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    Spider should promote the members activities


    Here is one suggestion to make to improve more activities happening in the site, like i have created a communinity for a specific area hoping many will join but till now nobody noticed why because members dont know untill they go manually into each section and notice themselves.

    So my suggestion is that spider should have a scrolling section on the site or put up a sction called latest happenings in the site and promote latest and hot topics like communities created or new polls running to attract members to take part. They can even send mails on interesting new posts to others members if they dont mind receiving alerts, so that they can login and make the most of it by participating and earning points, so that members who create them also will be intersted to take initiate and create more topics on community, polls, forums etc which can get more creative in the days to come and attract more traffic(read it as revenue if it motivates you!) to the site.

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    Hi Kiran kumar.

    Actually we do have a section called New posts for highlighting the latest happenings in our CSR. Then, it will cost more for our management to send e mails to individuals. Still our management has been sending e mails for the My alerts section.

    Since your suggestion is reasonable I would support and this suggestion can make changes in the layout of the site.

    Suggestions like this from the members are invited.

    Shankar Ganesh

    R. Shankar Ganesh

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    Thanks Shankar for taking up my suggestion, I think it will surely help all the members as most of the activities go unnoticed and the efforts taken are not fruitful, then it may slowly kill the enthusiasm whoever comes up with new initiatives to keep the site having interesting things for other members to participate and then it will become site owners job everytime to keep others members engaged by breaking there heads thus giving them less time for other activities.

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    Hi kiran,

    Really this is a great Idea. Thank you very much for sharing with us. I hope to see some more fantastic idea which can make our CSR the bigger and better then others. your all ideas are welcome here.


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