A day with sparrow-part 1

A rare glimpse of ubiquitous bird

Three months ago, i woke up to a sound, a cry for help from a bird. when i got out of my bed to see what was making that painfully loud noise, i saw a unusual site unravel to my sleepy eyes. i saw , what was looking like a small chick but was dark and very tiny even for a chick. Then my mom cleared my doubtful look as to what would be this species name would be. It was a sparrow, how weird i felt , i cant even recognize a bird which was omnipresent.

The bird looked like it just bathed, wet and shivery and it try to move its head so fast that i cant keep up with its move. Its eyes where the tiniest thing I've set my eyes on and it looked right towards me, towards my relatively big eyes, i wondered what it was seeing, a monster or just a puffy face of a human. My mom who is super good when it comes to handle animal seems to take it in my hand. At first, i try to hold it, i touched its head, it was oh so soft and seems to have a dent right in the middle of its head, the spot which human babies suppose to have dent when they are just born, so i thought what if its just a baby and fell from its nest.

My mom took it inside, but i stayed outside, i wanted to see the nest, i was so thrilled that a sparrow was nesting nearby, it was possible calculating the time, it was warm, perfect for chicks to be hatched but then i was disappointed, i didn't find any such nest, nearby nor did i find any mother bird calling for her chick. My mom placed this bird inside an old lunch basket which i used to carry to school(now i am going to college , i hardly carry my lunch box:)). We got some rice and sprinkled it inside the basket and it ate. i saw its eyes now, now its head didn't move so rapidly and it was some what relaxed in this alienated world which must be like giant-vile for this tiny creature.

Now after it ate and gained its strength it started to fly inside my house, with fan revolving in its full speed, we immediately switch it off. It started to look desperate , i though i heard something out , but i neglected, then i realized that it was its mom calling it. It wanted to go out so fast that it actually went in the wrong way , it went deep inside my room where there is no vent or any escape root, we helped the poor thing out of there and then it calm down a little bit, i was sorry for it to get separated from its mother, but i also wanted it to stay with us, as part of my family.

Finally, i got tired and went back to get refreshed, by the time, its mom should have called it again, it flew out and never was seen again. I was disappointed again, i never saw a sparrow so closely that i could see my reflection in its eyes. i was bit sad , but was happy that i did see one at last. Now its the same time of the day that sparrow should be sing with their sweet voices filling the morning sky with their presence , but i couldn't see one nor could i hear one.

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