Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai

Here you can get the information about the history of famous Adyar Cancer Institute and facilities provided there.

Adyar Cancer Institute

Cancer in the beginning of this century meant fear and death. We don't have any vital statistics how many die of cancer every year in our country. Cancer is one of the disease that is supposed to have lots of danger to the human life. Human life is for 100 years but still if the disease affects the human beings then the life span reduces and it becomes critical with survival. So it is very much necessary to go for the best treatment for the disease that we have. Fight for Cancer has become the part human life because cancer is affecting people because of the carelessness and also many other reasons.

Adyar cancer institute in Chennai is known to the best in providing treatment for the cancer disease which is supposed to be one of the dangerous disease for the human life. We can also tell that the Adyar cancer institute is supposed to be a great gift for the people of the Chennai.

History of Adyar Cancer Institute

In 1886, on the 30th July, a girl was born in a middle class family in Pudukottai was named Muthulakshmi. She was the first woman in India to graduate in medicine in 1912. She founded WIA (Women's India Association) in 1918 along with two Europeans. She was also an active member in the freedom struggle.

In 1922, She detected cancer in her sister's rectum. From that day she stayed by her bedside of agony till she passed away a year later. Because of this incident she formed a Cancer relief fund and proposed to build a cancer hospital in Madras(Chennai). That Cancer hospital is now the great Adyar cancer Institute in Chennai.

She made sure her son, Dr.Krishnamurthy, after completing his medicine study in US come back in India and serve the poor cancer patients.

Founder of Adyar Cancer Institute

Adyar Cancer Institute is a cancer specialty hospital, which is in Chennai, TamilNadu. Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy, founded this Institute on June 18, 1954. The founder of the Adyar cancer institute has done a great job for helping out the people in all the means so that they can be benefited in all the means.

On December 24, 1956 Atomic Energy, Canada gifted a Cobalt-60 a radiation therapy machine (Teletherpy unit) it was the first such unit in Asia.

Golden Jubilee Year of Adyar cancer institute

Adyar Cancer Institute, completed 50 years in 2004. Adyar Cancer Institute has reached great peek in its service to the mankind with the help of proivding better medication to many type of people who are affected with cancer in Chennai and all over India. People from many part of Tamil Nadu come to the Chennai Adyar Cancer institute seeking the treatment for their disease.
Cancer Institute Adayar, chennai

Other Departments in Adyar Cancer Institute

• There is a department of Nuclear Medical Oncology in 1956
• Pediatric oncology in 1960
• Installed a linear accelerator – 1976
• In 1978 introduced a Blood component therapy
• In 1984 introduced hyperthermia treatment
• An ND-YAG surgical Laser was installed in 1985 and performing endoscopic laser surgery
• Intra-operative Electron Therapy is also available since 1992
• This Institute first in the country introduced Rapid Arc treatment in January 2009

What are the Present facilities in this Institute?

You can find a hospital, a research centre, centre of preventive oncology, a college of oncology sciences. The centre for preventive oncology has been working with connection of non-government organization (NGO) and government hospitals to conduct cancer screening camps and tests at the district level.

There are many student organisation which is a non government organisations that come for the service of the people who are getting treatment in the Adyar cancer institute. The treatment is only provided for free in the Adyar Cancer Institute but the accommodation is taken care by the welfare trust that is more helpful in providing support to the cancer patients.

Tobacco Cessation clinic

In this institute they are studying the genetic factors related to the disease. The Tobacco Cessation Clinic which helps people to fight various forms of tobacco consumption, because this is most common factor for cancer. This study will be more helpful in also bringing out the people who are addicted to the tobacco consumption. This analysis will also be more helpful in providing good details regarding the consequences of Tobacco consumption which is a very critical issue.

How many people are coming here?

Yearly, 95,000 – 100,000 patients from all over India visit this hospital. In that only 0.5% is covered by Health Insurance. Only 15-20% people can afford treatment at private hospital, rest of the people are depend on hospitals like Adyar Cancer Institute or Government hospitals because treatment here is either free or subsidized.

This Institute is spread over 9 acres in Chennai. Here there are 423 beds, in that 297 are free. Last year among 100,000 patients, 60% received free treatment. The patients coming here for treatment also increases each year. Generally, 66% are treated free or subsidized treatment. It is also necessary that the other people should know the value of the Adyar cancer institute and provide the necessary help to the people who are coming for the treatment for their Cancer disease. The help can be in any form but the best way to help the people who come there is by giving them the support mentally. They need strength mentally other than any means.


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Author: siyaram16 Sep 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

But cancer Institute seems not better than Center of cancer research.This research center serves better than Cancer institute in all needs of people.

Guest Author: Rishav Srivastav16 Apr 2012

My son Mr. Rishav Srivastava 17 Years old boy is suffering from Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma Cancer in left hand wrist.

As it is 1.5 years old so metastatically sprayed in Lungs in the form of tinny nodules & nodules.

As Doxorubicin drug is given as chemotharpy in three cycles at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ,Mumbai, but after evaluation by CT scan of Thorax, it has found it does not effective to removed Nodules and Tinny nodules from Thorax (Left/Right Lungs) nor effected on primary place even after chemotherapy one two tinny nodules has increased.

So, Lungs/Thorax Doctor has denied for lungs surgery due to none effect of Chemotherapy and metastically nature.

Present Treatment:

1. Now Chemotherapy Doctor has recommended for Interferon Alpha 2b 5mu for alternate day up to Two months which has completed on 19/03/2012 & again extended for another four months(up to 15/07/2012)

2. At primary place (Wrist of right hand) palliative radiation done for 15 days.

Requirement: Treatment beyond this which will affect to remove Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma Cancer (in the form of noodles or tinny nodules) from Lungs, soft tissues from Primary place (Wrist) and to stop to sprayed.

Guest Author: c.usharani16 May 2012

hai iam usharani i have completed biotechnology in april 2012 im interested to work in stem cell research field . please give me an oppurtunity to work in this field.

Guest Author: Becky31 May 2012

No doctor can ever prcidet the future especially with cancers- though we are asked to do this every day.If she is old ( how old ?), she may die of natural causesbefore the breast cancer progresses to affect her health.I do not see why she would refuse a simple lumpectomy,but maybe she is very old.We have so little medical information here.Her doctor has all of her medical history and has examined her.That is the person to ask.I've seen people with advanced breast cancers live for many years.

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