How to Start with Gardening in Chennai

This article provides you information about the significance of having gardens in the house. There are lots of advantages in having gardens in the house. This article provides you with information on how to start with gardening in Chennai.

Chennai is one of the hottest Places in the south India. It will be very great if the houses are filled with green gardens. Green gardens not only increase the beauty of the house but there are also various added advantage in having gardens in the house. Gardening is supposed to be the hobby of various people. The researches have proved that maintaining gardens in house helps in removing stress from our mind. In general it is very great to grow plants in the house. If we have an individual house, it will be more comfortable to grow plants in the ground. If we have are not having individual house and stay in the flat, then it is better to go for the potted plants. If we are particularly interested in the trees then there is no other option than being in the individual house. In the flats or any place where there is no soil facility we can not grow bigger plants or trees, instead we can grow small plants and some beautiful flower plants that keeps the surrounding very beautiful and attractive.

How to start with Gardening

Gardening can also be said as one of the most interesting hobby for people of Chennai. In general gardening cannot be performed by all the people. Gardening needs good patients to take care of the plants, water them regularly and also to clean them often. Some people gain patience and stress relief after getting into the gardening hobby and spending time with the Plants. Nowadays it has become a very difficult task to grow plants in Chennai City. In spite of the difficulty many people focus on planting trees and plants in their locality and also in their house. Basically the requirement to start with gardening in the house is with the help of the basic interest that the people have towards gardens. If people are very much fond of gardens then it will be a very easy task to go for the gardens and maintain gardens but still if they are not interested in gardens and also they want them to be occupied with gardens then it is not a wise idea to go for gardens because gardens also need perfect maintenance. Garden Pots decorated

If you are residing in the individual house then you have a very great scope for the gardens. It is because you get lots of place to create your gardens. And also there is one more factor that if you grow plants no one will question you. But if incase if you are residing in a flat then there is a great possibility that you may not be able to grow gardens in a great way. You might need to consult with the other owners of the house to confirm whether having gardens will affect them. And also there is a possibility that you will have to grow only small plants and that too mainly in the pots. It is also a wise thing to grow plants in the pots. If we go for the potted plants then we can go for some decorative plants that keep the surrounding very attractive. Potted plants have a greater advantage over the normal plants. Potted plants need not be watered frequently as compared with grounded plants. The moisture in the potted plants will remain for many days keeping the plant safe from drying.

To start with gardening you should first choose which type of plants you like and which type of plants you are going to start with. If it is going to be potted plants then it's a wise idea to go for some crotons and flower plants which are very rich and attractive in look. The flower plants yield flowers frequently that can be used in a regular basis. Crotons are just for the decorations and that is not of greater use to us. In the similar way we can also go for the medicinal plants that can be grown in the house that will be very useful to prepare our home based medicines. These plants include Tulsi plant which also increases the oxygen circulation in the house and also in the surrounding. Other plants yield some products that can also be used in the daily cooking also.

Watering the plants daily to keep it active

As we all know photosynthesis is the process by which plants prepare their own food with the help of the sun and creates its own energy for the survival. For this process to take place plant needs two things such as water and the sun light. If both the things are available the plants will grow very well with no problem. Also plants will be comfortable if they are provided with mineral in the form of manure. It's better to give some natural manure also to the plants for the better survival. So in this scenario watering the plants is one of the most important things that have to be done to keep the plant alive and help it to grow.

Decorative House GardensIf you are having a garden in the individual house and a very big garden with lots of varieties of plants, then it is necessary that there should be a proper maintenance with the plants. Plants should be watered daily or twice a day based on the necessity. Just because the plants are grounded it is highly possible that the water will be absorbed by the ground very fast. And also moreover if the season is summer then the water that is poured to the plants in the morning will completely vanish in the evening. So it is highly necessary that you water the plants both the time so that it keeps the soil with moisture and very healthy to grow.

There are also certain facts to be kept in the mind when watering the plants. There are some plants that should not be regularly watered. For example the croton varieties if watered regularly then they will grow green and healthy. The fact is that the crotons should be given less water to grow so that you can see the color of the crotons or else it will also grow like a very normal plant with proper leaves. The beauty of having crotons in the house is just with the leaves that grow very colorful. And also there are other trees too that should not be given more water. If more water is given the moisture in the plant or tree increases and there is a greater possibility that the tree or plant will grow with lots of leaves. If it is a flowering plant then we can't see any flowers and instead it will be fully filled with leaves if it is given good water.

If you are living in flat and growing plants in the pots, then it is very much necessary that you should control the watering of the plants. If the plants are watered daily then the there is a greater chance that the plant will get decayed. It will also be more than enough if the plants are watered once in a week or twice in a week based on the necessity. In general there are also some flowering plants that grow healthy only with the help of high water contents. By providing good water to the plants we can see a bigger and healthy flower from the plants. These plants if not provided with good water then we can see them suffering to grow.

Growing plants in Chennai houses

Garden Pots on Grasses
Plants are the most mandatory things that should be grown in every house to make the surrounding filled with good oxygen content. Chennai is fully filled with CFC because of the continuous automobile emission. Chennai pollution is fully based on the automobile emission. To control this pollution it is highly necessary that we should grow more plants in every house. Government is also taking some initiative to fill all the streets with trees. The trees are the only solution for the CFC effect in Chennai. Just because Chennai is a metro city we can control the noise pollution and the air pollution that is taking place because of the commute that is available. Instead it can be done with the help of the plants. Both the pollutions can be treated well with the help of the plants. We can also see the effect of the sun's heat in the summer because of the contaminated air only. It is also very difficult to get good oxygen to breathe. Plants can provide good solution for this problem.

To increase the oxygen content in the surrounding plants will be of greater help. For example plants like Tulsi will also provide protection from various air borne diseases. If the people of Chennai take some initiative to grow individual plants in their house and also in the surrounding and also in the streets, then it can be said for sure that the pollution and Chennai heat can be reduced to the maximum. Gardens also have a greater medical significance for diabetic patients. It gives a greater mind relaxation which acts as a natural cure for various mind related diseases.


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This is really nice to see the greenish garden creating in chennai. This thread is really very nice one to main the garden in everyones home in chennai.

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