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    Holiday Homeworks

    Diwali and just over. And my daughter who is in 2nd standard and 6 years old was given four tests as holiday homework. I was thinking Diwali is an occasion to enjoy but the teacher told me, if we let them enjoy some thing, they will lose interest in studies. I just gritted my teeth. Do you know what happened, not a single child wrote the tests. All the parents were against this holiday homework and tests.

    Let me ask you something? Do you all agree with the holiday home work? Don't you think the children should be left free during holidays?

    Response please.
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    Hi Uma,
    You are right. Holidays are for enjoying. It is becoming a trend in many of the Chennai schools to give holiday home works. I would like to point out at this time, those teachers who give the kids home work, have also crossed those classes. Were they given such home works? I dont remember writing any holiday homework, given from the school when I was in school. Will the school teachers and authorites think of this?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hi Rajmi
    Thanks for your reply. I also suggest there should be no exams upto 5th standard. Because of these so called exams, we get tensed as well as make our children suffer, make them feel very bad if they scored low marks and in the school the teachers treat them as if they are some criminals.

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    Hello Uma

    I personally used to hate Diwali Holidays homework and I was a bad person at doing the homework. But somehow by the end of the vacations, I used to complete it to avoid further problems.

    I feel that your suggestion is quite good but still we can have some small brush ups of what all is going at school so that your child will not get much upset when rejoining school after long holidays.

    It is very similar to what we always want of a break after long hours and days of work and then after the holidays, we do not want the same work schedule again.

    Again, it is upon us how we take up the exams and the tensions.

    If we remain tensed and upset in front of the child regarding exams, the child is going to get upset and frightened of the exams.

    But if we take the exams in a cool manner, then the child is going to copy you and will not take much tension of the exams.

    Remember, what all parents do, the child is going to follow in your footsteps.


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    Dear Dr.Apurva
    Thank you for the valued suggestion.
    Where are you in Chennai. Me and my hubby believes in Homeopathy, we would like to consult you in certain matters.

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    Hello Uma

    I am from Mumbai and am currently doing my MD in Homeopathy at Beed in Maharashtra.

    For my people in Chennai, I have created a Community on this site and it has a Question and Answer forum.

    You can always post your doubts and queries over there.

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    If you wish to have a online consultation, you may send me a private message to me with your email ID, so that I can guide you through the further procedures.

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    Dear Dr.Apurva
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will visit the community and post my questions.

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    Dear Uma,
    I agree with you fully, I am against this so called Holiday HOmework, which is given during the summer holidays.
    Child psychiatrist say that children should be given time to think and ponder too, that we should let them get bored sometimes so that they will invent ways to keep themselves occupied.
    I used to struggle hard to finish my son's HHW and also keep up his routine check ups and other workd during the holiday. This is a nightmare not only to the children but to the parents also.
    I wish educators with some sense would put a stop to this.

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    This topic is going hot and hot. For the past two week ends I am so happy because, my son was not given any home work. Every day of the week, the kids are given home work, why again to burden them with home works on holidays too. Of course, it will help them brush up. But, still there are so many other ways too.

    I still remember my school days....
    No holiday home work, but we used to write a page of handwriting and learn new words from the dictionary. This helped me improve my vocabulary. But I have to say that there was no pressure in completion of those. We did it with pleasure. We in the sense, me and my cousins.

    Education should be pleasure and not be a burden for the kids.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Dear all,
    I am very very sorry. I seem to have missed this thread from the first. At least let me join now.

    Hi Rajmi,
    How come your school didn't give you any holiday homework?
    Mine did and that too in the sixties.

    We had to write handwriting and then write down the answers to the question papers of either quarterly or half yearly exams in those holidays.I was also very bad at doing homework in the holidays. Never used to like that at all.

    Children should be allowed to enjoy the holidays and the parents should take initiative to see that they do some reading during that time, like something to do with General Knowledge or some simple discussion with the parents.

    I have seen my kids getting projects to do during holidays. At least that was somewhat interesting, they can learn something while getting the project ready.

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    Rajmi dear
    I fully agree with you. Holiday home works are for us. The children will do the home at the end of the holidays sitting at one stretch. Actually the tension is for us only. Do the homework is the chanting mantra during the holidays.

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    Doing project work is always interesting for both the kids and the parents. Kids learn something and infact it will be a surprise for us the parents, that they are much much more creative and innovative than we would have thought of them.

    Uma, oh yeah, holiday homeworks are for us the parents. Keep chanting the mantra and one fine day they will sit and finish off in one stretch. They will also tell us, see this is a matter of so much time and you bugged me all through the holiday and didnot allow me to enjoy the holidays.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Sitting and finishing the homework at a stretch is not the right thing to me. I suggest no home work should be given on holidays, but we parents make them sit and do something like writing one page of English/Tamil or any language, write mathematical tables or reading a story book. Otherwise these kids will ask us 'Amma how to write 'A' or how to write '1'.

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    I am not totally against homework. Homeworks are what I call NECESSARY EVIL. The only thing missing in this equation is creativity. when homework is made fun and challenging everybody including kids will start embracing it. It can be something like writing a little story about how they spent their time during the holidays, Having a small show and tell after the holidays where kids bring something related to the holidays and talk about it. These kind of activity evoke creativity and helps them build confidence to speak up in front of a small group. I am sure there are many more creative ideas. Our Indian education system is one of the best. All it lacks is a little bit of creativity. Parents can start filling in those gaps and not depend on the school. Our kids are sure to succeed no matter where they go.

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