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    One week is enough for me to become a GoldMember

    Well, Im flying out myself with fullest happiness to get myself promoted to Gold Membership by just a week time. I joined Chennai Spider on 12 August,2011. Actually i came to know about this site through one of my friend. I was asking him for some part time job to do online, and even i was searching many things like data enter, ad posting etc etc. But he only said that their is a website called Chennai Spider were you get money for your article. And i came that to Chennai Spider. At first i din't know anything about this site. I was just writing some answers and some forums etc etc. But later understood the main concept, how it works and many things about this website. And Also my sincere thanks to webmaster Mr.Balasubramanian who spend most of time clearing my doubts and helping me through out with seeing day and night. To your knowledge we had chatted even after 12AM regarding post and article. Also he just thought me many things and guided on how to write a better article and also get a better traffic etc etc. Im today this a Goldmember because of Webmaster Mr.Balasubramanian only. Hope to continue my endless support and works to Chennai Spider.
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    Hi Shathyan

    Congrats on your milestone into gold level at CSR. We are happy to have such an active member here with us. You are right that, you can find number of online jobs but most of them are mere scams. Your friend has directed you on the right site, where your hard work and efforts will never go waste. Achieving gold level within a week is something really great and it is not that much easy without much hard work. So go ahead and I wish you all the best to achieve many more milestones here at CSR. Congrats once again.


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    Congrats and a constant effort with self drive has motivated you to this level and you have done an excellent job of appreciating the ladder of help offered by Sri. Balasubramanian.Keep up the good work and hope you become a role model for others to take a leaf out of your experience! All the best.

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    HI Shathyan

    It is your good effort you became a golden member within a short span of time. Congrats for the effort and your posts. Now you understood the concept of chennaispider how to post and what to post and how can you earn your cash credit and points nothing can stop you now become an active member. Mr. Balasubramanian our webmaster also should get the credit of your success. Well done webmaster!!! and All the best Shathyan !!!

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    Hi Shathyan,

    Congrats for your success over this site. Remarkable achievement from you. The webmaster of this site also appreciated your working tendency over here. So good scope you had over this site. Work well in this site and share your thoughts and opinion over here.


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    Hiii all,

    Thanks a lot for all your wishes. All these credits goes to Webmaster who just encouraged me to write and helped me in all times. And also i would like to thank you all for your appreciations for my achievement. Hope i will deliver my endless support and be a active member in Chennai Spider. Once again my hearty thanks for all who wished and encouraging me.

    Thanking you,

    (The cool dude of Chennai Spider)

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    Hello Shathyan,

    I am glad to know that you have achieved the Gold Member level within a short span of time. Congratulations! Many members do cross the level of Gold Member but they take their own time, like me. It is really bad.

    I have checked your profile and am very impressed. With the kind of background you have and the attitude, you can make wonders not only in Chennai Spiders but in your life too!

    The webmaster, Balasubramanian is no doubt a good guide and a leader; also always helpful to the members and create confidence and motivate to uplift their hidden potentials.

    As you are an interesting personality, you must be having a lot of stuff to contribute to Chennai Spider and hope with the valuable guidance of the webmaster, you will do so and enjoy being with Chennai Spider. Please do not dream about earning four or five figures from this online job in short duration, just extend your support, enjoy doing your work and be in focus.

    With best wishes,

    With best wishes
    Myth is the greatest human weaknes.

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    hello mam,

    Thanks for your hearty wishes Mam. Really to see many of them wishing me for my success. Also thanks for visiting my profile and blessing me for my future life.
    Yes, i know that i can;t earn four or five figures income, but anyway i will contribute to Chennai Spider where i get recognized for my work. Thanks for supporting me in all ways

    Thanking you,

    (The cool dude of Chennai Spider)

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