Lotus National flower Slokas

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Lotus – reasons for considering it as auspicious

India's National Flower

India's National flower is Lotus. Lotus is considered to be auspicious in Indian culture. Scientific name for Lotus is Nelumbo Nucifera. The Lotus is the symbol of truth, auspiciousness and beauty. Nature is also God. Lord's various aspects are compared with Lotus like lotus-eyes, lotus feet, lotus hands etc., Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati is associated with Lotus flower.


Lotus flourishes with the rising sun and close at night. In the same way our minds open up and expand with the light of knowledge. You can see the Lotus grows even in mushy areas even then it looks beautiful whatever be the surrounding. By this we can understand that we too can and should attempt to remain pure and beautiful within, whatever be the circumstances.


Lotus leaves never gets wet even though it is always in water which symbolizes the man of wisdom who remains ever joyous and not affected by the world of sorrow and change. There is one sloka in Bhagwad –Geeta :

Brahmanyaadhaaya karmaani
Sangam tyaktvaa karoti yaha
Lipyate na sa paapena
Padma patram ivaambhasaa!

Meaning of this slokha : The person who does actions, offering them to Brahman(the Supreme), abandoning attachment is not tainted by sin, just as a lotus leaf which remains unaffected by the water on it.

From this we can learn that saadhus or spiritual seeks and devotees become disciplined by the practice. Our bodies have certain energy centers which are described as Chakras. Each chakra is associated with lotus which has certain number of petals. If a lotus with thousand petals represents the Sahasra chakra at the top of the head, which opens when the yogi attains Godhood. Also the Lotus posture (Padmaasana) is recommended when one sits for meditation. In Hindu religious, a lotus emerged from the navel of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma originated from it to create the world. Lotus symbolizes the link between the creator and the supreme cause. Lotus is the house of Lord Brahma. The swastika sign is also evolved from the lotus.


Cultural significance of Lotus

Lotus has been considered as sacred symbol in Asian traditions. Hindus culture relate the Lotus to their God Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi and Saraswati who are ofen sitting upon this virtuous Lotus flower. The Buddhists consider this Lotus flower as sacred and auspicious as the flower stands for faithfulness in their religion. Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. In Egypt they regarded the Lotus flower as the symbol of Sun God. Lotus seeds are medicinal in nature and used in the treatment of Kidney and heart ailments. Lotus is also useful in the treatment of Palpitation and insomnia. The seeds, leaves and tubers of the Lotus flower are edible.

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