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    Discuss: Do you believe the ghost attack man?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you believe the ghost attack man?Is there any one think that you have experienced a ghost?did ever something scary happend to u?please share your ideas.
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    This is a nice post where many people doubts on ghost will be clarified and also many would share their views on ghost vicinity and their living in this world.
    First of all, I like to mean Ghost as a dead human being than naming them to be Ghost or Evil. Its all God creations and their is none against him. We mean them ghost as they do something strange or embarrassing thing to us. But to my knowledge, Ghost are just the dead human beings who still live in this world among other people in invisible way. They still be in world with us than going to heaven due to their strong desires which they didn't get fulfilled during their life presence in earth. Also some ghost be here to get or help other people related to them. There are many like this, were we can just keep adding to reasons for their presence.
    Their is nothing to get panicked by their presence. You your life here and they live their life after death. This based on my view but Im sure that ghost presence is here on earth. Also it don't attack man, it just be or love to live with people.

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    I'm not sure about ghosts, but I believe in spirits.if there is a presence of ghost it should have any shape or structure..will u accept it?


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    No i don't accept it. sorry, it doesn't mean that ghost nor spirits should have a shape or structure off its own. Usually our life or soul do not have any shape. Like this only then how ghost alone have shape. We all have shape due to our body. The ghost or spirit also would have shape when it was their associated with a body and now after death, it just infuse into air. Its just a imagination what we have and usually soul doesn't have any shape or structure.
    Its just like a air, which have its own shape to its wish. There is no defined shape for ghost or spirit. Its like if the sir be inside a cylindrical bottle, it takes the shape of it and if the air is inside a ball, it takes the shape of ball. Just like all this ghost take he shap on which it be. I guess i have proven my words and answered to your doubt. If still more, just ask, iwill try to clear and make you understand the real fact of it.

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    ok i accept ur words..but i saw in more that some shapes of ghost is available.also in jaya tv,i saw aavigal aayiram program.those are all real fact that one person behaves as a another person.
    how it is possible?in kerela also a famous temple is available to relief a person from ghost.and Sounds such as foot steps, music, voices, whispers, rapping, banging, something being dropped.that i came to know by my friends.

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    Check your words. What have you said in your first sentence ?? You have said the ghost that is a person behaves like another person. From this what you can understand is, a ghost don't have a shape. It took the shape of another person and just being like it in his body. Do you get what i say ??.
    Then in next, you say that there is a famous temple to re leave people from ghost being got to them. Here also i say that, ghost don't have own shape, they just take the shape of others. Also the next sounds are true. As i said it just soul, spirit which is in air, Air can make any sounds. Through air force anything can happen, also i only told that ghost don't have shape and i didn't say anything other than it.

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    I would like to give my personal views to this topic. Actually this is one of the most interesting and confusing topic. Ghosts can be compared to god in this context that, the presence of the god can be understood by how and where and all is a very big million dollar question. In the same way, the presence of the ghosts is also natural and there are also many personal experience from many people. Ghosts can also be said as some external force that is relative to the human beings and capable of doing the things that human can do and some things that human cannot do. This can be said as an extra feature of the Ghosts.

    According to me, I do have some personal belief in the existence of the ghosts. This is not because I have heard many ghost stories and seen many ghost movies, but in general there were some incidents happened in my life that gave me some little belief towards the ghosts or the external force that is out there which is created after the death. It can also be said that the ghosts are not cultured because, they do not have the human form or the human body, so they seem to be a little scary.

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    Can u share the incident which was happened in your life?


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    Hi Poornima,

    This is really a very nice topic and it is interesting very much also. I would like to share my thoughts over here. Ghosts are the imaginary view of real object. This thing occurs in humans life. How the ghost occurs. The human who before dies have depressed in something, or loved most in something, without getting that in his or her life dieing in fate. Those soul only burns, but their thoughts wont die. That will revolves around their own places as ghosts till they achieve their likes. This was the most real concept happens in the real world.


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    Hi Shathyan,

    I accept your words over here. The ghost does not have shape. All cant see the ghost in eyes. Only few can see and that too ghost appears infront of some. If the ghost needs o do something in this world means it cannot perform by its own. It needs some force to act upon it. So it searches some other persons body for help. Getting place in others body it will decide what to do up next.


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