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    Member of the Week Award Program

    Now comes an exciting award for the active members in Chennaispider. Till last month we had the Revenue Sharing Program in Chennaispider, where the revenue of the website will be shared with the top contributors of the month. Revenue sharing program is stopped as of now and the next reward program will be Member of the Week reward.

    One member will be selected every week as the "Member of the Week" and will be rewarded. This reward goes to the new members who joins the website in the past few weeks and posts actively in the resource section and also the forum section. Such posts include asking of question about Chennai or Chennaispider, posting answers actively in forum, posting resources related to Chennai, good business posts, etc. This program is completely to identify the new members who show lots of interest towards Chennaispider and in order to encourage them.

    This reward will also include the established members of Chennaispider too. If we do not find any new member suitable for this award, we will select the established member who is very active and fulfills all the criteria mentioned above.

    Posting copied contents is strictly not allowed in Chennaispider. Members are requested to read the guidelines before making their post. You can also contact me if you need any assistance in posting in Chennaispider.

    We will be giving out 2 movie coupons worth Rs. 75/- each of current movies at select cities for the best writer every week. So, be the best contributor of the week, and get latest movie tickets online worth Rs. 150/- every week! We will also offer bonus coupons as a special recognition of our most enthusiastic and outstanding contributors, coming up with a good quantity of best quality posts every week even if they are not selected as best contributor.
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    Hi Webmaster,

    It is sad to note that Revenue Program has been stopped from this month onwards but happy to note that there is a new contest among members for the Member of the week. Our new members of Chennaispider would definitely love to participate in the program to be a Member of the week. It is a good motivating contest among the members. Hope our members will participate to get this award.

    Happy posting!!!

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    Hi webmaster,
    This is really a great contest on CSR. And a good chance for all the members i hope all members will come forward to get the benefit of this opportunity.


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    Hi Bala,

    This is really superb contest for all the members. First of all when i hear the revenue sharing is closed got shocked and feel lot for it. But this is really a very good news from you about new contest. All the members were eager to hear about this contest. Hope all will be benefited by this contests.


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    hello webmaster..

    im new to this website but i found to be interesting with this site which allows public to participate and giving equal rights to them in contributing and sharing their views. Im sad of knowing about this site now only.
    Well i should be happy at least now i came to know because nothing is late untill you come to know about it.

    Thanking you,

    Thanking you,

    (The cool dude of Chennai Spider)

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