Chennai's support to Anna Hazare for Lokpal Bill

Anna Hazare is the man behind the Anti-Corruption Movement of India, 2011. His indefinite fasting unto death has motivated and infused many activist and common people of Chennai to stand against corruption. This has given a huge response and support from all parts of Chennai and Tamil Nadu, where people giving utmost support to clean up corruption in all the departments of the Indian government through a law called "Jan Lokpal Bill".

anna hazareCorruption has become a common word which is associated with the Government of India. The process of getting money from other for the work to done and the support given to them is basically termed to be Corruption. But later on, this corruption started to infuse in all government sectors, where people use to get money from public for the service given to them. In India, we call the people who work in Government as service people to country, were service means its a kind of help given to others. But here people working with the Government has spoiled its name by getting money for the work to be done. And in also recent years, we are coming to know many Scandals and problems regarding the Black Money.

Fight against Corruption

Anna Hazare is the man who stood and raised his voice against this corruption. He is a social concern man, named to be social activist and also a Freedom fighter who was then from the Indian Army, the real people who has care and give full protection to India. His main aim and motive is to clean up India from corruption by passing a law against corruption called Jan Lokpal Bill.

Steps by Indian Government against Corruption

A true Gandhian, Anna Hazare initialized his first step of protest to implement this bill to our government, where corruption can be abolished and many people who were looting money from the public can put forth into prison. So he decided to give on a indefinite Hunger strike unless the bill is passed. With his protest being a mere social concern and good cause for India, many protesters joined hands with his hunger strike against legal and political issues which includes kleptocracy, police corruption, government corruption, judicial corruption, and discretionary powers of government officials who add to excessive gesture to the Indian Government with corruption. It has been also stated that The Lokpal Bill has been passed before in the Government with many changes made to the original bill, where in such a way that the Government Officils are not being caught under this Act. So all the protesters are now asking and standing with Anna Hazare the social activist for the pass of the original bill to be passed and clean up India from Corruption. The protesters is on demand for creating a joint drafting committee for the original bill, with members from both "civil society" and government.

How to eradicate Black Money

Black Money is also the major problem which comes in hand with this corruption. So if this Corruption is abolished then the black money can be stopped. In the bill it has stated that, all the black money which has been deposited in other countries bank need to be brought back to India and certain things like reducing the tax and other prices and pay the loan which has been got from the World Bank by India. They term the untaxed money of the people to be the Wealth our Country and so it has to be brought back to India.

Protest against Corruption for Lokpal Bill

All these happenings like hunger strike, protests led way to the creation of a huge movement of protest against corruption and the pass of this bill that saw being organised in various cities and towns of India. The movement was mainly a campaign of non-violent civil resistance wit the common public getting participated and volunteering themselves, which featured a series of marches, awareness programs, acts of civil disobedience, demonstrations and hunger strike, awareness with use of social media. The protests was unusual in India as there is no political affiliation, support and the protesters have been hostile to any attempt by political parties to use them to strengthen their own political agenda.

Chennai Support for Anti Corruption protest

Chennai is not far from this protest. It has been a great support from all people society of people in Chennai who are in hands with this campaign. From students to social activist, all people are taking part in this protest. A organization, India Against Corruption (IAC) has been formed and doing a protest from Wednesday in Chennai. It has stated that more than 5000 people has been visiting this protest and joining them. Many students who were part of this protest, were being arrested by police for shouting slogans in support of Jan Lokpal-the civil society's draft of the anti-corruption bill. Also many office going people joined this protest after their office hours.

Indian Against Corruption, an NGO, also organised a prayer at Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore in support of Anna Hazare's indefinite strike who began on Tuesday demanding that the central government should enact the Jan Lokpal Bill to prevent corruption. Anti-Corruption Movement (ACM), another NGO, has planned an awareness campaign to be done in front of Memorial Hall near Chennai Central on Saturday.

Also it has been planned to have a Candle Light March in Marina Beach on Thursday evening. Many students and and other public is expected to participate in it and show our support for Anna Hazare.
Actor Vijay, a Celebrity of Tamil Film Industry has also given his utmost support with his fans, where he has planned to support Anna Hazare by joining him in Delhi with his Hunger Strike for one day. He said the media that he will leave to Delhi on Thursday morning and join him.

Channai and its people are doing and giving full support to Anna Hazare's plea to th Government for the Anti-Corruption Law to be passed. If this bill has been passed, it is assured that India will become a Developed country soon leading others and gets a good Social Balance among people. Lets join hands together and give our support to Anna Hazare and free India from Corruption.


Author: Mahal27 Aug 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

From the response we see across the country for Anna Hazare and the sentiments of the people against corruption, Jan Lokpal Bill will have to be passed by the Parliament soon.

Author: Bharath01 Sep 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hi Shathyan,

All the people supports for the anti corruption who took in hand of anna hazare. This was the best time can get the corrupted money back to the country. All the politicians were culprits, having accounts in the swiss bank without the knowledge of the government.

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