Thendral Tamil Serial in SunTV

Here you can read the story of Thendral Tamil Serial which is running successfully in Sun TV in 9 p.m slot from Monday to Friday. Read the article and watch Thendral Tamil SUN TV serial

Thendral Tamil Serial in SUN TV

First read the Character names and the actors who are playing it in the Thendral Tamil Serial.


Heroine of the serial played by Shruthi Raj. In the story, her mother ran away when she was a child. Her patti (Grand mother) is the only support in the house.


Hero of the Tamil Serial Thendral played by Deepak Dinakar. Tamilarasu works in a bank lives with his brother, mother and his sister. Falls in love with Thulasi.


Nizhagal Ravi plays this character in the tamil serial Thendral as a villan. Acts as Break Inspector.

Grandmother (Patti)
Grand mother of Thulasi played by the veteran actor S.N.Lakshmi.

Tamilarasus'mother & sister

Tamilarasu's mother character played by Mettioli famous Shanthi Williams. Neelima plays Tamilarasus's sister.


Played by Sri Vidya. Enemy of Thulasi who wants to split Tamilarasu and Tulasi.

Thendral Tamil Serial Story

The story of the Thendral Tamil serial revolves around Thulasi, the main character of this serial. Thulasi's mother ran away when Thulasi was a child. Thulasi's father marries a lady who doesn't like Thulasi at all. The only member who cares Thulasi is her grandmother. Thulasi wants to study and help her family. But she faces lots of trouble in the form of Velayudam, villain of this serial who wants to marry Thulasi. He is working as a break inspector and a gangster offers Thulasi's father a sum of 5 lakhs to marry Thulasi. Her greedy father wanted to use the money for his son's further studies. But Thulasi does not want to marry the old man Velayudam, who is 45 years old. During the marriage day, she escapes with the help of Tamilarasu who is the hero of this serial helps her to escape from the marriage and also helps to study further. Velayudam admitted in hospital and declared that he is in coma. Tamilarasu's mother wants him to marry Charu, and his sister Lavanya will marry Charu's cousin. But Tamilarasu loves Thulasi and also express her. But Thulasi stays away from him for his sake and his mother. When Tamilarasu falls in trouble and to escape from police he stays at Thulasi's house and expresses how much he loves her and also make her to feel how much she also loves him. Thulasi's father Muthumannikam now becomes a good father and asks Tamilarasu to get his mother's permission to marry Thulasi. In the meantime Tamilarasu's mother goes Thulasi's college and embarrasses her. Now because of this reason only Thulasi decides to marry Tamilarasu and marries him at a temple. Charu's saw that marriage. When her step mom does not accept Thulasi's father asks his wife to leave the house with her daughter and son and she also agrees to stay Thulasi and Tamilarasu.

The villan Velayudam wakes up from his coma and understands Thulasi married Tamilarasu. He decides to kill Tamilarasu but another man came up to Tamilarasu and they had a fight. The mall pulls and knife and stabs Tamilarasu. Thulasi took him to hospital and in need of money for the operation. Tamilarasu's mom curses thulasi for his condition and pushed her down the corridor in the hospital. Muthumannikam has a heart attack. Thulasi's step mother asks Thulasi to go to Velayumdam's house and ask for money to save her father. In the meantime, Tamilarasu's operation is finished and he keeps on asking for his wife. Thulasi's step mom Padma informs that Thulasi went to Velayudam's house for bad reasons. When she checks that truth, unfortunately she saw velayudam feeding juice to Thulasi and complains against Thulasi. But the Inspector is Velayudam's friend does not take any action. But Velayudam asks him to take action so that people will think that he and Thulasi have an affair. He tricks Thulasi and gives her sleeping pills in milk and takes pictures of himself sleeping bside her and also get her sign in divorce papers. When Tulasi got arrested Tamilarasu's friends likes to inform but his mother does not allow them but Tamilarasu listens everything asks his mother to take him court so that he could confirm Tulasi is bad. But at court, he proves that how innocent is wife and he vows he will never leave her for any reason. After found Velayudham guilty Tulasi released by the court.

The story revolves around the Thulasi Tamilarasu and her family. When Lavanya loves Nitheesh their family is not willing for the marriage took place. Tamilarasu wants her sister to marry the man whom she loves. Tamilarasu knew that Charu's father is the culprit. He blackmails him and asks him to make arrangement of marriage. During the marriage Tulasi came to know that Charu's father is the culprit and informs police. The marriage stops and Lavanya attempts suicide but saved. Tamilarasu's mother suffers with heart attack and there is a conflict between Tamilarasu and Tulasi. Charu likes to enter into Tamilarasu house and wants Tulasi to go out of his life. So she plans and arranges Lavanya and her cousin's marriage without telling anyone. When the families know about this everybody gets furious and don't want them to allow in the house. Tamilarasu takes the couple to his house and his mother also goes with him and by the way Charu also enters his house.

Lots of twists and turns are in the story of Thendral. It is just a part of the story I reviewed here. If you want know the story what happened in the story watch Thendral in Sun T.V. from Monday to Friday 9.00 p.m. I really like to watch the serial.


Guest Author: ramya07 Mar 2012

iam studying in 9th standard. i like this thendral serial very much in our house we treat this serial actors and actrees as our family members. in this serial i like tulasis character and tamil's character and they are so cute
thanking you

Guest Author: deesha31 May 2012

thendral is a very very excellent serial in sun tv.i like sruthi raj very much. i like tamil&thulasi character and they are so lovely.

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