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    Two wheelers and children

    I had the shock of my life when I saw a lady holding a new born on her lap, a 3 year old between her and her hubby and a 5 year old sitting (lying is the correct word) on the petrol tank of the bike. Actually that kid was falling asleep. When the bike had to stop suddenly, the hubby lost balance and all the 5 had a fall. Luckily no one was hurt badly but escaped with little bruises.

    I suggest that there should be some strict rule - bikes should not be used as a family vehicle, especially with children. no child should be allowed to sit on the petrol tank. Mothers or whoever carrying the tiny tots should wear a baby carrier belts.

    Any suggestions?
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    According to the laws only two people are permitted to sit and ride on a two wheeler vehicle - the rider and the pillion.

    If the traffic laws are made strict, then the riding 5 people on a two wheeler vehicle is a punishable offense and is subject to a fine and may be imprisonment.

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    But who is obeying the traffic rules. In this case the safety of the children has been neglected.

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    In our country, laws are meant to be broken. No one follows rules, thought many are for the good of the public. Crossing the road/railway line while talking on the cellphone is a very dangerous thing and people do just this. Even after the media reporting deaths due to this, no one cares. Only after something untoward happens, the family and friends realise (the person who did this would be gone by that time).
    2 wheelers are used like 4 wheelers in our country. Heavy and large loads are carried on the 2 wheelers. It is a common sight to see more than 2 persons riding every where, no one cares.
    Government does not want to impliment restrictions for fear of not getting votes in the next election.
    While giving licence, people should be taught the traffic rules (we usually go thro a driving school and get a licence, no test nothing).

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    Yes you are correct. While going in two wheeler vehicles, two people can go. Nowadays, the traffic rules are not at all followed by the people.
    Strictly speaking, talking in cellphone in riding the vehicles is a very dangerous thing but the people just don't care about it.



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    Not only talking in cell phone but also hearing music is also dangerous. Engrossed in their favorite music they failed to notice the traffic.

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    Just legislations and rules cannot change anything, change required in one who make such offense, it requires some civic sense and common sense, rules are there to follow for some and to break for some, when it happens to his own people then they will understand but by that time it will be too late.

    Talking with their cell while riding is the biggest nuisance we come across, even for that rules says it is an offense, who follows that only few, even if they caught they know how to get rid off, I wonder how older people lived without cell and what happens to these people if cell facility is withdrawn, only god knows.

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    People think that laws are for breaking. No one is ready to accept the fact that it is for our own safety the rules and laws are made. In the busy roads when such thing happens, the loss is too much. This have become a common scene now a days. Atleast those of us who discuss this issue, shall follow this and spread the word to those we know.
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