Chennai Metro Rail System construction updates

Metro rail project that is done in Chennai is the initiative that is taken by the DMK government. Metro rail project in Chennai is being done with the estimation of about 14,600 crores. This article provides details about the Metro Rail system updates.

Metro rail system in Chennai

In Chennai the metro rail projects are constructed based on the agreement signed by the Chief minister M Karunanidhi. When compared to other metro cities present in India the metro rail construction projects are very fast in Chennai. People of Chennai will be highly benefited to get this service activated in Chennai. According to the estimation given the Metro rail system in Chennai is supposed to be constructed for a budget of nearly 160 crores as said by our chief minister. Among the various plans executed by our chief minister, the metro rail project is also one of the most successful and the most awaited project in Chennai. During the period of M Karunanidhi as Chief Minister, he implemented various good plans for the people of Chennai. He also got a good support from his co members and his sons too. In the metro rail construction project the procedure is getting fastened so that the people will get the service as soon as possible. And also along with this the technology used in this metro rail system is also more competitive when compared to the other cities in India.

The metro rail construction project is in the stage of completion and it will possibly be completed soon so that we can have a very fast transportation in Chennai. It is very common that we see lots of traffic in Chennai because of the increase in the vehicles and the people who move from place to place day by day for various reasons. In this criterion we can tell that the metro rail projects will be more successful for the people of Chennai. People are also bored to go in the normal trains and also in the government busses and this metro rail project once if completed and activated, it will get a great importance in Chennai. The value of the metro rail construction project is estimated to be 14,600 Rs.

Metro rail train fares

Once if the project is brought successful the charges will also be declared along with that so that the people can also get a clear idea on what the charges will be. But when compared to the other cities in India the metro rail fares will be nominal and it will also be affordable by all the category people of Chennai. Once if the metro rail system in implemented the most traffic spots in Chennai can be found empty because of the traffic reduction. And also we can be very much clear on one thing that the transportation can be made faster when compared to the bus transport in Chennai. The government will also take some initiatives to reduce the cost of travelling in the metro rails so that the people from any category in Chennai can get this metro rails the best way of transportation in Chennai. The metro rail completion date is yet to be announced by the construction team. As it is a very big project the exact date cannot be issued but still the approximate date can be given so that the people will get some idea on when it will be finished.

Metro rail construction in Chennai

The construction of the metro rails is a complicated process and it takes lots of time to make the plan and execute the exact plan. The exact estimation about the project cannot be given and also the completion date is also very difficult to be announced. The people of Chennai are eagerly waiting to travel in the metro rails as soon as the projects are closed. The chief minister of Chennai Mr Karunanidhi also proposed various fly over construction projects and those projects were completed successfully so that the metro rail projects are also expected to be finished as soon as possible. In general the metro rail construction project now makes a great hindrance to the traffic in Chennai. Because the partition is made in the middle of the road the transportation is disturbed. But still if the construction works are over the people of Chennai will enjoy the great fastest transportation in Chennai. The fares of Metro rail system in Chennai are also supposed to meet the normal rate of the other normal trains in Chennai.

The actual construction of the metro rail system is done in the middle of the roads in Chennai. The people of Chennai will find it very comfortable to reach the Chennai airport with the help of the metro rails once if the project is completed fully. The main advantage of the metro rail system is that the roads that are not having the normal train facility will be covered with the metro rails so that the transportation will be made more comfortable and the destination can be reached very quickly. In the middle lane of every road some elevation work is done and the metro rails are supposed to be run in the middle of the roads. The plans that the DMK government executed were excellent in the 5 yrs period of time. And the Metro rail construction project is best among those plans. There are also many stations going to be kept in the elevated position so that the people will find it easy to reach various places in Chennai very fast.


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