Small Story on Positive Approach

People has a tendecy to look at the negative side of everything but here is a story which taught us how to be positive even under negative atmosphere.

This is a small folk story on positive attitude. Though, I have no clue about the place of origination of this folk story; I read it in a motivational book named "You Can Win". The author of the book is an International educator and motivator. His name is Shiv Khera.

The story goes like this;
There is a small village where a person named "Kahneiya Lal" used to stay. He is the noblest man in the entire village. He is a having a family of four, his wife and two kids. Though, he does not have a high earning still he manages to live happily. He loves his family the most. He is also very much popular in the entire village for his helpful nature.

In the same village, another person of the name "Ramaiya Lal" was living. He is the blood brother of "Kahneiya Lal" but character wise he is completely opposite of his brother. He is too married and has two kids. He is a drunkard. Every night he used to abuse his family and treated them very badly. He is a kind of villain in the entire village.

The villagers were clueless, why there is so much difference in their character even though they both born to the same parent! So one day, they decided to confront both. First they went to Ramaiya Lal. They asked him the reason behind so much of negativity in his character? He replied calmly that, his father was a drunkard. He used to abuse his family. Quite a few times, he has been arrested by the police for his immoral and illegal activities. So what you can expect from son of such a person?

Now the villagers went to meet Kahneiya Lal. They asked him the same question. And what answer they got was even surprising! He answered that the reason behind his attitude is his father! He was the most hatred person in the entire village. And since his childhood he was determined that that be what ever, he will never re-create an image that of his dad. So he decided to live peacefully.

Awesome! Both the boys grown up under the influence of same father but their intake of thinking are different. One of them took it positively and the other negatively!

We always find situations that push us towards negativity but we need to look at the things from different perspectives. Think positive and life will be easy!


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