in Mahabalipuram. But today we have only one temple and all the other 6 temples were submerged. Recently a team from archaeological department went for the exploration of the area and found out that the structural remaining under the water included the stone blocks, fallen walls and also the remains. The structures of the temples were damaged very badly and were taken down by the underwater currents and swells very strongly. Based on the research of the structural remaining from underwater it is proved that the remaining were manmade in origin. But unfortunately the carvings in the stone remains could not be identified as there were thick biological growths in the stones hiding the engravings. It is believed that the costal erosion is the one that is responsible for the submergence of these structures in Mahabalipuram. The dates of the structures found and the remaining in the land were estimated to be around 1500 years ago. It is also expected that there will also be some extra information about the place with future research on the place.

Information about the Trade Contact with nearby countries

Research have also brought some information on the trade that is done from Mahabalipuram. It is said that the Mahabalipuram shores were one a trading spot from where the trading were done to nearby countries such as Sri Lanka, China and also the other nearby countries. All the South East Asian countries were in contact with the Pallava kingdom with the help of the Mahabalipuram Port. There were also some Roman Coins belonging to 4th century AD which proves that Mahabalipuram was also used in maintaining contact with Roman Kingdoms. It is also said that many people have sailed to the nearby country to spread the culture and practices with the help of the Mahabalipuram Port. The evidences that were observed near the Punjeri Village with is situated nearly 1.5 Km west of Mahabalipuaram confirms the existence of an ancient port in the Mahabalipuram. Some more investigations are also going on to find some more interesting information about the Mamallapuram hidden secrets.

Origin of Martial Arts and Wrestling in Pallava Kingdom

As the history says, Pallava Kings were well known for their Marital arts and wrestling. The origin of the Martial Arts and wrestling was also from tamilnadu. During the battle it is said that the Pallava practice their Martial arts with the enemies. Martial arts were not only for the battle and to use it in battle but were also used for keeping the body healthy. There are various types of martial arts that help in keeping the body and also the mind powerful. Pallavas were also capable of controlling the minds of the enemy which is known as Nokku Varmam in Tamil or Hypnotism in English. The martial arts details were mentioned in the Tamil scripts written by many Tamil legends. As there were many intrusions from various other countries to Tamilnadu and India, many secrets were made hidden and some were even destroyed. Now there are some researches going on to find the hidden truth about the Martial arts.

Bhodhi Dharma was the world famous Buddhist monk who invented Kung Fu in China. There are powerful evidences that Bhodi Dharma belong to Kanchipuram near Chennai. Kanchipuram belonged to the Pallava Kingdom. Also it is said that the origin of Kung Fu was in 6th century and the existence of Bhodhi Dharma was also in 6th century. It is very interesting to know the more about Bhodhi Dharma and his life history. Mahabalipuram has been a very important place for pallava kingdom. Mamallapuram is also called with several names for many specific reasons. Mahabali who was a very good wrestler and well versed in Martial Arts hero of Pallava Kingdom was also the reason why the name Mahabalipuram came. This Mamallapuram was also called as 'The city of Bali' which came in the name of Mahabali who ruled Mamallapuram.

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Mahabalipuram is a small town in Kancheepuram district. It was an important sea port of South .

Outcome of research in Mamallapuram Shores

There were some investigations and research made in the shores of Mamallapuram and also under water to bring out some news on the submerged six temples. This article will provide information on the Outcome of research in Mamallapuram Shores.

Mahabalipuram near Chennai

Mahabalipuram is situated in Kanchipuram district nearly 15 kms from Chennai which is considered as one of the famous tourist spot in Chennai.More numbers of visitors have been visiting Mahabalipuram in day today life and enjoying the beauty of mahabalipuram historic buildings and beach.

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