Mahabalipuram - The Fame of TamilNadu

This article gives us insight about Mahabalipuram, the tourist spot near chennai. It explains history of mahabalipuram, places to visit near mahabalipuram,attractions at mahabalipuram, Resorts near Mahabalipuram.

Mamallapuram near Chennai

Narasimha Varman
Mahabalipuram,which is derived from the word "Mamallapuram" is a small town in kanchipuram district of Tamil nadu.Mahabalipuram was the 7th century port city during the ruling period of pallavas in TamilNadu.The name mamallapuram is given after the king Narasimhavarman I who was a great and valiant warrior. He was awarded with a title "Mamalla" which means "The great wrestler" so the name was changed from Mahabalipuram to Mamallapuram which signifies the great king and his achievements. Narasimhavarman I has built many historic monuments between 7th and the 9th centuries.

History of Mamallapuram

Great poets,dramatists,scholars and saints emerged during the rule of Pallavas. They were regarded as the sucessors of both Art and Architectures. Mahabalipuram is the great place to applaud their Skill and Talent. The richness of Mamallapuram was not letout by the pallavas for obvious reasons.The speciality of Mamallpuram was its Rock-cut caves, Temples made from a single rock and strives of differnt structures.

The Temples of Mamallapuram describes the events which took place in Mahabharatha. Mahabalipuram was also called as Open Air Museum. The five rathas include The Dharmaraja, The Bhima, The Arjuna, The Draupadi and The Sahadeva.They were also known as Pancha Pandava Rathas.

Thirukadalmallai,was built by the pallavas and it was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple was built in order to protect the sculptures from the ocean. The remainin architectures was preserved ans not corroded after the construction of this temple.

Mamallapuram temple

Transportation to Mamallapuram

The East Coast Road has made a easy acess to Mamallapuram as we can reach there within one and half hour.There are direct busses available from the Koyambedu to mahabalipuram.A taxi from chennai may cost around 1000rs. But the cost depends upon the season on which you go. Mahaballipuram has become purely a tourist spot in the recent time. And government has taken great steps to promote tourism in Mahabalipuram. The various bus routes to Mahabalipuram are given below

• 108B from Mahabalipuram to chennai via Thirukazukundram
• 599A/c from T.nagar to Mahabalipuram via ECR
• 115 from Mahabalipuram to Tambaram via Thiruporur, Kelambakkam
• 515 from Mahabalipuram to Tambaram via Thiruporur, Kelambakkam

Attractions in mahabalipuram

There are various attractions in Mahabalipuram that attracts the guests who come there for the site seeing and to view the beauty of the rocks in Mahabalipuram. Some of the attractions are listed below.


Crocodile Bank
Kovalam is a small fishin village which is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from Mahabalipuram.
This small village has become one of the most famous beach resorts in all over india. And quality beach resorts can be found here.The beaches in these villages are absolutely great and can be enjoyed.
And the well known olive ridley turtles come here to hatch eggs every year to these beaches located in this small fishing village.

Crocodile Bank

Crocodile bank is also one of the most famous place in Mahabalipuram visited by every tourist coming over here.

It is situated at a distance of 14 kilometers from Mahabalipuram.It was established by an Indian Romulus Whitaker in the year 1976. Crocodile Bank consist of many indian spicies as well as alligators and they are left in the open pools that looks like to be thier natural habitat.

A Snake Farm is also located at this site. Anti venoms from the snakes poisons are produced here.The way of extractin the poison from the snakes is a very great popular attraction here.

Tiger's Cave

Tiger Cave in Mahabalipuram
Tigers's cave is situated near a small village called Salurankuppam which is at a distance of 5 Kilometers from Mahabalipuram. An amazing Mandapa is present in front of the Cave. This mandapa consist of many shrines and it is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

And this Mandapa contains many carvings where the carvings in it tell us a story about the life of Goddess Durga. Tiger's cave is also one of the popular picnic spots in Mahabalipuram.And going to tigers cave and spending time will allow us to enjoy the Beauty of the carvings and makes us to see the sights at the caves.

Arjuna's Penance

Arjuna's Penance ia the most famous Rock sculptures whish depicts the story of the indian lore. This rock is craved on the back side in the shape of whale. This sculpture measures upto 9 meters high and 27 meters long. The name of the sculpture comes from the story Epic Mahabharatha where the hero is Arjuna. Many Gods and Demigods and Animals and Peoples are carved in this huge sculpture. These carving looks to be very realistic and very interesting.

Shore Temple

Shore temple
Shore Temple is considered to be one of the most Oldest temple in south india to be constructed in dravidian Style. There are 7 Temples along the shore. These great temples were constructed during 7th Century under the rule of Narasimha VarmanII.
This great temple is now listed as One of the World's Heritage Sites. There blocks of seperate building make a temple. Where Two are Shiva temples and the Third is vishnu temple.

Five Rathas

The Five Rathas is also known as pancha Rathas. These temples are built n a shape of Pagodas which resemble Buddhist shrines. These five rathas are associated with Epic Mahabharatha
5 Radhas in Mamallapuram
The Five Rathas are:
Dharmaraja Ratha
Bhima Ratha
Arjuna Ratha
Draupadi Ratha
Sahadev Ratha

Shopping in Mahabhalipuram

Shopping in mahabalipuram is very famous and liked by every tourist here. Home Made crafts done by the people who live here is a speciality.
These crafts come in the form of carved small statues which are carved out of granites whish depicts thier beauty. Soapstone images,wood carvings, jewellery are most items which are sold over here. And the seashells which are collected along the shore are also the popular items which are sold in the shops.

Resorts in Mamallapuram For guests

5Star Resorts - GRT Temple Bay
4 Star Resort - Chariot Beach Resorts, Ideal Beach Resort
3Star Resorts - Blue Bay Beach Resorts, Shelter Beach Resorts
Budget Resorts - Hotel Mamalla Heritage, Mamalla Beach Resort


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