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    You did and you reap

    Dr.Kalaignar warned Tamil Nadu govt that it attacks opposition leaders particularly DMK leaders. It was done by you and your family and your party in previous period.Now it reflects.Why are you crying .Alagiri did all criminal works and you didnot speak against him.your party leaders captured lands and now govt recapturing.Why are you raising hue and cry.

    He has said that as J jeyalalitha is a brahmin she is handling her case for 20 years.It is her lawyers talent.DMK leaders cases are finished in one month ? What a cheap and caste politics you are bringing in?
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    This is true one what you have said in the above vasudevan sir. The DMK party should be suffer more and more for their past activities. The whole family cheated the government and gained their properties. Not only they gained, they increased their property level. They become milliners. But we people still in suffering. Our tax amount fully used to their family. They all should be punished for their activities.


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    hello sir,

    I can understand the feelings of you, your hatred against DMK party also Even if not okay thats fine. But we being a Citizen we should be ashamed that we are gettting a goon Government to rule us. These are the parties which come to rule and just they just having fight and punishing each on ruling. Its just a TIT FOR TAT happening in our state. We are responsilbe for this , as we only select these kind off people. So think over it and lets do something for the betterment of our state Tamil Nadu

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    I am not having hatred on DMK .But i only reflecting their the natural reactions for their deeds.I also not welcoming all deeds of our new govt.But except Samachchir kalvi issue it has not started its controversial attitude all of us waiting from the past experience.

    But here ,no alternative to these big bads .Others may have some good aspects but not backing of votes.So we have to excercise our voting pattern alternatively to contain their bad rule.Just we have to warn them that we are here to watch them and to alter them whenever they do harm to the people .Let us continue.

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    Its' choose between the devil and the deep sea. We always keep voting in turn from the two parties in TN as well in the center. Each politician is highly corrupt their notion is to amass wealth for the entire family members within the stipulated time.
    Take the case of Jaganmohan reddy in AP, where did he get that much wealth? It's the common man's tax money.

    The only request to the younger generation who constitute India's 70 %population to arise awake and take the bull by its horns and chuck these selfish politicians out of power.

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