A Memorable Weekend at the Marina Beach

Marina Beach, the second largest beach in the world is probably one of the most beautiful places to spend a nice weekend. There is entertainment for one and all. A visit to the beach is sure to refresh you and fill you with new vigour.

Tired after the week's busy work schedule? Thinking of passing your weekend at a lively atmosphere? Well, the Marina Beach is there to welcome you with open arms and make your weekend a memorable one.
Here you can find all sorts of entertainment not only for yourself but also for your spouse and kids (If you happen to be visiting with family). Just give a try and believe me, it would become one of your most memorable weekends!

Thengai Maangai Pattani Sundal in Chennai Marina Beach

Sounds peculiar! Then I am sure that you are surely from some province other than Tamil Nadu. It doesn't matter from which place you are, a mere look at the vendors will make you understand everything. Yes, you are accustomed to the famous velpuri of Mumbai or Muri Masala of Digha (West Bengal) or Puri (Orissa). Like those, it's also a famous chatpata Kabuli Channa preparation spiced with desiccated coconut, mango pieces, curry leaves and such other spices. The aroma of the ingredients and the call of the vendors selling them are bound to attract your attention. And then, nibbling at those channas from the paper cones will surely bring your old memories of visiting other beaches and lavishly savouring velpuri or Muri Masala. Do you think that the size of the cone is too small? Never mind, the taste is sure to compensate.

Bajji Stalls in Marina Beach

Now have a glance at the numerous small stalls lit up with the petromax lights (some of them are even equipped with battery operated lights) and serving steaming hot Milagai bajjis. You can also find banana or potato bajjis but as the name goes; they are all milagai bajji stalls.
Do you want to have some non-veg. items like fish fries and such others! Yes, the non-veg stalls are also there to satisfy your taste buds. Do you wish to have a taste of sea fish or prawns? Try some fried or steaming hot curries prepared with them. I am sure the taste is in no way inferior to what you are used to get at posh hotels. (A small advice for the vegetarians; try to avoid the area where non-veg. stalls are located, otherwise you might get a headache!). If you are health conscious even then it would be really hard for you to control the temptations.

So after a hearty eat out you need some fresh water? Just get in touch with the man digging up a deep pit in the sand and filling up bottles with fresh water from the pit and serving for a paltry Rs. 10 per bottle. Don't worry, the water is really fresh and there is no salty taste. Actually, the water comes from a spring on the beach.

I suppose now you have got time to pay attention to your kids! There are so many stalls selling goodies to attract your kids. Let them enjoy a ride on the merry go rounds or the small tora toras. Do you want to go back to your childhood days and enjoy a ride! Probably you will not be disappointed as some of them offer ride to adults as well.
And then there are the Ice Cream shops, an all time favourite of children and adults alike. There are also vendors frying pop-corn or candy makers making a candy for your kids.

You can also find kite sellers selling kites. Not only the kids many adults are also buying them and covering the Marina Beach skies with their kites.
So you have fully enjoyed yourself and now is the time to relax, isn't it! Just sit calmly and watch the non-stop waves that keep lashing the shores. All your tiredness or boredom will be washed away with the running waves.

And yes, I am almost a regular weekend visitor to the Marina Beach and probably we can have a chanced meeting there next time! Is it possible? God knows!

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