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    Importance of breathing exercise

    hi i am sarat babu i want to give information about pranayama i am practising it for more than a year i am having results for it.
    i have reduced my blood pressure and diabetes to normal.
    to start with do nadi shuddhi for atleast 10 minutes in the morning and evening but please do not stop any medications that you are taking now consult a trained yoga practitioner for the practice of pranayama
    if you practice pranayama you could get many changes in your life.
    your attitude changes you become positive your health problems come to normal in a period of time and do make a point to do pranayama regularly
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    Hi Sarat Babu, I agree with you that doing pranayama will help you in many ways and keep you healthy in the long run. It will be helpful if you explain how to practice pranayama so that others also will be benefited. Nadi Sudhi means clearing the nervous system. This is practiced to clear the passage for inwards and outward movement of air/carbondioxide. There are three steps in pranaya namely- poorak, kumbak and rejak. Poorak means inhaling fresh air through one side closing the other nose (left or right ), kumbak means holding your breath inside as long as you can (say one or two seconds) and rejak means releasing the breath through the other side of the nose. You should do this exercise through both side of the nose at lease for 2-3 times daily. You can control the temperature of your body by inhaling through rightor left nostril (right side through surya nadi (hot)and left chandra nadi (cool).

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