Do you think Chennai's Tradition and Culture is Changing

In this fast moving World, I hope Chennai is under a drastic change in its culture and Tradition. Compared to the past, the changing rate of Chennai is very fast and don't know were it going to end. Whether this change is welcomed by people of all categories or not. Lets know it.

Chennai a place where all people of India Dwells. Not only from India mostly from all parts of he World. It is welcomed and Proud of Chennai, But at the same time due to this vast diversity and many people from all over the World, Our culture is being spoiled. More over I can't term it as spoiled, i can can just say its changing. Is this change Welcomed by the Chennai people or How do the react upon it. Lets discuss over it.

My Chennai

Chennai is rich not only in business opportunities and the population, but also it is rich in the culture and tradition. It is very dedicative and proud for us to tell that this is our Chennai. The vast diversity of people from all of parts of the World who comes Chennai for some few reasons. In olden days the Britishers who captured our Nation chose Chennai for their Trading since our port was very easy for their trading. And also Tamil Nadu was wealthier when compared to other states. But all this came to end after freedom yet some English people stayed in Chennai. There are many buildings and companies which are led by English people. All this slowly changing our Traditional Culture.

Development of Chennai

As Chennai is growing with lots of IT firms and many manufacturing companies, This makes people of other state to come and reside in Chennai for their living. Due to this as people just living with them tend to see their culture and just try to follow if they like it. All this happens is nice as we people come to know different culture of people of others. But at the same time we should be aware things which spoils our tradition. The government has also signed various projects that are very useful in the development of the Chennai and the Chennai people. It is said that in a very few years there are many new technologies going to be implemented to enhance the life styles of the people of Chennai. There are also many IT and big MNC companies emerging in Chennai that are planning to provide many job opportunities to the people of Chennai. The growth of Chennai is not at all a matter of question any more.

Culture and Tradition is Changing

The various issues which spoil our tradition and culture are Dress Codes, this is were the people of Chennai is getting worst by seeing other people and changing. Also the major problem is Night life. Hope this is the most upcoming fast change in Chennai, where you can see many people going on for pubs and clubs which is out or spoiling our culture. Girls, who are meant as Goddess in our culture were we respect them a lot, bit here girls are the first who come to pubs and disc to booze out. Before boozing, drinking alcohols was done by only boys, but now it has been followed by girls too, which is most indigestible part of our culture. The dress they were and their behavior are just changed on seeing others. The Night Life is increasing in Chennai and many are getting spoiled by it.

Change happening in Chennai

All these are not inborn, these are the things which are learnt from others on seeing. Any action taken over it is not the matter but forgetting our culture, tradition is bad of all. Bharathanatiyam which is the famous dance of Chennai is slowly being forgotten by people and they just move on to Hip-Hop, Salsa etc etc. Technology has changed lot. Its nice to see people getting adapted to it but at same time this also spoils our culture. Never mind of anything. You live and You die, this is the policy of many people who live in Chennai.

How to be Responsible in taking care of Chennai

Responsibility is not an easy task. In general responsibility should be brought by practice. There are many aspects in which we can be responsible. Chennai needs the support of the people to the greater extent in various aspects. It is the duty of every individual in Chennai to be responsible and take care of the development in Chennai. Chennai gives shelter to many people but at the same time we should see that those people don't spoil the residents of Chennai. Some actions need to be taken to save our culture and Tradition. We a from Chennai and we should take some step regarding this because Chennai has its own name for Culture and Tradition.

Be the change in you after reading this and you will see the change in others later. So lets join hands together and work on it to save our Chennai.

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Author: Mahal19 Aug 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Yes. Chennai is witnessing changes in every sphere of life but at the same time a section of people is trying hard to retain the tradition and culture of chennai and is also trying to educate others of the tradition and culture of Chennai. Some of the schools are also trying their best to teach the children about this aspect.

Author: shathyan20 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

hii Mahal,

Yes, Chennai is witnessing a drastic change in its culture. Also there are some people who try to follow and stay back with the old traditional culture and some schools teach students, but the fact is no one follows it. They all just hear one side and leave one side. Also we just learn by not some teaching to us the modern culture, its all we see around what is happening and just change, adopt to it. These things are welcomed to some extent and not much over rules our culture and tradition. Lets hope somethings or someone takes step regarding this to solve it.

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