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Hair care is one of the priority concerns in men and women alike, because short hair and long hair have many concerns in common and should be dealt within proper time to avoid any difficult complications.

Majority of Hair problems are:

1. Dandruff and flakes of skin of the scalp
2. Unhealthy hair with split ends
3. Weakness of the roots - Hair Fall
4. Hair with no luster - Dull hair
5. Damaged, frizzy and fragile hair
6. Graying hair (Although it is a style in serials and movies to have a patch of gray hair!)

Try out the following hair tips for having better hair:

1. Deep conditioning of hair by using mild shapoos with natural ingredients like Reetha, Amla, Skikakai etc. help in cleansing of hair from the base as they remove the dust, dead skin, excess oil and is a basic stepping stone towards good hair. Majority of hair problems are solved by this simple care.

2. Avoid coloring, straightening, perming of hair. These treatments are harmful for the quality of hair and need excessive care and management.

3. Combing of hair is an art in itself and if done properly will maintain good quality of hair.Dry hair should be combed with a flat or round brush. Similarly, damp or wet hair should be combed with big comb having wide teeth, well spaced teeth, especially made from soft rubber.

Gentle stroking of hair before bath with a comb helps in removing any dirt from the hair and also helps in removing dead skin of the scalp which remains at the base in the form of flakes. Combing is like an exercise for the scalp and the roots of the hair and help in improving blood supply of the hair roots also known as hair follicles.

4. One should avoid using hard water and water with many minerals with excessive quantity as such water takes away the luster of the natural and healthy hair. Soft water contains less quantity of minerals and will help in avoiding such problems. Using hot water will convert hard water into soft water to a large extent.

5. Some of the spices like Cumin, black pepper and turmeric when added in the food preparation, are good to improve and maintain the quality of hair. Thus a diet with these spices in small quantity on a daily basis will help internally in maintaining good quality of hair and also will not affect or cause any stomach problems.

6. Diet containing lots of green leafy vegetables, sweet juicy fruits also help in providing essential nutrients for proper hair growth. Milk and fresh yoghurt also promote health scalp skin and growth with their Essential Calcium supply. Other good food items are Coconut, diced fresh fruit, salads and rice.


Dr. Apurva Tamhane

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