The Significance of Love

In the following verses the poet describes about the significance of love.


1. அன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ அடைக்கும்தாழ் ஆர்வலர்
புன்கண்நீர் பூசல் தரும்
Anbirkum undo adaikumthazh aarvalar
Punkannir poosal tharum

Is there any lock and key to restrict expression of love? Love within will be revealed through the sorrowful teardrops of the affectionate . Here the poet expresses the pure love which cannot be restrained for the tear drops of the loved one will express itself the love within.

2. அன்பிலார் எக்கன் தமக்குரியர் அன்புடையார்
என்பும் உரியர் பிறர்க்கு
Anbilar ellam thamakuriyar anbudaiyar
Enbum uriyar pirarku.

Those who are selfish and don't know the magnificence of love will consider empower every thing as their own. But those who are compassionate, will be ready to share every thing they have with others.

3. அன்போடு இயந்த வழக்கென்ப ஆருயிர்க்கு
என்போடு இயந்த தொடர்ப்பு .

Anbodu eyaintha vazhakenpa aruyirku
Enpodu eyaintha thodarpu.

They say the union of a good soul with the body is the result of (fruit) uniting love with virtue. According to Sanadhana dharma, whatever we enjoyment we get in this life is the result of the good deeds that we perform in the previous ones.

4. அன்புஈனும் அரவம் உடைய்மை அதுஈனும்
நண்பென்னும் நாடா சிறப்பு .

Anbu eenum arvam udaimai athu eenum
Nanpenum nada sirappu.

Love activates in one's mind the desire to be friendly with other fellow beings. This brings immeasurable happiness of being good and friendly with everyone you come across. In our daily life we come across lot of people but very few of them invites our attention . This is because they mingle in such a way that wherever they go they will have friends.

5. அன்புட்ட்று அமர்ந்த வழக்கென்ப வையத்து
இன்புற்றார் எய்தும் சிறப்பு

Anbuttru amarntha vazhakenba vaiyakathu
Inbuttrar eithum sirappu.

Scriptures say that the happiest people in the world are those who are always friendly with others and who are ready to share their happiness and their belongings with others. Selfish ones will never have that happiness enjoyed by these people.

6. அறத்திற்கே அன்புசர்பென்ப அறியார்
மறத்திற்கும் அதே துணை .

Arathirke anbu sarpenba ariyar
Marathirkkum athe thunai.

Ignorant people say that love will go only with dharma (virtue). But on close examination we will know that it acts as support to vice also.

7. என்பி லதனை வெயில்போல காயுமே
அன்பில் லதனை அறம்.

Enbilathane veyil pola kayume
An bilathanei aram.

As the heat of the sun burns a creature without bone, the virtue will burn up a soul without love.

8. அன்பகத்தில்லா உயிர்வழ்கை வன்பாற்கண்
வட்ற்றல் மரந்தளிர்த் தற்று .

Anbagathilla uyirvaazhkai vanparkan
Vattral marathalir thattru.

The life of a man whose mind is without love or compassion is just like a withered tree blooming in a desert. The poet here explains the significance of love and compassion comparing life without love to a tree in a desert.

9. புறத்துறுப் பெல்லாம் எவன்செய்யும் யாக்கை
அகத்துறுப்பு அன்பி லவர்க்கு .

Purathuruppellam evan seyum yakai
Agathuruppu anbilavarku.

If a man's mind is hollow without love, even though he is physically very much healthy that wont do him any good. Since physical and mental health is equally important for a person to live a happy life if any one of them are missing his happiness also becomes nil.

10. அன்பின் வழியது உயிர்நிலை அதில்லர்க்கு
என்புதோல் போர்த்த உடம்பு .

Anbin vazhiyathu uyirnilai athilarkku
Enbuthol portha udampu.

That body which follows the path of love is only lively and the dwelling place of soul. The body of those without love are just bone covered with skin without life.

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