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    Become partner of

    Hello all,

    If you have dream to have a website or to earn from net without investing, here is an opportunity for all.

    We are introducing a fantastic program to become partner of this website. According to this program we will share our earnings to top 10 active members every month.

    There are some conditions mentioned below -
    1. A minimum of 100 points should be scored by a member to be considered as partner of that month.
    2. Points in Resources, forum, directory and celebrities, tourist spots will be considered as 100%.
    3. Points from gallery, video will be considered half if there is self written description in the photo and video. For eg if you score 100 points from gallery and video it will be considered as 50.
    4. Copied posts any where in any section will not only be deleted but the member may also not be considered as partner of the site for that month.
    5. Points will be based on keywords, current and hot topics of Chennai etc.

    The topper of that month will get 10% of revenue earned in that month, second will get 9%, 3rd 8%.... and 10th 1%.

    This partnership is applied till Dec 2010, minimum points for eligibility may be increased depending upon the activity of members, types of posts and other criteria and is sole discreation of webmaster.


    This offer starts from tomorrow(21/06/2010). The partnership announcement for the first month(July 2010) will be depending upon the contribution of the members from tomorrow to the end of July (21/06/2010 to 31/07/2010)

    All queries regarding this scheme is welcomed as response to this thread.
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    Hi webmaster,

    It is a great idea. I will definitely try to become a partner of this site.

    Excited on seeing this announcement.



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    Hello Webmaster,
    It is a great idea.Is there any criteria that the user has to login daily or minimum some number of days (eg. 15 days) to be eligible for this program?

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    Hi Meenakshi Anandkumar,

    There is no conditions like the members should login daily or minimum number of days. Only the total points from the above said sections of CSR will be counted.

    R. Shankar Ganesh

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    Great initiative thank you for providing this great opportunity for earning money .

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    Hello Mr. Shankar Ganesh!

    Thanks a lot for coming up with this wonderful offer of profit sharing on the basis of points; this is for sure going to give ChennaiSpider a big boost. With an exalted voice I appreciate the implementation of these kind of schemes as these will definitely encourage a friendly competition amongst the new and the existing members alike to keep on contributing quality contents with an ever increasing quantity. This will surely attract more and more traffic in the days to come, and thereby will increase the ranking of ChennaiSpider. And as it follows from this announcement, more traffic to ChennaiSpider will simply mean a chance of more income for the site, and consequently, more income for the top ten point scorers every month. Actually, henceforth many members will be seen to ChennaiSpider with an aim to participate in this lovely contest. Perhaps had it not been implemented, those members would not have joined ChennaiSpider.

    Thanks once again for implementing such a fabulous offer.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Site Co-ordinator, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Surprising CTR, CPC and eCPM in Punjabspider!

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    Dear Mr.Shankar Ganesh,

    Well, it is indeed a very nice idea. I think members will be more interested on this Offer. It will prompt more members to become partners by contributing more here at CSR. I hope all the members will take this seriously and work hard for the upliftment of CSR as a web representation of Chennai. My best wishes.

    Regards - Lakshmi S

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    This is a great attractive offer to the members of CSR.

    Thank God, I have seen this message today. Hope, many members will become more active henceforth, and join hands with other members to pull the revenue earning of CSR to a great level.

    With best wishes,

    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    hi webmaster,

    This is a great oppportunites for new members, its excellent idea to implement our new thoughts and more than partner with our site.

    CS is good communicate sites of chennai people and good earning opportunites..

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    This is a very good method to improve the no. of members in this site.
    A very good thought which should be appreciated and given a good support.
    My heartiest warm welcome to all new comers.

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    This is a great idea to boostup the site.

    This thought will surely gain more members to chennai spider.

    Also i hope members will take part in all sections to contribute valuable resourses for the betterment of the site and for thier own points.

    Best wishes


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    I want know whether this will be continued for the next New year also.Kindly reply me...I am eager to know about this...

    Love makes Life Beautiful

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    Hello hi,

    This is defiitely a great announcement and i will do my best to become a partner of this webiste.

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    Hi webmaster,

    It is a VERY GOOD idea.

    I will definitely try to become a partner of this site.

    This is a GOLDEN oppportunites for new members,





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