Dolphin city amusement park in ECR road near Chennai

Dolphin City is one of the mind blowing and oldest amusement park near Chennai city. This has given a very good recreation for the guests. This aricle will provide the details about the Dolphin City amusement Park near ECR road which is nearly 46kms from Chennai city. The landmark to Dolphin city being 10 km before the famous tourist spot of Mahabalipuram and 4 km after the Crocodile Bank.

Dolphin city amusement park in ECR road near Chennai

As we all know Chennai is a wonderful place fully filled with many theme parks and amusement parks which gives good recreation to the people in and around Chennai. Chennai city is fully filled with busy people who are searching for a good spot for relaxation and recreation from their works. Most of the IT people who are in Chennai always look for some different place for their relaxation to their mind and body. In this criterion, dolphin city is said to be a wonderful spot for recreation for the people. And also if we visit the place, it will be even more interesting to enjoy things there in Dolphin City amusement park. Even though dolphin city is not located exactly in Chennai, it is very easy to reach Dolphin city from Chennai and also from any other nearest part of Chennai.

This Dolphin city Chennai first started of as a water park with 4 dolphins to entertain the visitors. The Dolphin city Chennai became a success but after some time the dolphins died because they were not able to adjust to their new habitat. Then the authorities brought in sea lions. These sea lions engage in many intelligent activities which enthrall and thrill the visitors.
Dolphin city amusement park in ECR road near Chennai
People who are highly interested in enjoying the natural beauty and the god's creation will definitely enjoy the beauty of this place. The visitors to dolphin city amusement park are of different ages, starting from kids to the old age people. But in general it is an excellent place for the youngsters to visit and enjoy. This dolphin city is not only famous for the scenic beauty there but also for the other facilities available inside it. People who get into the dolphin city will not even have a mind to get out of it. They will fell like continuously enjoying the beauty of the dolphin city amusement park. This place was constructed in making it a great place for the people with the dolphins and their various performances.

Location of Dolphin City Amusement park

There is a great advantage in the location of the Dolphin City amusement park. Most of the travelers who prefer ECR road find this place as a very good recreation spot. As we all know, ECR is filled with lots of amusement parks and the recreation spots with very good resorts for spending the vacation and also to enjoy with friends. This Dolphin City amusement park is situated in a distance of 46kms in East coast road from Chennai. Any places in East coast road gets popularity very easily as there are many travelers travelling daily in the East Coast Road. There is also another amusement park which lies opposite to the Dolphin city. This amusement park is known as Little Folks amusement park. Dolphin City amusement park is a very good fun spot filled with water and is initiated with Little Folks.

View of Dolphin City

Description about Dolphin City Amusement park

The Dolphin city was very popular when it was first initiated. The show was performed by the dolphins which were shipped for the purpose of animal feats to be performed. As we all know Dolphins are of major attraction for the people. In this idea the Dolphins were imported to this place with a very big sea water tank for performing dolphin shows. During the start of this amusement park it was a very big success with the Dolphins. Later the quality of the show got reduced day by day as the dolphins found it very uncomfortable to adjust with the habitat there. Even though all the facilities were provided for the Dolphins there, it was very difficult for the Dolphins to survive and in just 6 months dolphins started to die one by one. This became a very big difficulty for the management to adjust the shows and the amusement park without the dolphins.

Bringing some more dolphins was also considered to be stupidity and some alternatives were searched. And finally, sea lions were introduced to the Dolphin city amusement park to continue with the shows. Later the shows were taken over by sea lions instead of Dolphins.

Later on the amusement park was developed with many other activities also. Based on the demand of the people and guests, many other water related events are also initiated which attracts the guests. The performances of the Dolphins were very hit once upon a time in the amusement park. And later on it was compensated with the American Sea Lions which gave equal pleasure to the eyes of the viewers. Among all the activities carried out in Dolphin city, American Sea lion's performance ranks the best. Also special training is also given to the American sea lion in the Dolphin city by experts making it more intelligent. Along with this there are also experts who teach many tricks to the sea lions and make them perform in front of the audiences.

Features of Dolphin City amusement park

Sea Lions in Dolphin City amusement park
Apart from the special shows of the Sea Lions there, there are also many other featured activities taking place in Dolphin city amusement park. The features of the Dolphin city amusement park not only entertains the guests with special shows and events, but also it acts as a great spot for recreation of the guests by providing the guests with great comforts. There are many outlets for eating inside the amusement park which also consists of one multi cuisine restaurant also. Apart from the food items there are also many fancy items and gift items available for purchase. There is an outlet named Notty Nutty Curios which sells numerous electronic goods and accessories along with other items such as swim suits. Also there are outlets available where you can purchase gift articles. Some of the other features of the Dolphin city amusement park is as follows.

• Leisure Boating
• Disco Scooter
• Animal Simulator
• Under water view
• Chuck wagon
• Slide Swimming Pool
• Tea Cup
• Open Air Theatre
• Dragon Ride

There are some more features of Dolphin City including Under Water View of Dolphin city Chennai, Leisure Boating of Dolphin city Chennai, Slide Swimming Pool in Dolphin city Chennai, Open Air Theatre in Dolphin city Chennai, Chuck Wagon, Disco Scooter in Dolphin city Chennai, Tea Cup in Dolphin city Chennai, Animal Simulator of Dolphin city Chennai and Dragon Ride in Dolphin city Chennai. The park houses a multi cuisine restaurant and a number of Restaurant in Dolphin city Chennai. The Notty Nutty Curios in the park complex sells various gift articles, swim suits and electronic accessories. The Multi-Cuisine Restaurant of Dolphin city Chennai caters to a variety of tastes and the eating outlets stock - Popcorn, Ice Creams, soft drinks and Confectioneries. The complex houses shops where you can buy batteries, cameras, gift articles, toys, games, sun glasses, caps, swimwear, etc. Coaches (Bus) can be arranged on request at affordable rates.


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