Get to know this good samaritan

It is about a multifaceted senior, who surprises all with his selflessness in this age of materialism!

I dial the number, with apprehension as to whether I can disturb this elderly person at 4 p.m.Who knows, he might still be in his nap! But at the very first ring, pat comes the voice, "Hello", and I think, may be he is attending on some visitor, as commonly happens.But there seems to be some background noise, as if he is outside.When I ask him, whether he is at home, so that I can continue with my conversation, he informs me that he is on a bus, and on his way to attend to a sick person.He is none other than Mr.Rangarajan, a spirited 'young' man in his 60's, a multi-faceted personality.The previous time I called to know whether I could come and meet him, he was somewhere on the streets, feeding 'pal gova' to the dogs, and he didn't forget to mention that he will have to give them water too to wash it down, and that by the time I reach his place, he would be home.Well, this is RR's daily routine, for more than 30 years.

At the first sight, you won't believe that he is a retired professor , since he is so unassuming and down to earth, with an unkempt look.I first heard about him from one of my friends, who had contacted him on some astrological matter.I had been warned that he talked endlessly.When I visited him later , I was convinced that, here was a man, who can talk about anything on earth, and with a passion unknown to us.Of course I am not at all surprised after an hour with him, when he mentions that astrology is just one of his passions.

The room was lined with 'floor to wall' racks, which were brimming with books.Books, books everywhere, about any subject on earth.But he had a few priorities, like a few more books on art, from Indian contemporary artists to foreign masters like Botticelli , Rembrandt etc.He had one or two paintings too, water colors, which were painted by a poor boy, who was very much interested in art.He had, after the boy's father's sudden death, encouraged him, in studies as well as in extra curricular activities etc., providing monetary help too when necessary.His next priority seems to be about nature, animals, plants etc.

This has been a way of life for Mr.Rangarajan, as mentioned earlier, a retired professor ,Hindu College, Thirunelveli.A native of Thanjavur, moving from place to place because of his father's frequent transfers, he mentions that, he had not been too keen on his studies.He used to frequent a nearby pond filled with lotuses and lilies and spend time enjoying the nature in its full glory.His passion eventually turned to campaigning for nature conservation.

He had been in the army from 1962 -'67,had been the editor of 'Young world' a sister magazines of the Illustrated Weekly.He got associated woth and became a great friend of Sri Vedathri Maharishi of World Vision.RR also claims that he was the one who predicted that the man would become a messiah of living in practical principles.He got kundalini ‌initiation from the Maharishi on the Buddha Purnima Day in 1981.The same day while meditating he heard an inner voice , instructing him to take care of his fellow living beings.According to him, nature comprises of all living creatures too.And there was no looking back for this 60+ young man.He started taking care of the stray dogs in his locality, providing them care, by way of feeding them, and nurturing the wounded and the dying.He also feeds the poor men and women, who don't have anyone to take care of them.He mentions casually that he gives Rs.7 each, since 7 is an auspicious number, so that they can buy their food.He has also arranged with the mobile tea vendors of each area around his locality to supply tea and biscuits to these people.

There are a few cat families in his house, running around and playing .He has tenderly placed his folded dhotis on every chair in his house, so that , any cat wanting to rest or nurse the kittens, can curl upon .I could not see any other possession of his at his home, other than cats and books in his small apartment, which is situated in Varadarajan pettai, Choolaimedu.

I tell him that I am going to write about him, when he updates me with a few anecdotes and I come out of his house with a pleasant feeling of having met a person, who is so selfless and in constant union with the universe it self!

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