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    Discuss: The year 2011 is end of our also says that earth disaster will happen in the y

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'The year 2011 is end of our also says that earth disaster will happen in the year 2012.'.

    All the members are requested to discuss more about this thread over here. This was the worlds important topic to discuss more over here.
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    Oddly, even though a major feature length fiction film was made about this event, "2012″, no Hollywood motion picture studio is willing to stick their necks out at this point, and make a factual, truly helpful, educational and instructional 2.5 hour feature length documentary on the arrval of Planet X and what that entails for the geography of our world and the human population. Isn't that an interesting fact?
    I think your karma might be coming.
    So that leaves people like Marshall Masters, bloggers, amateur astronomers, and other truth researchers around the world carrying the burden of truth to try to warn the world about what is coming. There is a special place in hell that is reservedfor those who would hide the truth about this death dealing, imminent cosmic event, and they will face their maker over the coverup they are prepetrating about Planet X. The people deserve to know, so they can at least try to prepare in some way.
    so any way what ever happens its our good. Live your life thtas it.

    Thanking you,

    (The cool dude of Chennai Spider)

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    This could be a very distressful and time consuming theory to get into such a thought process in the first place, as it is remotely impossible to predict the end of the earth or our universe.

    Yes, but ofcourse this is a truely magnificient conceptualisation by many in the past also/a truely fantastic fictionised theory in terms of a great film being made and a intriguing matter of interest to be involved into discussions and otherwise discovering one's own primitive urge of "What happens on the dooms day".

    But this just could be one of those yet another tales to add on to our fantasy filled imaginative story line and to narrate our future generations, of a particular day in our lives which terrorised our whole evolutions, might be a fantastic thread to be span around with great care and insight as many could go haywire even imagining the slightest of something like this to happen to them..

    So precaution is needed even before uttering such a vague theory in appreciation of a volumunous applause. Let's live and let live others in peace as anything to comeby shall and will not be informed by the Gods, as Gods alone shall be the decisor.

    Hence kudos to all you friends,


    Thanking you

    Senthil K Natarajan

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    Hi Shathyan,

    This could be very interesting topic and your reply on the above. Many documentary films had been came across about End of the World. But even though many of them still finding solution for this disaster.


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    Hi Senthil,

    I am happy to see as you are very new to this site and responding for thread. Keep on contribute like this. And your response is reachable.


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    hi friend,

    it seems here my friend sathyan is kinda stressed out on seeing my response to this topic, but then dude let me remind you of a noted person/saint in history called NOSTRADAMOUS, his predictions have also come true to some historians till date and they believe that his words/manuscripts predicted the world's end owing to the natural calamities to the tune of tsunami's, volcanisation, the earth's core turing unstable and erupting, eminent leaders being assasinated and so and so forthe...

    hence according to his verdicts the world would first see its warth in the year 2026 and then the culmination shall soon be drawn in the year 3026, which is what he predicts the world to get over or as the astronomers shall say the evolution might get consumed....

    well in what so ever way may the world get to its begining form, it has to.. as all beginings have to have an end hence the evolutions shall also witness its part sooner or later, what comes goes is the theory evolution. hence least to fear something which is to take place, why shan't we all enjoy what is left with us and continue to save a bit for our future and our kids to come...

    attack or no attack by the aliens is a question of premonition, to which neither can i or you have the answer, so why fear for something that shall and will perhaps be a reckonning to reconsile, yet a precationary hindsight shall be of some use to all of us but for that to spoil our very today is of no real value based edition to our civilization.

    talking about an emmerging planet X, why don't someone see what our planet looks like from the outer space today with all the erossions, pollutions and ecological degredations taking place with natural disasters happening owing to it plus the disasters surfaced from the outcome of communal imbalance/hateratism to our world in the name of hirarchy etc etc by us the humans, where does all this lead to...? certainly a PLANET X, which you fear of my friend...

    so stop all of these and there won't be an emergence of a planet X ever... can this all be stopped? if yes then by whom and when? the sooner this begins the sooner the destruction process gets late atleast by some years...

    and yes talking of my KARMA, my karma began the day i was born, and so what i see or go through today is or was written before i was brought to life in this earth by our fore fathers to whom we are answerable for the fate of this precious little planet called THE EARTH. so worry no more brother what you see today is no less than a hell as you stated... we all are in the same place suffering the same verdicts that our fore fathers pronounced for us, so have no fears of a worst tommorow, since today is the worst, only if we start to learn today shall the comming tommorow be somewhat better of all of us.. so kindly refrain from frightening people of a worst tommorow when we already have a terrible today...

    thank you

    Senthil K Natarajan

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