Road Safety in Chennai

Road safety has become one of the most famous issue in Chennai. Even though we drive properly there are possibilities for accidents because the one who come in front of us is not proper in driving.

Safety measures by traffic police in Chennai

Road safety in Chennai is one of the most necessary phenomenons for the people of Chennai. Even thought the people ride their vehicles properly, there are many possibilities that the person coming opposite will not be more cautious. Chennai is one of the busiest metros in the world. A whopping 2 lakh bikes and cars enter and exit the city. Many accidents occur because of people violating the traffic rules and regulations. Though there are lots of traffic police and signals in the city accidents still occur while crossing roads, travelling in buses, riding in bikes etc. These are mainly due to the unawareness and carelessness of the people. To create awareness among the public, school children and motorists the Chennai traffic police is taking immense efforts. Some of the steps taken by the Chennai traffic police are as follows:

Awareness to school children in Chennai for Road safety:

Schools are the places where there will be maximum traffic and also in the time of the peak hours. It is necessary that there should be an extra care when we are riding vehicle near the school since there are maximum possibilities that the students may cross the road unknowingly. Traffic police are taking steps such as conducting awareness classes to school children, their teachers and their parents. Some of the advices given to the children are,

• While walking in roads always walk on the footpaths
• Cross the roads only when there is a green signal or when the traffic police signals to do so
• Do not run across the roads
• Exercise care while crossing one way roads
• While crossing wide roads with central islands cross by two phases

The above instructions are for the children and now it is also very important that the parents should also follow some instructions for sure. While these instructions are given to children, the traffic police give the parents and teachers of the school children the following advice,

• The safest possible mode of transport must be arranged by them to the children
• Parents must report any violation caused by the van or bus driver
• They must not allow their children to drive
• Teachers must educate the school children that they abide by the law
• Teachers must impart necessary knowledge about traffics and roads to children

Precautions to be taken while travelling by bus:

Some of the protective measures to be taken by the public while travelling in bus,

• Do not travel on footpaths
• Exercise care while entering and exiting the bus
• Do not keep heavy luggage on the way
• Do not put any part of the body or head outside the bus while moving or standing
• Do not enter or exit the bus in traffic signals

Precautions while travelling in bikes:

Some of the preventive measures to be taken while riding bikes are,

• Always wear helmets
• Always maintain lane respect
• Signal while turning in signals and crossing roads
• Maintain reasonable speeds
• Always follow traffic rules and regulations

Road safety education to people of Chennai

It is definitely necessary that the people of Chennai should be given some awareness and education about the safety in Chennai. The rates of accidents are going on increasing in Chennai and this is responsible in thinking about creating awareness among the people of Chennai. Tamilnadu Traffic Wardens association has taken up the measures of cultivating road safety education to the school children through road safety patrol. Road safety patrol prepares the young children against accidents and teaches them first aid measures against those scenarios. They also enrich their knowledge in road safety rules and methods.

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