Significance of having Tulsi Plant in house

In most of the Hindu house we can find the Tulsi plant. Tulsi Plant is one of the most important plant that should be kept in every house that has medical significance also. This article Provides information about the significance of Tulsi Plant.

Tulsi plant is the most significant medical plant that has a great significance and this is the reason why it is kept in all the Hindu houses in Chennai. There are also many medical qualities for the Tulsi Plant. Most of the Plants and trees that are widely present in India have a very great medical significance. There is a very good reason behind having Tulsi Plant in every house. Our ancestors have given a wonderful explanation for keeping the Tulsi Plant in the house. There are various places now still following the tradition of having Tulsi Plant in the house. One of the most notable fact about the Tulsi plant is that the seeds spread in the air easily and if a Tulsi plant is grown in one place, soon we can find many small plants growing below the same place.

Tulsi Plant also purifies the air that surrounds the plant in the house. If the plant is kept inside the house, the whole house will be filled with the pure air that will be very much comfortable for the members of the family to stay active and energetic throughout the day. There will also be many diseases that will spread through the air. If the tulsi plant is kept in the house then the spreading of the air borne disease is reduced. This particular phenomenon is proved medically. This is the reason why every house is advised to have a Tulsi plant. Most of the complicated air borne disease can be controlled with the help of Tulsi plant. The breeze that is releases from the Tulsi Plant keeps the air very pure around us.

Tulsi Plant Close Look

Tulsi Plant in Olden days

The house construction in the olden days will be in such a way that there will be a place in every house for the Tulsi Plant. There are various reasons for why the Tulsi Plant is given importance and kept in the house. In olden days Tulsi Plant is kept in the middle of the house so that it increases the oxygen circulation inside the house. This plant is also generating oxygen in the day time so that it keeps the house fully fresh. In olden days people worshiped the Tulsi Plant and also the special significance was given to the Tulsi Plant. The Tulsi Plant was either kept in the backyard of the house or exactly in the center of the house. The construction of the olden house was in that way. In the Go Green policy each and every house is now asked to grow Tulsi Plant. Even now in the Villages we can see the Houses fully filled with good flower gardens and also the Tulsi Plant will be kept in the middle of the house.

In the olden days the garden in the house will be fully filled with many trees and plants and in that the Tulsi plant is also one of the most important plants. If there is any ill health in the house or if any person is suffering from fever in the house then the Tulsi Plant will be very useful to treat that person. It is said that many diseases can be cured with the help of the Tulsi Plant. The leaves from the Tulsi Plant are taken and are cleaned and the extract is made from it and it can be consumed in order to cure various diseases. In olden days growing of the Tulsi Plant helped a lot to cure various diseases and also to give protection to the human body against various diseases.

Medical significance of Tulsi Plant

Medicinal Tulsi Plant
Tulsi plant is very good to be kept in each and every house in order to get all its medical benefits. In general we can find the Tulsi plant having good aroma that makes the air around it fresh. Medically the leaves of the Tulsi Plant are used in various medicine preparations and also in making various Thailam in the Ayurvedha and Sidha medicines. The plant is entirely used for various medicine preparations. Every day morning if the extracts of the Tulsi leaf consumed with the mixing of honey can cure all the stomach related problems and also increases the blood circulation inside the body. The blood circulation is the most important factor that has to be kept in mind for the human survival. Tulsi plant helps a lot in increasing the blood circulation of human body. In the olden days the elder people in the house will also suggest to keep tulsi plant in the house. Because of this reason every house will contain a Tulsi plant in the Olden days.

There is also one important factor to be noted with the Tulsi Plant. The plant is more sensitive that, if a person touches the Tulsi Plant then the growth of the Tulsi Plant will be reduced. This can be observed in general. In general if the leaves grow with a reasonable size, but when there is a human exposure then we can see that the size of the Tulsi leaves getting reduced. When the Tulsi Plant extracts are mixed with various substances there will be different medicines prepared. In general tulsi plant leaves can also be consumed just like that to solve the stomach issues. It can also be mixed with the honey and other substances in order to prove its different qualities and useful in various other health disorders. Most of the Sidha medicines will have some composition of the Tulsi Plant extract or the powder that is made from the Tulsi Plant.

Potted Tulsi Plant for Worship

Why ladies go around Tulsi Plant Early morning

In the Hindu religion the Tulsi Plant is considered to be one of the most sacred plants that have all the medicinal qualities and also there is a great religious belief on the Tulsi Plant. In the Hindu houses the Tulsi plant will definitely be kept in the middle of the house or atleast in the back yard. Early morning the ladies in the house take a bath and after that they will take some water in hand and pour it in the Tulsi plant that is kept in the backyard or in center of the house, and come around the Tulsi plant for a minimum of three times. There is a serious reason behind this particular activity of the ladies in the house. In general this is done as a perfect religious belief. But along with that there is also a serious reason behind this particular act of the House ladies.

Tulsi plant is very famous for purifying the air surrounding the plant. There are also other reasons on why the rotation is done around the Tulsi Plant. In the early morning the women in the house get a clean bath and come near the Tulsi plant and worship the Tulsi plant. They come around the Tulsi plant to get the fresh oxygen which will help them to gain energy for the whole day. In general the ladies in the house will have lots of works the whole day. In order to get strength they come around the tulsi plant and that gives them good energy which gets sustained the whole day. In the medical terms it is also proved that the Tulsi plant is capable of producing oxygen in the early morning that is very useful to gain energy in the house.


Guest Author: jagadish pasumarthi15 Jun 2012

"Tulasi" plant will produce 24 hours Oxygen. Day and night it produce Oxygen.

Tulasi plant others names are :
1."Holy basil",
2. " Ocimum tenuiflorum".

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