Reason for people closing their eyes during prayer in Temple

We can see that most of the people will be found with eyes closed during the prayer that they make in temple. This article will provide details and description on why people close their eyes during prayer.

Why do people close their eyes when praying in the Temple?

Everything that we do in the temple is for some specific reason and in this aspect there is also a specific reason in closing the eyes when praying in the temple. Most of the children will be asked to close their eyes when they are praying to god. It is very much necessary to know the exact reason behind it. Children usually believe that this fact is told by elders and we should follow it. Most of the children and also elders don't know the reason for closing eyes during the prayers. Most of the people are also not interested to know about the reason for these common things that are happening in the temples. Everything in the Hindu religion comes with one specific reason. The elders of the family insist on the closing of the eyes during the prayers because of various reasons. Most of the valuable things that should be followed in the temple and the disciplines of our life are thought and taken forward by the elders of the family only. This is the reason why the child is always asked to obey the parents in all the cause.

Reason for closing eyes in Prayer

The first main reason for closing the eyes during prayers is because, when the eyes are open there will be lots of disturbances going outside the temple and the mind will not be taken to the notice and worship of the god completely when we are opening the eyes. Many incidents will happen inside the temple that may distract the people from giving full focus to the god in the temple. Most often it is the nature of the human beings to see what is happening around the temple instead of worshiping the god and making our prayers to the god. This is the main reason why we are asked to make the prayers before the god in the temple with the eyes closed. Most of the people also close their eyes and make their prayers to god and we will also gain some satisfaction that the prayers that we made to god will definitely reach the god.

Prayer in Temple

The prayers that are done in the temple are not only for the purpose of getting it solved. When people make prayers and ask something to god or tell something to god, they get a full satisfaction in their mind. Moreover the people walk back home with full satisfaction that their prayers are made perfect and the solution for the problems will be definitely found soon. This complete satisfaction is given only by the true prayer only. The true prayer is done only with the help of the pure mind and without distraction in the temple. For this reason the prayers that are done with our eyes closed are very highly valuable and helps a lot in communicating with the god in the easy manner.

It can also be said that most of the beautiful things happen in life with eyes closed. In the same way when a person goes to a temple he first have a look at the statue of the god and the complete beauty in which the god is decorated. He is completely filled with happiness and later when he makes the prayer, he keeps his eyes closed and thinks about the god and the god appears inside his eyes and this is the way the prayers of people are reached to god. By closing the eyes the concentration of the person increases and also the focus is completely brought on the prayer. This is the reason why we close our eyes even during meditation also. So it is always best to close the eyes when we make our prayers to god.

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