Internet - the Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Internet is a doubled edged sword, one has to handle carefully, lest one becomes a victim.

Internet has become an integral part of the learning tool.

Internet has become a very widely exercised source of communication.It is a social networking site with online communication,chats,etc,.anything is possible on the internet. Anonymity is another important feature.

Since its initial arrival in the average household, at any given moment, there is an endless amount of information streaming through. The chance to interact with other people is another tempting feature of the Internet.

In the modern world internet access is an indispensable part of everyday life. Widely accessible it is highly entertaining and informative.Thus has become an attractive escape from the stress of everyday life.People can enter a different world and make the problems of the real world disappear.

It provides a vast number of applications like email chat,games and entertainment.It is utilized by teenagers to the maximum.There is no doubt that it adds to their knowledge, creates awareness, and most importantly exposes them to the worldly happenings.The multiple options give them the scope to choose as per their needs.It plays a key role in shaping their future.

However,there is some draw back.While it gives them multiple benefits, it also leaves its shady part to unfold.

The most popular uses of the internet by teenagers is surfing the censored sites due to peer pressure. Lack of knowledge of the censored sites leads them to cyber crimes. Parents, on the contrary, are unaware of their wards immaturity in surfing and ultimately, teenagers tread the danger zone unaware. Apart from this, some of the activities like reading, playing outdoor games, and spending quality time with the members in the family are pushed to the back seats.

Hence, parents have to enter the scene to explain the dos and dont's of the use of internet for the teenagers' healthy learning.

Unfortunately, with this new commodity, also comes the possibility of abuse and
addiction.It offers unprecedented scope for self-expression and virtual 'hanging out' but serious risks are surfacing.Internet addiction has become an exceedingly negative power in today's culture.Social sites are mirrors to society, reflecting the good, bad and ugly aspects.It may now be up to the user to exercise greater caution; since if one voluntarily sacrifices privacy, one also surrenders the protection that comes with it.

We would never live with the doors of our homes wide open.Why do it in the virtual world of the Internet?


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