Reason for Showing Deeparadhana in Temples

There is a very strong reason for why people close their eyes during prayers in temples. In the similar manner there is also a strong reason on why deeparadhana is shown in temples in India.

Showing Deeparadhana in Temples

In the hindu temples the Hindu gods are shown Deeparadhana. This particular system is followed from the olden days itself. But most of the people don't know the exact reason behind why they show deeparadhana to the idol of the god in the temples. For each and every special thing that is done in the temple has its own reason and some of the reason are very common and are easy for the human beings to understand and some things are done and are very difficult and also beyond the reach of human understanding. If we want clear clarifications regarding these things in general it is better to ask some elderly people or the one who is highly spiritual and can give answers to the spiritual questions. Most of the people consider showing deeparadhana as a ritual and the day to day activity and they do it in the temples and also in their houses as well. But there is a strong reason behind it.

What is Deeparadhana?

Deeparadhana is the most important event that happens in every temple. In a plate a small fire is lit with the help of camphor or with the help of a small lamp which is called Deepam. This Deepam is showed thought the God from top to bottom for few mins. There are also various types of deepam that is shown during the Abishegam time. The normal deepam is showed daily many times in the temples. When the deepam is shown the bell is banged so that the attention of all the devotees comes to the deepam. In most of the temple camphor is not preferred now. The camphor deposits spoils the beauty of the temple as the carbon that comes out of the camphor gets deposited in the walls of the temple. Now in all the temples the Aghal Deepam is preferred. The Aghal deepam is nothing but the lamp that is lit with the oil. In a small Aghal which is made of heated mud is filled with oil. This is lit and the flame is shown in front of god as the deepam.

There are also various advantages in using the Aghal Deepam for lamps. The most important property of Aghal velakku is that it does not transfer heat from its surface to external body. This is very comfortable that it can be held in any plate or even sometimes in hand for longer time. In general it takes lots of time for the heat to get transferred to the bottom of the Aghal. This deeparadhana is shown in almost all the temples in India and also it is showed in the houses. This deeparadhana is also very special in various temples and there are also various special days in which the deeparadhana is shown in a very grand manner in the temple.

Reason for Showing Deeparadhana in Temples

There are various reasons behind the concept of deeparadhana in the temples. In the olden days the temple construction was excellent that the gods were kept in a very dark room that too which is internal. There will be a place where the devotees can stand and view the god. When the room is fully filled with darkness it will be very difficult to view and have the exact look of the god. There will be only one dim lamp that will be glowing inside the Garbha Graha in the temple. This is the actual temple construction procedure. All the kings of Tamilnadu and also in various parts of India, followed the same principle and constructed the temple in the similar manner only. Here comes the significance of Deeparadhana in temples.

When the god is fully filled with the darkness in the dark room then there will be a deeparadhana for the devotees who stand there. This deeparadhana is to show the people the face of the god and also the decorations that are made to the god. The god idol in the temple will be visible only during the time of the Deeparadhana. During the other rituals and in the normal time the god's idol will not at all be visible to the people and it will be kept in darkness only. This is the actual temple construction procedure followed in India. But in the recent years the temples that are constructed are done just opposite that the Garbha Graha is fully filed with the lights and the God is completely visible. In the ancient days the God will be shown only during the time of Deeparadhana and also people will see the god in the light of the deeparadhana. The decorations that are made to the god will also be observed during that time only. And also people pray to god and demand things during that deeparadhana only. It is said that during the time of deeparadhana the full focus of God will be completely on the devotees and all the desires of the devotees will be fulfilled by god.

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